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Sony Online Entertainment thinks about MMO integration on PSP

Sony Online Entertainment has a lot of development planned for PS3. But what about its little sibling, the PSP? SOE president John Smedley told MTV Multiplayer that "PSP is something that we're definitely looking at." With so many online-ready systems in the hands of gamers worldwide, it's an opportunity they don't want to miss on. "We're really starting to see a big push for PSP. We think it's a world-class device ... In the future, we see full MMOs that are designed for the PSP."

But before diving straight into full online games on the PSP, Smedley believes online integration into existing games will come first. Imagine, a mini-game that can be played on PSP that will add to an existing game, like Free Realms. "You're sitting there leveling up your character, you log in at home when you're on wi-fi, and all of sudden your character has leveled up. We think those kinds of experiences are very possible."

NCSoft hints at PSP MMO possibility

NCsoft, makers of PC MMORPGs such as Guild Wars and Lineage, could be making games for the PSP in the future. CEO Robert Garriott speaks up on the PlayNC website about the company's relationship with Sony, and how they plan to release their massively-multiplayer online games on the Playstation 3 and "perhaps the PSP". The rest of the article reveals that NCsoft is not only thinking of porting their established intellectual properties but creating new ones for the Sony platforms. Garriott also shares that their games would use either "traditional subscription models, micropayment systems and free-to-play games with membership options".

While the article is mainly focused on PS3, the name drop of the PSP is at the very least an interesting topic for debate. Is the PSP a viable system for MMOs? And if so, would you pay to play an MMO on your PSP?

[via Wired, thanks Joe!]

NCsoft plans "online experiences" for the PSP

At the Sony press conference, Sony revealed an exciting deal for popular MMO developer NCsoft to create games for Sony platforms. Geoff Heath, CEO of NCsoft Europe commented that "together with the Internet-enabled PSP, we're confident that SCEI and NCsoft can develop unique and compelling online experiences that will be found on no other platform."

NCsoft is famous for their work on games such as Guild Wars, City of Heroes, and Lineage. We're confident that their skills will come to incredible use on Sony's handheld.

Homebrew MMO Final Fantasy game releases

The "fraking awesome" MMO homebrew game, Triple Triad, is (as expected) finally out. The game is available both for PSP and PC play, and has players competing in a highly expanded version of Final Fantasy VIII's card game. Further details (and download) can be found at DCEmu. Non-members can visit QJ.net for the download as well.

Homebrew FFVIII game goes MMO

Triple Triad is no ordinary piece of homebrew. Like Wandria, or Hexaxis, this title is pushing the limits of what we thought homebrew development could produce. But, this game isn't a graphical showcase. Rather, it's pushing the online capabilities of the system, becoming the first ever homebrew MMO game.

The game is based on the card game from Final Fantasy VIII, with over 330 cards from Final Fantasy VII, VIII and X (with XI to come later). Not only will you be able to buy, sell and trade your cards with others, you'll also be able to send each other private messages, chat during the game, and more. You'll be able to have a friends list, a blacklist, and you'll also be able to track the movements of other players. Quite ambitious, is it not?

Hopefully, this revolutionary project will be able to deliver on all its promises. There won't be too long to wait, though: the game is planned to release this Monday.

[Via PlayStation Forums, QJ]

Dream Games: Phantasy Star Universe

Dream Games is a new weekly column where we explore a game we'd love to see on the PSP. Feel free to check in, and comment, every week.

Phantasy Star Universe
The Phantasy Star Online series has reached almost every platform imaginable: the PS2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Dreamcast and even the Gamecube. While Nintendo stayed away from online support for the GC, Sega dove head-in, even going so far as to make an Episode III exclusively for that platform. With that in mind, a PSP version of this revered franchise doesn't sound any more crazy than Sega's previous efforts.

Why PSP?
The PSP needs a strong online RPG, and PSO and PSU may fit the bill. Portable gamers need something that they'll be able to play offline and on, and that's always been one of the series' highpoints: the flexibility it gives the player. Something as comprehensive as World of Warcraft is most likely not technically possible, nor fun, for handheld play. But the accessibility of PSO and PSU should work on the go.

Is it possible?
Considering how most publishers shy away from Infrastructure support, we may never see an online RPG on our system. Couple that with extensive homebrew use, and publishers may see the PSP too risky: how can they be sure that people are paying their monthly fees and aren't cheating? It won't be worth their effort, but we'd like to see Sega or Sony at least try once.

Lumines invades MMO

Game Watch is reporting that popular Asian MMO Angel Love Online is receiving the Lumines treatment. While you won't be clearing blocks to music, you can alter your health bar face image to one of the very recognizable Lumines avatar or icon things. This team up is meant to help sell copies of Lumines 2 since owners of the sequel get the code for the icon off the Lumines 2 packaging. I personally would rather have my MMO avatar wear a Lumines shirt than a health bar face image, but I don't play MMOs, so my opinion on the matter is as useful as a queef.

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