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Exclusive Pipemania PSP trailer

Download to PSP

Perhaps you've heard so much about Pipemania within the last few days that you're just ready to go under the kitchen sink and take the plumbing apart in anticipation. Well, okay, maybe not that far. But, hey, if you've been wanting more, then we've got it. Here's an exclusive trailer just for our dear readers' eyes.

The three minute trailer shows you how the game is played and also drops a bit of the title's back story. Yes, back story, because puzzle games can have them, too. You'll probably want to hear all about those cowboy plumbers ... wait, what? Cowboy plumbers?

Pipemania will only be $20, out September 30

If you've read our hands-on with Pipemania last week, you may have noticed that we had information regarding an exact price and date for the game. While the release date of September 30 was dead on accurate, we were apparently communicated with the wrong pricing.

Chalk it up to a common case of store clerk labeling snafu, mixing up those price tags. Instead of paying $40, you can expect Pipemania to go on sale at $19.99 next month. We're actually quite glad to hear that the numbers were a mistake.

PSP Fanboy hands-on: Pipemania

Laying down pipes is a tough job. It's not only for overweight guys with a problem keeping their butt cracks covered up, it's a job for puzzle lovers and thinkers, too. Don't agree? Well, if so, that's because you haven't played Pipemania yet. We've put in some time with the pipe-centric puzzler, playing up the DS version which, while having a different interface than the PSP, will have the exact same core gameplay and game modes.

The main objective of the game is to build pipes and keep fluid called "Flooze" from flooding the game grid. There are two designated squares which will represent 1) the beginning where the Flooze will flow from, and 2) the end where the Flooze needs to be brought to. To bridge these two points together, you'll have to make good use of a prearranged line of differently shaped pipe pieces. You'll only be able to use pipes in a fixed sequential order; however, you'll be able to view the next few pieces in line to plan ahead. This sort of preset arrangement maintains a consistent difficulty, providing balance to the progressive difficulty of the game as more gameplay elements and stricter time pressure appear.

Gallery: Pipemania

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Want some pipe-bursting Pipe Mania info? We've got it

We've recently had the chance to catch producer Ben Wilkins and Empire Interactive's Director of project management P.J. Snavely for a little Q&A session on their latest multiplat puzzle game, Pipe Mania. The game is a remake of the classic 1989 title with a legion of new game modes and gameplay features. Wilkins told us that this new Pipe Mania will keep the classic core gameplay and will emphasize on building on top of that by adding more content.

Speaking of adding more, the game is set to have 250-300 levels -- about three times more than the original. Levels are not randomized; they're all preset. Expect to see some classic levels. World mode (story mode) is the game's main course, taking players to themed areas like: sewers, railroads, a toy factory, and even the almighty internet. Arcade mode is described as a "never-ending series of puzzles" and the PSP's versus mode involves competitive head-to-head matches via "remote" (which we're assuming means infrastructure play). Wilkins noted that the PSP was the best fit for multiplayer, but was also the most difficult to work with in regards to the interface. The Wii, DS, and PC versions all have that original point-n-click interface, but the PSP and PS2 don't. You'll have to be "slightly less cavalier with your moves" said Wilkins.

Lastly, the duo made mention that a PSP demo will be available soon on the PS Store. That should come in good time as Pipe Mania is due out in North America by mid-September. Oddly enough, a price for the title is "still being determined."

Gallery: Pipemania

Details revealed for Pipe Mania remake in interview

In an interview with Pocket Gamer, game designer Ben Everett and publisher Empire's product manager Rob Lightbody went into detail about their remake of the classic game Pipe Mania (also known as Pipe Dream) on the PSP. The original game, with a simple premise of keeping a usually green liquid (officially known as Flooze) oozing through a list of different pipes of the player's choosing until the next level, has been ported to many systems over the years. The remake will feature new game modes, slightly reduced difficulty, a "leak-meter" to allow you a chance to repair the pipe, different types of Flooze, new characters, "electricity" and uniquely for the PSP, a versus mode.

However, we feel the most interesting aspect is the positive things they had to say about the PSP. Lightbody states that he has had "positive experiences" with the PSP, and they are also pleased with the sales of Jackass: The Game and FlatOut. Lightbody also states that respectable software sales are possible even in mainland European territories with a smaller PSP install base but it just requires "a little more of a focused effort." Look for this nostalgic remake coming to you from the PSP-friendly publisher in "mid-September."

Classic puzzle game, Pipe Mania, headed to PSP

Pipe Mania was also popularized by the title of Pipe Dream, the classic version pictured above. Still, the concept in the newly confirmed remake by publisher Empire is the same and should be familiar to almost all of you. You build and connect pipes to outlast the spewing sewage which races through your construction. It's very simple, but outlandishly difficult in the later levels when the sewage starts to fill the pipes almost before you begin to construct a maze for it to go through.

The updated version of the classic will feature different game modes, some characters, themes and play mechanics, but the heart is still the same. We're glad the publisher, Empire, is bringing back such a nostalgic puzzle game and will give you a heads up when a release date is confirmed.

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