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PSP Fanboy review: Neverland Card Battles

Neverland Card Battles merges the strategy-RPG genre with the core gameplay mechanics of a trading card game. It's a card game first, an SRPG second, and this is clearly evident after having played and finished the title this past week. We know that a good number of our readers have read our preview from last month and have kept interest in the title. With the game releasing today, we know you all want to know: what's the final verdict? Read on after the break to find out.

Gallery: Neverland Card Battles

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Win a signed copy of Neverland Card Battles

Click for high-resolution image.

Yep. It's another SRPG on the PSP, coming at you tomorrow. To celebrate the release of Neverland Card Battles, Yukes is going to give two PSP Fanboy readers a chance to get a copy of the game, signed by Lead Producer Yoshiteru Sato (founding member of Idea Factory, head of Compile Heart). To win you must:
  • Leave a comment with the name of one other Dominator in the game, other than Galahad and Egma. To find out the answer, you can visit the Neverland Card Battles official website here.
  • You must be 18 years or older and a resident of the US or Canada (excluding Quebec).
  • Limit 1 entry per person.
  • This entry period ends at 7:00pm ET on Thursday, October 30th. We'll randomly select two winners with the correct answer to receive Neverland Card Battles, valued at $40. Please check your e-mail!
  • For a list of complete rules, click here.

Neverland Card Battles: Godseal Talisman trailer

Neverland Card Battles releases next week on October 28, and to make sure gamers are ready for the S-RPG card battles to be had, we've got yet another gameplay vid for everyone. This latest trailer from Yuke's shows off the Godseal Talisman Cards, which are the most powerful cards in the game. We can feel the magic surge through our finger tips by just watching them on screen -- they're that powerful!

Watch: Neverland Card Battles gameplay

In preparation of the upcoming release of Neverland Card Battles for PSP, Yukes has sent out a brand new gameplay trailer of the game for PSP Fanboy readers. Keep in mind, this is based on an earlier PS2 game which never saw the light of day here in the States. While the localization effort appears strong, will it have what it takes to stand out in the crowded genre of the SRPG? Take a look for yourself.

Gallery: Neverland Card Battles

PSP Fanboy hands-on: Neverland Card Battles

It is refreshing to see a game like Neverland Card Battles hitting the PSP. It's a title that blends together two very distinct strategy genres: tradable card games and strategy RPGs. It may sound a tad strange at first, having these two gameplay aspects merging as one, but that's what we're here for. We're here to help explain to you just how exactly that experience plays out and what it was like going through it all. Was it any fun? You'll find out soon enough.

Having played the title just this afternoon, I immediately went through the very first level to get a quick grasp of the story and basic play mechanics. The game plays out on an S-RPG type of battle grid with the enemy card wielder on one side and the hero Galahad on the other. The objective of all Neverland battles is to obviously defeat your opponent, and to do so you'll have a 30-card deck at your disposal. At the beginning of each battle you'll have a full hand of five cards (see where the TCG is starting to kick in?), and to use these cards you'll have to draw mana. Drawing mana is done by increasing one's "territory" on the battle grid. As you move your character (and later on summoned creatures) across the playing field, they'll turn each square they touch into your team's color -- this represents your territory. Each square equals one mana and dictates your overall summoning strength, so it's crucial to take command over the battlefield in order to win.

Gallery: Neverland Card Battles

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Neverland Card Battles debut trailer is J-Poppy

Download to PSP

You know, we just don't have enough strategy RPGs on the PSP. With the exception of Disgaea, Final Fantasy Tactics, Wild Arms, R-Type Command, and Yggdra Union, there's certainly a dearth of games to choose from. Thankfully, Neverland Card Battles will fill in this sorely under-represented genre on PSP. Coming this fall, this very anime SRPG combines: cards AND strategy (shock!). Certainly, PSP owners will be totally unfamiliar with this innovative genre of gameplay.

Gallery: Neverland Card Battles

Look at the characters of Neverland Card Battles

Click for high-resolution image.
Can you say no to a face like that? Of course not! Yukes' upcoming Neverland Card Battles for PSP is (surprise, surprise) a card-based SRPG coming out in October. Once again, these anime heroes will have to embark on a journey with magical cards in hand to save Neverland from impending doom (insert dramatic music here, please).

Check out the characters in our updated gallery:

Gallery: Neverland Card Battles

Neverland Card Battles brings even more SRPG action to PSP this Fall

PSP really is THE system for SRPG fans, with classics like Disgaea and Final Fantasy Tactics taking center stage last year. This year, the trend continues with R-Type Tactics and now ... Neverland Card Battles. Coming this Fall, this SRPG comes from the folks at YUKES (with distribution being handled by Atlus).

A war between human and demons wages on in Neverland, and players must control the Dominators to prevent an evil god from awakening. By using special Spectral Cards, players will be able to banish the evil Hellgaia and save Neverland from certain doom.

"The original Japanese version of Neverland Card Battles was extremely well-received and caught our attention as the best trading card game out there," said Ken Koyama, Manager of Product Development at YUKE'S Company of America. "We have enhanced and optimized NCB for the portable experience, and will offer one of the finest card-strategy games ever created for the PSP this fall."

Gallery: Neverland Card Battles

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