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Sony spills it; PSP to get camera, GPS, VoIP

Sony's press event last Monday revealed a wealth of information on the PSP the likes of which we've only imagined (and believe us, given the relative lack on goodies on the PSP as of late, we've done quite a bit of daydreaming). Not only was it announced-by SCE chief Ken Kutaragi, no less-that new PSP bundles and prices would hit the worldwide market soon, but a boatload of games and peripherals would also eventually make every PSP worth gushing praise for again.

The short but substantial list of add-ons for the PSP includes a camera and a GPS receiver. Along with a microphone, other notable points for the camera are that it will include a PSP version of EyeToy and will also feature video chat, which essentially turns the PSP into a mobile Voice over IP gadget. The GPS receiver will, well, turn the PSP into a GPS locator, but will also come in handy when playing their upcoming Hot Shots with GPS title, which will let gamers download course data as well as help simulate shots on the green.

Connectivity with the PS3 was also announced, as was a downloadable service that will allow users to play PSOne games (via an emulator) and save them on their memory cards. RSS support for video will also be implemented in a future update, as will the ability to save RSS audio feeds to your PSP and support for Flash.

Expect to see new stripped down bundles (PSP, A/C adapter, and battery pack only) priced at $199 to hit the shelves soon.

Now, let us pray to the PSP gods, for they have bestowed upon us much blessing.

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21. PSone games on the PSP?

Posted at 3:21AM on Apr 3rd 2006 by Brian

22. o my god thank you i have been waiting for this kind of stuff a long time ago. well i got a few more suggestions: Podcasting from your psp, and why couldnt the psp turn into a cell phone type thing so that you can get on the internet any where in the world. i really hate when i have to be near a wifi spot just to get on the internet. i can get on the internet any where with my phone why cant the psp do that too i mean the psp could kick any cell phones ass in speed and power. i just dont understand why there has been no talk on this subject. so i hope this gets to the developers of the psp and people who make products for the psp and they get a jump on this!!! And if a DS fanboy posts below me ill jump out and bitch slap them for one buying a DS and two posting on a psp fan site. the only reason they post on these is because they know more people visit these kind of sites WAY more than DS sites.

Posted at 1:28PM on Apr 7th 2006 by cameron sopcak

23. Hey! DS fanboys (and girls)! I don't see you having a 4.3 inch LCD screen on your DS. Do you?

Personally, i think having loads of accessories for the PSP sucks. I think Sony have realized the problem of UMD's, as apparently developers and retailers are getting less interested - especially for movies, and are trying to shift the balance so that it becomes a media device, and not the portable gaming device we were once lead to believe.

Here's an interesting point - the PS3 has location free player. I seriously think that Sony are going to release a new PSP - one that has all these gadgets in it, so we can use the PS3 and PSP together i.e. maybe webcam via wifi.

What do you guys think?

Posted at 4:33PM on Apr 10th 2006 by Ichi-Cago

24. Hehe, PSone games on the PSP?? Woohoo!! Finaly another chance to play Abe's Oddworld again and on my fave console!! Will the Psp extras (mainly the camera) be available to buy separatly? I really don't see the point of buying another PSP just get another few extras on which i won't use... bt am stil gna buy it lol

Posted at 11:50AM on May 8th 2006 by Ashlee

25. I think the video chat could be cool if that is connecting to the ps3's online service... they also need a windows based client to have the ps3's online service work on computers because microsoft playing their trump card with Vista and xbox live anywhere

Posted at 9:48PM on May 11th 2006 by Jimmy

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