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PSP: The unofficial "Lost" gaming console of choice

Here's a newsflash: Actors are real people too. For every self-proclaimed psychology expert jumping on Oprah's couch there's a handful of regular Joes out there that put their $5,000 designer jeans on one leg at a time just like everybody else. Take the cast of "Lost", for instance. Instead of doing actor-ey type stuff during breaks like relieving world hunger and working towards presidential impeachment (an act many actors are just so qualified for), Jorge Garcia (who plays Hurley) and Dominic Monaghan (who plays Merry the Hobbit Charlie) spend their down time besting each other in FIFA Soccer. Maybe they'll tackle a whole new normal activity next week, hopefully something along the lines of drinking water straight from the tap. Won't that be exciting? Whee!

Addendum: Unless we're being royally fooled, Dominic Monaghan's bio on IMDB lists him as a "video game fanatic" who "often hosts gaming parties at his house". Color us curious.

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1. What exactly do PSP and Lost have to do with each other?

Lost: Great show.

PSP: Great piece of art. Not much else. (I have one!)

Posted at 2:55PM on Feb 28th 2006 by Jed Merrill 0 stars

2. Both the PSP and characters of LOST have engaged legions of people all over the world in discussions on why they are here and what they are here for.

Posted at 3:53PM on Feb 28th 2006 by PrfctVrs 0 stars

3. sorry Jed, but Lost has jumped the shark. it's crap. I'm sick of it. Week after week, they tease you with new info, but instead they stuff you with crappy flashbacks and melodrama. Let's see some real drama and intrigue and maybe some constant plot development. I really appreciate the multi-dimensional characters and the concerted effort to develop them as individuals, but they've ignored the plot in the name of it.

The PSP is most certainly *NOT* art. it might be pretty to look at, but it's not art. it can be artful. Don't get me wrong, i love mine, but it's in the end, it's just another toy or distraction.

Rafael, "that guy from 24" has a name. it's daniel, you moron.

Posted at 2:00PM on Mar 1st 2006 by mikelite 0 stars

4. It was meant as a joke, mikelite. Lighten up.

Posted at 12:01AM on Mar 2nd 2006 by Rafael 0 stars

5. my bad, the picture is really grainy, but if I squint I can see it's kiefer after all.

Posted at 11:51PM on Mar 2nd 2006 by mikelite 0 stars

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