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Oblivion due on the PSP? Fortify Luck!

Thanks to a leaked release list (shyeah, right), word's gotten out that Bethesda, makers of the fine Elder Scrolls RPG for fans of open-ended exploration, is planning to release a version of their mega-popular Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion title on the PS3 and PSP. A portable version of the hardware-hogging game is targeted for release this November 6, 2006.

The air is already atwitter with speculation of whether Oblivion will be Sony's flagship platform to push their PlayStation Network Platform service. It very well could be since the Xbox Live Marketplace has been a hotbed of downloading lust since Oblivion hit the Xbox 360 last month, and it only stands to reason that Sony will want to test out their shiny new online service with a proven test subject. Also, will both the PS2 and the PSP version of the game allow for intregration like Nintendo did with the Gamecube and the Game Boy SP? Chances are we'll find out more when E3 comes around, so feel free to make wild, outrageous guesses in our comments section until then.

[Via Gamer Andy]

UPDATE: Bethesda says "nuh uh". We never did check if the word "gullible" really wasn't in the dictionary.

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