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PSP maintains easy dominance in Japan

Japan sure does love their PSP. Week after week, PSP has been the top-selling console in Japan, and this week is no different. In fact, it more than easily bests the rest of the competition. It's strange to see how different the American and Japanese markets are. To think: PSP is outselling the Wii? Insanity!

PSP - 89,884
Wii - 67,308
DS - 51,228
PS3- 8,054
PS2 - 7,464
Xbox 360 - 1,298

April NPD: hardware sales rising, no bestselling software

PSP hardware continues to sell incredibly well, outpacing both the PS3 and Xbox 360 on a monthly basis. April's NPD figures have come in, and PSP sold 192,696 units last month. That's an increase of 5.6% from April 2007, although a significant plummet from March 2008. Considering the lack of high-profile new releases, a drop in hardware makes a lot of sense.

Software sales were at a million units for the month, a respectable figure. However, God of War and Crisis Core quickly dropped out of the bestsellers list, after a brief appearance last month. These two titles are unsurprisingly the top sellers on the PSP platform this month.

Check out the numbers, after the break.

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PSP hardware sales rise, software sales stagnate

In terms of software sales, the PS2's enormous installed base led to sales of 154 million units, down 39.5 million on the year but still almost triple the other PlayStation platforms. The PSP only showed minimal growth, however, adding just 800,000 games over last year to a 55.5 million total for the year to March 31. PSP, as expected, performed very well in Sony's annual fiscal report, ending March 31, 2008. Annual hardware sales rose to 13.9 million, an increase of 46% from fiscal 2007. The redesigned hardware provided a lot of momentum in America, and Japan's insatiable taste for Monster Hunter certainly helped Sony's handheld quite a bit.

However, in spite of significant growth in hardware, software sales stagnated. The PSP sold through 55.5 million software units, a growth of approximately 1% from last year. In spite of a slew of major new releases, like Crisis Core, software sales on PSP simply don't perform as well as they should.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G sells two million

While American gamers are still busy playing Grand Theft Auto IV (we still are!), the Japanese have embraced a wholly different kind of game. Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G continues its ridiculous sales drive, and has reached the 2 million milestone, in less than 50 days since the release of the game. Are we the only ones that suspect that Capcom might be putting some happy candy in these UMDs?

[Via PSPHyper]

PSP weekly sales hit 100,000 in Japan

These PSP numbers are absolutely ridiculous. Japan's weekly charts have been dominated by Sony's handheld, and this week is no different. In fact, PSP has outsold DS in a 2:1 ratio this week. The tables have turned, at least in Japan.

PSP - 100,870
Wii - 71,518
DS - 52,542
PS3 - 10,177
PS2 - 8,802
360 - 1,725

[Via Next-Gen]

Yes, PSP is still selling well in Japan

These articles are pretty much writing themselves. Will PSP's incredible momentum ever stop? We don't know -- there just isn't an end to the PSP's domination as of late. Check out the latest weekly numbers from Japan:
  • PSP - 92,411
  • DS Lite - 48,796
  • Wii - 42,435
  • PS3 - 9,107
  • PS2 - 7,108
  • Xbox 360 - 1,283
For those keeping track, PSP sales actually went up this week, and now holds a staggering lead over every other platform with about 1.5 million sales this year. Certainly, the Japanese market is very different from the American one.

[Image credit: Adverb]

PSP continues winning streak in Japan

Who knew that three years after it launched, PSP would become such a hot property. Do people really love Monster Hunter that much? (The answer is "yes.")
  • PSP - 85,421
  • DS Lite - 44,551
  • Wii - 44,241
  • PS3 - 7,438
  • PS2 - 6,545
  • Xbox 360 - 1,076
The PSP sales are undoubtedly going to make the folks at Sony quite proud. The PS3, though? Not so much.

PSP getting close to 9 million units sold in Japan

While the PSP may not have done as well in Japan this week as it has done in previous weeks, the system still sold incredibly. It outsold all other consoles in the region again, beating out its big brother the PS3 by a ratio of over 10:1. Here are this week's numbers:
  • PSP - 85,721
  • DS Lite - 47,158
  • Wii - 46,296
  • PS3 - 8,232
  • PS2 - 6,834
  • Xbox 360 - 1,147
Not only did the PSP sell excellently in Japan this week, thanks mostly to the recent release of Monster Hunter 2nd G, the system is also very close to reaching the 9 million milestone. Pocket Gamer is reporting that by the time next week's numbers are out the PSP will have sold over 9 million in Japan alone. That's a scary number of PSPs. We wonder exactly how many of those sales can be directly attributed to a Monster Hunter game.

March NPD numbers look good for PSP

While PSP isn't dominating the American sales charts like it does in Japan, it still put up a respectable showing, besting all the other console offerings of Microsoft and Sony. The PSP sold nearly 300k units, as its userbase continues to grow.

PSP software also managed to break into the top 10 sales for the month -- a true rarity for the system. With such impressive first month sales, it's clear that both Crisis Core and Chains of Olympus will outsell every PSP game released last year.

Check out the numbers, after the cut.

[Via Joystiq]

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PSP software holds no place on 2007 bestseller list

2007 was a pretty incredible year for PSP, wasn't it? It featured some fantastic games, such as Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions, Jeanne d'Arc, and more. Unfortunately, too few actually went out to buy these games.

Next-Gen compiled a list of the bestselling games from 2007, and PSP exclusives managed to get zero games on their list of 100 games. (Data is compiled from the US and UK. Japan is not included.) That means no PSP games managed to break 460k sales (the total of the 100th ranked game) in all of 2007.

Is piracy making a significant dent on PSP software sales? We'd say "yes." No wonder Sony is asking about the homebrew situation; and no wonder the PSP library for the rest of the year is so slim -- publishers have been burned.

[Via P3F]

PSP continues incredible Japanese sales momentum

Remember how PSP outsold every system combined last week in Japan? Well, it didn't managed to pull off that feat again, but PSP still had an incredible week in Japan. The numbers should more than do the talking:
  • PSP - 113,000
  • DS - 52,000
  • Wii - 46,000
  • PS3 - 11,000
  • PS2 - 10,000
  • 360 - 2,300
Seems like PSP is the new DS, no? At least in terms of Japanese hardware sales. Let's see if this post-Monster Hunter sales boom can continue.

Japanese charts: PSP outsells every other system combined

To say that PSP had a good week in Japan would be an understatement. Yes, while it rarely beats Nintendo's best-selling two screened handheld, this week was one for the records: not only did PSP outsell DS, it sold every other console on the market combined. Sales were obviously spirited away by the release of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, which can be seen in the hands on busy PSP owners in the Tokyo metro.
  1. PSP : about 139k
  2. DSL : about 57k
  3. Wii : about 49k
  4. PS3 : about 13k
  5. PS2 : about 9.8k
  6. 360 : about 2.8k
[Via Digg]

Monster Hunter 2nd G outpaces original's first week sales

Everyone in the PSP scene knows that Monster Hunter Portable 2nd made the Japanese gaming public turn into ravenous Monster Hunter-hungry zombies -- the title went on to sell over 1.7 million copies in Japan alone.

Well, it looks like the Monster Hunter virus has returned. The expansion pack, 2nd G, has been selling an impressive amount: 670,000 in the first week alone. That bests even the original Monster Hunter Portable 2nd, which managed to sell 512,000 copies.

This doesn't mean that 2nd G will ultimately outsell its bigger older cousin. However, it certainly has come to an incredible start, one which bodes well for the PSP community at large.

[Via PSPHyper]

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G sells out

Considering the success of the previous Monster Hunter games on PSP, we're not surprised by reports of the game's incredible performance in its recent Japanese launch. "Things haven't been this lively since Smash Bros X.," an employee of the Akihabara Yodobashi Camera, itself having served a line of over 200, told Famitsu. "No, actually it's probably livelier than that. At this rate, it's possible that we'll sell out by the evening." [Via IGN]

The game has been reportedly sold out everywhere -- in mere hours, in fact. To think that the game's launch was met with as much, if not more, excitement as the latest Wii Smash Bros. game is an incredible testament to the game's selling power. Undoubtedly, this will be a very strong week for PSP in Japan (again!).

PSP takes top spot in Japanese hardware charts again

This is becoming a trend, isn't it? Once again, PSP manages to climb its way to the top of the Japanese hardware sales charts, besting even Nintendo's almighty DS and Wii consoles. With 57,651 units sold last week, Sony's handheld is already inching towards selling one million units in Japan this year. The sales spike is surprising, considering the most major release this week was echochrome.
  1. PSP - 57,651
  2. WII - 55,845
  3. NDS - 53,266
  4. PS3 - 14,934
  5. PS2 - 9,930
  6. 360 - 1,744
Undoubtedly Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G will create some more interesting sales charts. We're glad to see PSP is doing so well in Japan -- will that success ever translate in the states?

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