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PSP-3000 screen is berry colorful

Famitsu posted some comparison shots of the new PSP-3000 and the older PSP-2000 series, and this is easily the most interesting one to note. Here, you see how much better images off the new screen hold up in comparison to the old one. Looks like we're going to have to change our PSP nicknaming system:
  • PSP-1000: PSP Phat
  • PSP-2000: PSP Lite PSP Dim
  • PSP-3000: PSP Brite?
Help us brainstorm here, folks.

[Thanks, Zach M.!]

PSP-3000's LCD screen is twice as fast

So what exactly are the improvements made to the PSP-3000's newly upgraded LCD screen? According to a report by Engadget Japan, the screen is more colorful, has a stronger contrast ratio, and to the praise of gamers everywhere, has a faster response time. The official stats? Color gamut is twice as wide. The contrast ratio is improved 5 times. The response time has doubled. For gamers that have complained about the PSP-1000 and 2000's slow response time (which creates a ghosting effect in certain games), this is certainly good news.

PSP-3000 North American details

SCEA just announced the North American details concerning the PSP-3000. The previously announced Ratchet & Clank PSP Entertainment Pack will launch on October 14th for $199.99. It will now include the following:

  • Mystic Silver PSP-3000
  • Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
  • National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets UMD
  • echochrome PSN voucher
  • 1GB Memory Stick PRO duo
A second entertainment pack has also been announced called the PSP 4GB Memory Entertainment Pack. The will launch in November for $199.99 as well. It includes:
  • Piano Black PSP-3000
  • 4GB Memory Stick PRO duo
  • Everyday Shooter PSN voucher
The Piano Black PSP-3000 will be sold separately later this year as a PSP Core Pack, which includes only an AC adaptor and battery pack for $169.99.

Gallery: PSP-3000 series

PSP-3000 features enhanced screen & built-in microphone

Sony just announced at their Leipzig press conference the PSP-3000 series. It will look exactly the same as the current PSP-2000 (Slim & Light) model, but will add a built-in microphone and enhanced screen. Apparently, the screen will work better outdoors, being able to resist glare. The built-in microphone will be a huge plus for regular Skype users, and those that take their PSP online via Infrastructure.

Video-Out has also been enhanced, with the system now able to interlace for televisions that don't support a progressive output (that means non-HDTVs).

The PSP-3000 series will be available on October 15th in Europe and will retail for €199. There will be 8 bundles, each adding one game to the package.

PSP-3001 discovered on FCC website, reveals nothing new (so far)

The PSP-3001 is real, folks. The next generation follow-up to the current PSP-2000 series system was discovered on the FCC website. Problem? We don't see anything particularly new about it ... yet. Unfortunately, many of the more interesting details about the system are still unavailable for public access. Expect to see more info coming out of Sony about this next PSP revision in the coming weeks.

[Via Engadget]

Rumor: A 'design sample' of the PSP-3000

According to a poster on the PSPChina forums, the above is a "design sample" of another iteration of the PSP. The poster claims this information comes from a "reliable inside source" and that Sony had already finalized this basic design by the end of 2007. The only new addition so far is a built-in microphone, but otherwise the size and shape is the same as the PSP-2000. The Home button has been replaced by a PlayStation logo button just like the PS3 controller. Also noted is the hole between the volume buttons and the PSP logo, which the poster claims is where the microphone is located. The size of the metal ring has been reduced, allegedly to reduce scratches on it.

The poster claims he doesn't know the actual model number of the this PSP -- it could be a PSP-2100 or 3000 or something else entirely. "The pictures are actually of a design sample; whenever a new system is to be created, designers will follow Sony's instructions in creating several different versions. This is one of the versions that was created and then discarded. Next year when we buy this PSP, it will be slightly different, but I believe the microphone and smaller metal ring will remain."

Another set of pictures shows a black version of this so-called PSP-3000. The PlayStation button is slightly rounder and larger. The poster admits that the final design of real PSP-3000, or whatever the model number happens to be, is still unclear. Basically, even if everything this dude/dudette says is true, what we'll be seeing on store shelves might look completely different, assuming there is even a redesign in the works. Six more pictures after the jump.

[Via Joystiq]

Continue reading Rumor: A 'design sample' of the PSP-3000

PSP-3000 reference discovered on PlayStation website

On its online instruction manuals, Sony Computer Entertainment has a few images for use as labels. There's one for the original PSP-1000 series (click here), and another for the current PSP-2000 series (click here). However, curiously there's also a placeholder image for the logical next-step: the PSP-3000 series (click here).

The availability of the PSP-3000 image on the PlayStation site shouldn't come as a signal that a redesign is impending -- it's clear that Sony plans on revising the hardware through its supposed ten year life cycle. However, it does seem to display a bit too much forethought from the web designers that created and uploaded this image. How long will it take before we hear rumblings of yet another PSP redesign?

[Thanks, GSK!]

Hackers believe third generation PSP is coming

In addition to the unsurprising news that the M33 team is working on a custom version of firmware 3.80, the homebrew community unearthed an interesting bit of news. Before the release of the PSP-2000, hackers found an interesting file "pspbtcnf_02g.bin." Its purpose was unclear at the time, but it's now understood that it directs instructions to the revised PSP-2000.

So, what have hackers discovered in firmware 3.80? A file called "pspbtcnf_03g.bin." Once again, its inclusion is quite mysterious. But, if this naming convention follows any kind of logical progression, it doesn't take a huge leap to conclude that Sony could be working on a third generation PSP.

This isn't all too surprising. Sony has revised its hardware a number of times. For example, the PS2 received a number of facelifts in its lifespan so far. If anything, the presence of this new file may suggest that Sony is simply considering a new revision of the PSP. Don't expect anything to come to fruition any time soon, however.

[Via Exophase]

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