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Famitsu reveals new Star Ocean details

Interested in some new Star Ocean information? Famitsu has heard your internal cries via its giant Japanese thought catcher and, in response, has released a double page spread of images and text about the game. While most of the info will be familiar to you if you're a fan of the series, there are also a few snippets regarding new additions to the game.

The game will feature a redone introduction, redesigned characters, fully voiced cutscenes as well as an enhanced battle system. Star Ocean seems to be having a complete makeover on the PSP - even moreso than Final Fantasy I and II. We're excited to see a series that has potentially been overlooked in its past incarnations be given such great treatment for its PSP conversion.

PSP Slim details leaked?

We're sure that a PSP remake is coming ... but when? Kotaku, in a "rumor" from "several sources close to Sony," suggests that a thinner PSP will be unveiled at E3 next month. The system will supposedly feature a new LED screen that delivers a crisp image in a new, thinner size. Due to new screen technology, battery life will also increase, up four-fold. Amongst other features is a faster UMD drive, 8GB of internal flash memory, and a revamped D-Pad. All of this is supposed to come in at a surprising cost: only $170, the same cost of the system now.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe. We contacted Dave Karraker from SCEA and he commented: "This is pure rumor and speculation, for which we don't comment."

We honestly find many of these details to be much too extravagant, especially at such a low price. (How much money would Sony lose on each system sold? 8GB of memory alone would make the $170 price much too costly for the manufacturer.) We'll have to wait until E3 to see if Kotaku's bold claims have any weight to them.

More info on PSP's Impossible Mission

When we first wrote about Impossible Mission we were told it would be out in January and wouldn't be in 3D. Well, it's past January and the game isn't out yet and now we know it'll include some 3D objects. What other new info is there on Impossible Mission?

  • You play a secret agent trying to stop the evil Profesor Elvin Atombender
  • Players sneak into Atombender's base and try to collect parts of the system password
  • You must avoid Atombender's deadly robots in a race against time
  • The game will feature new graphics, new sound effects, new music
  • There are 3 main characters to choose from
  • There is a tutorial mode now to help new players learn how to play the classic
  • There are now 3 game modes: new, original and hybrid (old gameplay with updated graphics)
  • The PSP version will allow players to send a full version of the game to another PSP owner wirelessly so they can try Impossible Mission for themselves
  • Epyx now expects to have the game available before the end of quarter two

[Via DCEmu]

Final Fantasy remakes get a release date

Square Enix has announced a release date for their upcoming Final Fantasy remake will be hitting Japan on April 19th for 3,800 yen. While Final Fantasy II wasn't given an exact date, Square Enix did say that we can expect a Japanese release around May, so not long to wait in any case. No release dates for either Final Fantasy were given for outside of Japan yet, but it's only a matter of time.

Both games are part of Final Fantasy's 20th anniversary celebration. The games will feature improved graphics and gameplay like the Game Boy Advance and Playstation remakes. You can read all our Final Fantasy coverage in the meantime to help the wait go by.

[Via IGN]

Ambitious homebrew project attempts 3D FFVI remake

This one seems a bit too good to be true. nyxojaele of the Caves of Narshe forums has revealed that he's attempting to make a Final Fantasy VI 3D remake for the PSP. It originally started as an original project for the PC, but once he got his hands on the LTE game engine for PSP homebrew, there was no turning back. He's been very detailed about the process so far, showing screenshots, 3D models and more. A YouTube video he created supposedly shows him launching the game intro using the recently discovered TIFF exploit. Here's what he had to say:

"My game is now being ported over to the PSP... The engine I'm now using is called LTE game engine. It's a PSP conversion of the wellknown "Irrlicht" engine for the PC. Since this is a (semi)fullblown GAME engine, instead of just a rendering engine, it'll also save me LOADS of time programming things, such as a sound driver, etc... So, in the last 2-ish weeks, I've been porting my game into the LTE engine, and at the same time, porting it over to the PSP. All is going well, it's just taking time. I have a lot of the internal framework done now, and have started on something you can actually SEE. This is where the fun comes: I've recorded a video of me booting up my PSP, and playing a teaser trailer of my game."
Is this all real? Or is it one, incredibly elaborate hoax? I want to believe, and I'm throwing all my support for nyxojaele. Good luck.

Cannon Fodder announced

The retro games keep on coming back. IGN has an exclusive where they reveal the very first details and screenshots of Codemasters' upcoming game Cannon Fodder, a remake of the classic Commidore Amiga game. But unlike most of the other retro games that we've seen, this goes the extra mile and is a real remake: with new graphics and gameplay, updated for the current generation. You and a team of soldiers will fight it out on-foot and in vehicles, while being able to call air strikes and radar sweeps. The game will offer four player deathmatch and co-op modes.

Epyx returns to PSP

The retro compilations keep on coming to the PSP. If the Genesis-era of gaming is still too new for you, then you'll be glad to know that the popular line of Commodore 64 games published by Epyx are making a comeback. Impossible Mission will hit in January and California Games will follow in May. The Last Ninja trilogy will be making a comeback as well. Although these games will be remakes, they won't be 3D:
"You gotta keep the gameplay mechanics the same or else it ceases to be the original game and you're only using the game brand to sell games," Kale (System 3 founder) said. "It ceases to be Impossible Mission or California Games or what have you. ... What we're doing is we're incorporating the original gameplay and mechanics and bringing the gameplay up to date."
The remakes will also be available on the DS and Nintendo Wii.

[Via DS Fanboy]

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