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NSFW - The ladies still love Kratos

If you ever bothered playing the first two God of War titles, you'd know Kratos' skills with the ladies. And despite Kratos getting anatomically miniaturized in God of War: Chains of Olympus, this video proves he still has certain needs no matter how small he is.

There's not much more to say other than: "Rock on, Kratos. Rock on."

DealSexDuo: homebrew game for adults

This might be one of the hottest tips we've ever received. A French homebrew developer by the name of Cau'x has released a game he calls DealSexDuo. According to his website, "DealSexDuo is a sexual preliminaries game for couple on PSP. Make a deal with your mate and sort out the winner with mini games. Humour, Hot pledges, and sexy ambient are announced. Your PSP turns into the most usefull sextoy's for your night of love."

This game requires 2 players (of any gender). If you're over 18 and would like to have a scandalous evening with you, your loved one, and your homebrew-ready PSP, visit CauXPROD. (I haven't played this game, so the braver [and less single] individuals can leave a comment!)

[Via DCEmu]

[Update 1: Changed image, as per reader request.]

Tekken girls get real... and naked [Update 1]

Oh no, PSP Fanboy is using sex to promote its site again! It's true... they say that sex sells, and the people behind Tekken know it. For a Maxim photo shoot, they had some models dress up (or down) as Tekken models. Taking some inspiration from Dead or Alive, the photographers then placed those models under running water. The following video won't disappoint you... unless you're at work and your boss realizes what kind of pevert you are. So, I'm giving this an EXTREMELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK notice. Enjoy!

[Update 2: New PSP-compatible video and newly hosted video after the cut. Sweet, huh? (Streaming video coming soon. Sorenson isn't working, drats!)]

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The PSP Fanboy video sandwich

I present to you, late-night PSP Fanboy reader, my Fan-made PSP video sandwich. A video on top and a video on bottom, with some tasty commentary by me in the middle. And, I can guarantee that this sandwich has no trans fat. These videos have been unearthed from the depths of the internet. They would've been posted earlier, but they're not really too funny. They are, however, an interesting testament of the PSP fanboy spirit. The video on top is a great tutorial on the various functions of the PSP, marred only by the constant use of immature sex jokes. I like to be a bit more subtle in my efforts.

The video on the bottom successfully recreates the Hackers Versus Sony story from earlier, but now with Star Wars music and Really Awkward And Random Capitalization! Enjoy, and expect some real PSP news in the morning.

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