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When being a fanboy goes terribly wrong...

Sometimes, you can take being a PSP Fanboy too far. This is one of those times.

This video should be a warning to us all that disaster lurks just around the corner anytime you combine fanatical devotion, sub-par editing skills, an annoying soundtrack and poor spelling and grammar. Like a terrible car wreck, it will be impossible to tear your eyes away from this once you hit play. You've been warned.

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9-03-2006 @ 9:43PM

Mr.Booyah said...

And i think its time you crawled out from your mothers basement and stopped dating your cousin. You been in there a little to long.
Psp and Ds each have there good points and bad points.I personally like them both although I own a psp only.
Just live with it.


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9-03-2006 @ 10:06PM

Jrodliebs said...

this HAS to be a joke ... im convinced. nobody's this ignorant, right? ugh, what a sad time for normal fans of the PSP


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9-03-2006 @ 10:08PM

Tigster said...

I totaly agree with comment 1, the PSP is better at certain things and the DS has its own good features too. i also only own a PSP but many of my friends own a DS and i enjoy playing DS games as well as PSP.


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9-03-2006 @ 10:18PM

schuyler said...

every time someone makes a video like that god kills a kitten. why can't people just get along.


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9-03-2006 @ 11:40PM

Metacore said...

because, after all the racism, and antisemitism, and more varients of mass hate that end with ism, the world is diveded into two, the stupid people, and the rest... Guess which one this guy is on. That might be saying a lot about a person from one really stupid video. You might see a guy with a foot fetish, or someone who likes S&M, or possibly a drag queen, and think it is enough to say someone is gay, or just plain wierd, but those people are probably just normal old people(not to say that being gay isn;t normal... Damn! I am not very good at this). But this is just plain ignorance, if you won;t bother doing it for a simple game, what other evil misconceptions does he have? I am waiting for that white psp/black psp video dude! "White psp features -it is white. Black psp features -it is black.. oh! and cheaper... I declare... White psp to be the whinner!"


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Boo Radley6

9-03-2006 @ 11:50PM

Boo Radley said...

I only play DS, and yes some of the games are geared at a young audience, and yes it is graphically impared compared to the PSP. However, I have yet to find a game for PSP that I haven't basically played before, everything on the PSP is a rehash (not to say DS doesn't have rehashes) but DS does have games like "lost in Blue" and "Phoenix Wright"

The video feature on PSP would be better if UMDs weren't completely stupid and overpriced, sure you can rip a DVD down convert it store it on an extremely expense memory stick and then play it back, but after all of that it would be cheaper to buy a DS and a dedicated PMP so why would anyone go this nuts over a system that reports are saying is a total failure?

Aren't most studios dropping UMD video production? Just wait, soon you won't even be able to get a Columbia film on UMD, Sony stopped supporting their own theatrical sound format a few years back, how long until the $250 investment on a PSP is lost to antiquity as well?

Ah well, I guess we are all fanboys in our own right so those of you that love this thing more power to you, I think your system is shitty and you think my system is retarded and we're all assholes for even caring enough to post comments to people we'll never meet on a website thinking that our opinoins matter anyway.


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9-04-2006 @ 12:38AM

alex said...

why do they have to use that ugly-as-sin blue background?


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9-04-2006 @ 1:41AM

shaf2k said...

he says psp has more features then contradicts himself when he says the ds has two screens and more isnt necessarily better...


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9-04-2006 @ 2:23AM

Matt said...

I love how this guy listed "features" under his list of PSP features.

And he does that twice.

Then he also declares PSP the winner because it has "more features..." (including 'features,' as is my understanding), yet he says that the DS loses because it has two screens and "more does not mean better."

Clearly, this must be a joke.


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9-04-2006 @ 2:29AM

Matt said...

I stand corrected, he does it three times.

It's good to see a man who really values the 'P capobilities' of the Playstation Portable.


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9-04-2006 @ 3:23AM

OrangeTimer said...

I feel so dirty after watching that video... i hope it washes out T_T


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9-04-2006 @ 4:51AM

Streak said...

apart from the games?
this movie makes a better argument for the DS im my opinion...

and way to use windows movie maker!

this is sad, there is no excuse for something this bad

this doesn't do the psp justice


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9-04-2006 @ 5:04AM

Rabish12 said...

Everything about this video is so very wrong... and since I don't have anything better to do right now, I'm going to go through it and point out every ridiculous thing in it (other than the ridiculously bad editing, spelling, and grammar). I'm kind of a dick like that. Now then...

- "I thought the DS wasn't a kiddy game!"
DS isn't a game at all.

-Mario Kart DS isn't a kiddy game, and he's blatantly ignored almost the entire DS library, including titles like Castlevania, Metroid Prime: Hunters, and Brain Age. Not hard to make a system look "kiddy" based on five games.

-"I stand corrected"
No you don't. You just ran through an entire intro about how the DS is "kiddy" before stating this, and I don't see how twisting facts to support your horrible logic "corrects" you.

-"So now the more mature audience is bored. Everyone is leaving!"
And yet the DS still continues to outsell the PSP internationally. Yeah, everyone must be so sick of it that they're buying the system just to burn it.

-"But what does the crowd have to say about it? Guess they love it!"
DS outselling PSP, must be burning it, blah blah blah.

-"In Game Features"
None of the features he mentions except the system actually being able to play games has anything to do with games. Example: I don't really see how playing MP3s constitutes an "in-game feature".

-Technically, the DS is capable of pretty much everything mentioned for the PSP except the video playback with the proper additional equipment. It does wireless play better too, mostly because Nintendo provides a better online service.

-He completely ignored the DS's built-in microphone and GBA port. He ignored the web browsers for both systems. He ignored homebrew for both systems.

-PSP wins because it has more features? Okay then, I hereby declare the Xbox the winner of the current-gen console war. The PS2 may have a far broader library of games, and it may have sold over four times as many units as the Xbox, but the Xbox wins because it has custom soundtracks, better graphics, and a built-in hard drive. That's some damn good logic right there.

-Both systems use LCD screens, and "good ones". The PSP's is wider, he should have pointed that out, but he didn't.

-The dual screen feature was already mentioned.

-"More doesn't necissarily mean better."
Seems to me that more meant better when you were going over features. Guess we should forget that then.

-"They are a headache and too much"
They aren't "a headache". They don't even cause a headache, and if they do then you'd probably get one of the PSP as well.

-"The touch screen is pretty cool, but compaired to all the lack of all other features [I know I said I wouldn't cover the grammar, but Jesus this is bad], it is like giving a blind man a gun"
Already covered the bit about features, which (since they aren't in-game) don't have a thing to do with the touch screen. Oh, and this is a terrible simile. Giving the touch screen and not actually displaying anything on the screen might be like giving a blind man a gun, but what the DS does is probably closer to giving a man who can see a gun. Simile just overall sucks though.

-"WTF?? I though control pads were out dated"
And yet the PSP has one.

-"The DS has the following: [insert list of randomly chosen crap here]"
Already covered this.

-"The PSP includes:"
Already covered most of this.

-"Better games"
That's based on opinion, but most people seem to disagree.

-"Features graphics"
As opposed to the DS, of course, which forces owners to play entirely based on sound.

-"Computer/PSP Capobilities"
Um... what?

-"And much more!"
Let's hope he doesn't make a video out of those as well.

-"Therefore I conclude that the winner overall and for all is [I can't even finish this sentence] THE PSP [insert obscene amounts of exclamation points here]"
Again, already covered this one. And since I'm tired of saying that, I'll point out that saying things over and over again is redundant and irritating.

-"Give that PSP a trophy for best darn game ever!"
PSP isn't a game.

-"So now that we have established the winner"
Actually, there was no "we". There was a shitty, poorly edited video with terrible grammar and spelling that presented one-sided arguments supporting one of the two systems and completely ignoring the vast majority of important factors between them, and then said shitty, poorly edited video with terrible grammar and spelling decided on a winner. Twice.

-Rehashing your shitty, poorly edited video repeatedly at the end is not a good way to conclude it.

-"Bigballer22218 says: YES! To the PSP"
Yes, and as we all know everyone cares what some idiotic fanboy who's actually willing to spend his free time making a half-assed one-sided video thinks.


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9-04-2006 @ 5:30AM

Mr.Booyah said...

anyways dont get all crazy over this biased dude.let him think what he wants to think.If your smart enough not to be so biased then you will be able to see that each console ever released has had its good points and bad points.both systems are great and if I had the money i would get both.if you just focus on the good of a psp and the bad of the ds then you fal to see the psp has some bad points as well as the ds having good points.both are great console,it all depends on what you as a gamer want and what you think.


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Red Night15

9-04-2006 @ 6:46AM

Red Night said...

Rofl @ all the DS fanboys on this site.

The video was pretty funny. The comments are even a laugh. More so than that fatass getting linked everywhere for his individual videos defending the PSP and then the DS.


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9-04-2006 @ 9:22AM

VJ said...

haha that was hilarious.

Ed Stasick is pwning these days.


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9-04-2006 @ 10:27AM

Sponge said...

Actually the DS will have an MP3 player.


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9-04-2006 @ 10:44AM

Dev said...

This did make me worry how hardcore i am about psp gaming, then I realised the person who made the video spent all their time making it. I'm not bothered what other people think of the 2 consoles as long as i am pleased with what I have, which is a psp.


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9-04-2006 @ 11:12AM

asdf said...

someone's probably already pointed out that he didn't mention picto-chat. also, with every fanboy, he made his opinion fact through some magical process.

oh yeah, and that whole "being extremely biased" thing too.


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9-04-2006 @ 11:39AM

Aamir123 said...

OMFG how ignorant is this dude. the psp has never got a decent game in its time and the ds has never had a bad game so who cares if kiddies like the ds everyone likes the ds. whoever made this video is so ignorant and deserves to die!!!!!!!!


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