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Download the Secret Agent Clank fan pack

PSU members had a chance to show off their artistic side by crafting some posters for the PSP-exclusive Secret Agent Clank. The developers at High Impact and Sony took a look at their creations, and chose their favorite ones. The best entries were bundled into a Fan Pack, which includes all sorts of avatars, PSP themes and wallpapers for fans to enjoy.

Secret Agent Clank
fan pack

Download (2.74MB)

European PC Store update for August 7th

Have you heard about Secret Agent Clank? You probably have. The Ratchet & Clank spin off came out about a month ago in Europe, but if you haven't picked it up yet now's a perfect time to try it for free. A demo has been made available for you fence-sitters on the PC Store today, along with a trailer for the game and part 2 of episode 3 of Movement. That's all there is to today's update; short and sweet. Here's the info in a handy list form:

PSP Fanboy review: Secret Agent Clank

What went wrong? After an excellent first outing on PSP, High Impact Games has created a follow-up to Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters that's worse in almost every single aspect. Everything, from the presentation to the graphics to the core gameplay, has been downgraded in this PSP-exclusive. Could this be PSP's biggest software disappointment of the year?

The premise of Secret Agent Clank is quite intriguing. Inexplicably, Ratchet has broken into a museum and has stolen the universe's largest diamond. But what's his intent? Secret Agent Clank is sent on the case. The experience of playing as Clank is similar to Ratchet, but there's a greater emphasis on stealth and gadgetry. Busting out the big guns simply won't work with Ratchet's diminuitive friend.

Gallery: Secret Agent Clank

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Secret Agent Clank partakes in a deadly dance

Secret Agent Clank is finally releasing this week on PSP systems. This handheld offering is the greatest departure for the series yet, taking Clank and friends through new gameplay sequences, such as the dance featured here. Will these minigames add, or take away, from the charm the Ratchet series is known for? We'll find out soon enough.

Pre-order Secret Agent Clank, get bonus figurine

Secret Agent Clank won't be out until three weeks from now -- specifically on June 17 -- but SCEA wants to make sure you've already put down a fiver for the new adventure. What are they doing that will make you want to part with precious money before actually getting the game? Well, you'll be getting a nice Clank figurine all decked out in his secret agent robo-tuxedo. So if you're planning on picking this title up, then pre-order from Gamestop (and Gamestop only apparently) and you can grab this free bonus item for yourself.

American PC Store updates for May 15th

Theme lovers will enjoy today's American PC Store update as there are now three more to add to your collection. Not only that, but (perhaps more importantly) a demo for the recently-golden Secret Agent Clank has been made available. While it probably won't tide you over until the game's release in June, it will give you a taste of this Summer's hottest PSP release. Here's the full release list:
  • Secret Agent Clank demo
  • Secret Agent Clank theme
  • 2x echochrome themes

Secret Agent Clank goes gold, demo available today

The ninja espionage skills of Clank will be tested today as a free downloadable demo will hit the US PLAYSTATION Store. Secret Agent Clank has just finished production -- it's finally "gold." Poised as PSP's biggest game this summer, this taste of Clank should whet anyone's appetite for more.

Gallery: Secret Agent Clank

Secret Agent Clank goes deep undercover

Secret Agent Clank is undoubtedly the next really big game on PSP. This addition to the Ratchet franchise adds a fun new spy element. Clank will have to done a few outfits, as evidenced by this video. Being an undercover robot -- we can dig it.

Feel free to sneak into our updated Secret Agent Clank gallery

Click for more images
PlayStation Day wasn't just about the PS3, there were a few PSP games available at the event too. Secret Agent Clank was among them and we have updated our gallery with all the new images from the show. These include character renders, screenshots and the boxart (as seen above). We've got our grubby mitts on the preview build and should have a review available for you before the game's release this June.

Gallery: Secret Agent Clank

The mysterious introduction to Secret Agent Clank

The intro to Secret Agent Clank raises a good number of questions: why is Ratchet breaking into a museum dressed in a robe? Why is he so crazed? What is the Eye of Infinity -- and where is it? Within minutes, Secret Agent Clank is thrust into a world of mystery, intrigue, and kung-fu ninja action.

Secret Agent Clank sneaks into stores on June 17

You know why Clank is giving a thumbs up? Because he's finally ready for delivery on June 17th. This long-awaited PSP-exclusive addition to the ever-popular Ratchet & Clank franchise will give PSP owners a chance to to play something new on their handheld during the long, hot summer months. Considering how excellent the High Impact's previous Size Matters was, we're willing to bet that this is going to be a fun ride.

We have our preview build ready to play -- we hope to provide some impressions in the coming days.

[Via Joystiq]

Several new Clank videos demand your interest

It's a beautiful day, so why not relax inside your house on a big comfy chair and check out some videos of our buddy Clank in seven videos, courtesy of IGN? The robotic tuxedo-clad warrior has started to cause blips on our radar as the game nears release, not just because of the franchise he is born from but because the more we see of the game, the more interesting and true to the source material's humor it appears. In any case, enjoy the rest of the videos after the jump!

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Play SingStar and Secret Agent Clank early at Bamboozle this weekend

Want to get your hands on SingStar (PS3) and Secret Agent Clank (PSP) before everyone else? Then you'll head off to the Bamboozle Festival this weekend. The two-day alternative music festival takes place this Saturday and Sunday at the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, NJ. The festival features headliners, such as Snoop Dogg, Jimmy Eat World, and Panic at the Disco. The PlayStation Patrol Truck will be attending, and will showcase a number of PS3 games, such as SingStar, MLB 08: The Show and Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. Various PSP Zones will also be at the festival, and will feature titles like Secret Agent Clank and God of War: Chains of Olympus.

Playing well at the PlayStation Patrol Truck could net you the chance to meet Bamboozle artists. Top players will have the chance to challenge artists such as Armor For Sleep, Chiodos, Circa Survive, The Color Fred, The Audition and All Time Low. Winners will receive VIP access to the show.

For more information and to purchase tickets, visit The Bamboozle Festival's official website. To see who else is attending, feel free to use the event's Facebook page.

Watch this Secret Agent Clank video interview

So Ratchet is in prison, Quark is taking on bosses, and Clank is wearing the nice James Bond threads. Looks like High Impact Games is having some good old fun with the characters in this one. So what exactly is going on in Secret Agent Clank? If you haven't been clued in yet or have forgotten the info from our countless interviews and hands-on from the past, then watch this Gamespot video interview with design director Lesley Mathieson. Included in the video, you'll see an interesting scene involving Ratchet, some shots of Quark in battle, and of course more Clank and his gadgetry.

Make sure you hit those back links, too; there's a lot to read up on this game. Secret Agent Clank is expected to hit retailers by June 17.

Secret Agent Clank is looking better in these new screens

Click for full-resolution image.

Finally! We can see Captain Quark in action! Secret Agent Clank hasn't been pushing the limits of PSP graphics, but we have to say that things look a bit more charming in these new screens. The lighting effects look really great, and the number of characters on screen is impressive. We're glad to finally see the new enemies that'll be featured in this PSP-exclusive spin-off -- they look just as zany as the series' past creations.

See all the new screens in our updated gallery:

Gallery: Secret Agent Clank

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