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Prinny: Is it okay to star in some video footage?

For those of you without Japanese PLAYSTATION Network accounts, it'll be pretty much impossible to play the current Prinny demo. Thankfully, our friends at PSP GadgetZ have recorded footage of the demo in action. Enjoy the energetic, upbeat music and classic 2D platforming action ... after the break.

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PSP Fanboy hands-on: Prinny: Is It Okay If I am the Main Character?

Disgaea fans probably jumped in excitement upon hearing the news that Prinnies would be getting their own game for PSP. Prinny: Is It Okay If I Am The Main Character? is the aptly cute pseudo-2D side-scroller which is also being released in North America. While fans may be squealing in delight over that, here's one more tidbit that's going to make your day: you can play the game now off a demo on the Japanese PS Store. If you can't download it or just plain old stuck at work and can't get to it until you're at home, then we're providing our very own impressions for your convenience.

Getting right into it, the demo was a short, one-level adventure taking us through scenery we've seen in screenshots previously (namely the one posted above). As you can see, the environmental objects are 3D models and there will be times when certain actions will cause the camera to shift into this 3D perspective; however, the game is mostly in the 2D perspective, side-scrolling from left to right. Before you start the level you'll be given two optional difficulties: either a "one-hit you're dead" game or a "three-hit chance." The number of hits you can take will be displayed by icons placed in the upper left corner of the screen. If you die, you'll use up a life point which are all displayed in the bottom left.

Gallery: Prinny: Is It Okay If I Am The Main Character?

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A plethora of Disgaea spinoff screenshots featuring Prinny

Want more Prinny action? There are almost 65 screenshots from Prinny: Is It Okay If I Am The Main Character? over at Game Watch right now, just waiting for you to check them out. Most of the screenshots explain the mechanics of the game: dashing, jumping, throwing, and more. Then there are fancier moves like a hip attack, cutting and finally, the Prinny blast.

This platformer will be headed to Japan at end of November, but a demo will be landing the Japanese PS Store on September 29th. No release info yet for anywhere else in the world. Check the rest of the screenshots of our favorite tormented souls in action here.

[Via PSPHyper]

Disgaea plaformer starring Prinny arriving on November 20th in Japan

Download to PSP

Wanna know more about Prinny: Is It Okay If I Am The Main Character? The new Disgaea series spin-off will be a side-scrolling action title featuring the exploding penguins, and here's the story: Etna had her favorite candies stolen; you are the poor Prinny assigned to look for them, or deal with a fate worse than death. Other highlights include an extreme difficulty level, "200% better pixel graphics," gameplay data exchange and a promise of new maps and bosses in the form DLC in the future.

The official site has also been updated, with information on the controls of the game, the release date, as well as a date for the demo -- the full game will arrive on November 20th for 5,229 yen (including tax) while the demo will arrive on the Japanese PS Store on 9/29. We got the trailer above and some screenshots in the gallery below, so check them out!

[Via PSPHyper]

Gallery: Prinny: Is It Okay If I Am The Main Character?

New Disgaea platformer coming to PSP

A new 2D platformer starring everyone's favorite penguin pals from Disgaea has just been revealed. Very little is known about the game, but the initial screenshots look quite promising; look at the quality of these sprites! More info about Prinny: Is it Okay if I'm the Main Character? will undoubtedly come when its official website launches in September.

[Thanks, Zach M.!]

PSP Fan Art Fridays: Disgaea

Do you want to share your PSP-related fan art? Send us an . A new piece of fan art will be shared every Friday.

This weeks Fan Art Friday submission is so sexy that I'm going to play strip poker with it.. This submission comes from Yuji 28 Go and depicts characters from one of my all-time favorite games: Disgaea. Since we know Disgaea is coming to the PSP in the US at some point, this fan art seemd incredibly appropriate. The above image depicts Etna and one of her Prinnies. The image is even more impressive when you consider it was made on an Oekaki board. If you like the above image why don't you check out Yuji's Deviant Art account and let him know what you think or just leave feedback in the comments section. Don't forget that next week I'd like to showcase one or more fan made versions of PSP-tan, so send in your art before next week.

Gallery: Fan Art Fridays

Disgaea coming to PSP! [Update 1]

According to Ruriweb, Disgaea, the cult RPG hit, is heading to PSP. It'll be mostly a port of the original, but considering how awesome the first game was, it should be a time of celebration. To sweeten the deal, the game will feature an extra dungeon and more scenarios. Prinny Power!

[Via QJ]

[Update 1: A more reliable source (IGN) has confirmed Disgaea as a reality. It'll come November 30th to Japan, and come in a regular and limited edition flavor. The official site opens on 8/30, so expect more info then. You may notice that the address reads "PSP1" which suggests that Disgaea 2 will eventually end up on the handheld too.]

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