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Sony: PSP sales to beat fiscal year forecast

Sony previously pegged the PSP to sell roughly 15 million units for this fiscal year ending March 2009. Now, the company is saying they're going to crush that forecast by another one million units. This news comes in light despite issues with the newly released PSP Brite. However, Sony still has other models currently out on the market including the sleek Blue and Red Slim models that are expected to sell, sell, sell.

Sony's numbers in Japan have done amazingly well thus far this year, selling over 1.6 million units from April to September; however, if the PSP is to meet 16 million units by March, there's still a lot of work to be done worldwide.

PSP-3000 sold over 140K in first four days

PSP Brite is now out worldwide, so how's it doing everywhere else? In Japan (where the PSP is the sacred deity of 4-player co-op), it seems that not too many are catching on to the new hardware; only 141,270 units were sold in the first four days of sale (Oct. 16-19).

As PSPHyper points out, these numbers are not that impressive when compared to the PSP Slim's initial sales numbers which were 250,702 for the first week with 130K of that from the first day alone. With relatively slow sales figures and seemingly disastrous performance issues, it looks like the PSP Brite is getting off to a very rough start.

[Via PSPHyper]

Oh look, we're unboxing the new blue PSP

Hey, did you know? Those new blue slims are now out in the wild. We had previously said we were going to pick one up and that's exactly what we did. In fact, we've already opened up the box, scoped out all the goodies, and started playing with our new toy. Want to see what's inside the box with us? Then check out our unboxing gallery by clicking on the link below.

Click here to head over to our unboxing gallery!

Victory! ... Again! PSP takes the top spot in Japan

PSP is again on the top in Japan. If you are just looking for some bad news, sales did drop 6,572 units from the previous week, but keep in mind last week's sales were an astonishing 74,052 units. Nintendo's handheld still couldn't beat the PSP, despite the release of Dragon Quest V. Really, can anything stop this pint-sized juggernaut in the land of the rising sun?

Week of July 21st-July 27th:

  • PSP - 67,452
  • Nintendo DS - 56,968
  • Wii - 41,024
  • PlayStation 3 - 10,692
  • PlayStation 2 - 9,291
  • Xbox 360 - 4,941

Who's number one again? The PSP is!

Can anyone ever be sick of good news? Maybe you guys are tired of hearing how well our beloved handheld is doing in Japan. But we doubt Sony minds the good news, and neither do we. However, we do mind coming up with a new headline for the same good news every single week. Maybe you guys can give us some suggestions in comments ...

Week of June 30th-July 6th:
  • PSP - 56,998 (559)
  • Nintendo DS - 48,540 (1,085)
  • Wii - 41,768 (2,757)
  • PlayStation 3 - 12,458 (1,901)
  • PlayStation 2 - 10,405 (1,363)
  • Xbox 360 - 3,807 (969)
The PSP outsold itself from last week, selling 559 more units. Its big brother, the PlayStation 3, didn't fare so well -- sales fell by almost 2,000 units.

The sky is blue, therefore the PSP is top in Japan

Just as the Xbox 360 is firmly planted at the bottom of the Japanese sales chart, the PSP is once again on top. The nitty-gritty numbers are presented to you below:

Week of June 30th-July 6th:
  • PSP - 56,439 (2422)
  • Nintendo DS - 47,455 (1,429)
  • Wii - 44,525 (3,955)
  • PlayStation 3 - 14,359 (3,614)
  • PlayStation 2 - 11,768 (4,095)
  • Xbox 360 - 4,776 (328)
Seems like video game hardware sales are down in general over in Japan this week. All the current-gen systems reported lower than last week sales. But hey, our favorite portable is still at the top, besting the runner-up, the Nintendo DS, by 8,984 units.

Surprise, Surprise: PSP is #1 in Japan again

There is really nothing left to say. We're no longer shocked that the PSP is once again champion. Perhaps, even all of you are getting tired of hearing how great things are over in Japan. So, we'll just use this picture to convey how much the Japanese love the PSP.

Week of June 23-29:
  • PSP - 58,861 (490)
  • Nintendo DS - 48,884 (12,285)
  • Wii - 48,480 (7,443)
  • PlayStation 3 - 17,973 (2,363)
  • PlayStation 2 - 7,673 (1,327)
  • Xbox 360 - 5,104 (2,549)
The PSP still holds tight even with a strong boost to DS sales. The PS3 looks like it's slowly going back to its regular numbers, and the PS2 is still amazingly outselling the Xbox 360.

PSP sells nearly 2 million in Japan so far for 2008

In Japan, PSP is king. Or, at least is has been so for the majority of this year thus far. Ever since Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G hit stores back in late March, the PSP has dominated the Japanese hardware charts. As a result, the PSP has gone off to sell 1,964,461 units for the first six months of 2008 in Japan alone. That makes the PSP, so far, the most successful system in Japan in terms of volume sales.

Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G has gone to sell 2.3 million units in little over three months. That's quite amazing to say the least. With such successes across the Pacific, we can't help but take notice and reflect upon the current condition of PSP in North America. Where are we going? Hopefully, E3 will provide us all with some answers.

[Via PSPHyper]

PSP is king yet again in Japan

Yes folks, PSP is again number one in Japan. After being knocked out of the top slot last week to second place by big brother PS3, the PSP climbs back to the top with 59,351 units sold. Despite a drop of 5,000 units from last week's 64K total, the PSP is still amazingly way ahead of its competition. Now, how did last week's top draw, PS3, do this week? It shot down to fourth place. It is, however, quite a success in that it's pulling 20K; usually the PS3 generates sales similar to PS2's current numbers.

PSP - 59,351

Wii - 41,037
Nintendo DS - 36,599
PlayStation 3 - 20,336
PlayStation 2 - 6,346
Xbox 360 - 2,555

PSP hardware finally trumped in Japan sales charts

Last week we posed the question: "Is the PSP finally knocked out of first place in Japanese charts?" It didn't happen that week; however, we must have jinxed the system because the unspeakable had finally happened this week. PSP has been stripped of its championship title. The hardware to take the top slot would be none other than the PS3.

1. PlayStation 3: 75,311
2. PlayStation Portable: 64,675
3. Nintendo Wii: 45,564
4. Nintendo DS: 39,201
5. PlayStation 2: 7,297
6. Xbox 360: 2,163

The PS3 has shot to the top because of the launch of Metal Gear Solid 4. We wonder if the PSP's dethronement will last long ... or will it be just a one-off thing? Given the PSP's proven track record with steady sales week after week for the past few months and the possibility that hype over MGS4 is calming down, we could see a PSP comeback next week. The PSP only trails behind the PS3 by 11,000 units this week -- that's not much of a gap to fill.

Sony announces new Bronze PSP and additional hardware for Japan

Along with the announcement that Japan will finally be getting Skype for PSP, Sony has announced a new PSP color. The Bronze PSP will be a limited edition and available, it seems, only in a value pack. Doesn't it look a bit familiar? Yes, it does. It's the same color as the upcoming Monster Hunter 2nd G limited edition PSP, but without all the fancy artwork. The only other difference is that it comes out on April 24th, almost a full month after Monster Hunter PSP's March 27th release date.

Sony is also releasing a few other pieces of additional PSP hardware in the region. Namely, a docking cradle and a new D-Terminal AV cable for PSP slims. Both will go on sale on the 24th of April, along with the new PSP. The cradle itself will cost 4,800 ($47) yen and will come with a remote control. Alternatively, you can buy the hardware bundle pack for 6,500 ($63) yen and get the AV cable with it.

Read - Bronze PSP press release
Read - Additional hardware press release

Japanese PSP Slim launch a huge success so far

We were in the country for the Japanese PSP Slim and Lite launch on the 20th. The above image was snapped on our way to day one of the Tokyo Game Show and we knew then that the launch would prove to be a success. We had no idea how right we were. The PSP Slim and Lite, aided by the Crisis Core bundle released on the 13th, has sold well over 300,000 units in its first three days.

This official number from Enterbrain (via Famitsu) show 326,645 PSPs have been sold, 75,943 of which were Crisis Core versions. We were in Akihabara on the 24th and it seemed that everywhere was sold out of PSPs of all kinds, except for one second hand shop which had two Crisis Core models left. We're intrigued to see how long these sales will go on for; not long is our guess. Where's Monster Hunter Portable 3 when you need it?


PSP Slim and Lite now available for preorder in the UK at GAME have sent out an email today stating that the PSP Slim and Lite is now available for pre-order. Available on the 14th of September, the new PSP will sell for £130. Strangely, there is only one choice for pre-order currently and it appears to be Piano Black, despite our promised rainbow of release-day colours. No worries there though, we doubt there'll be a shortage of PSP Slim and Lites any time soon, so pre-ordering would be pointless anyway.

Still, it's exciting to see that the redesign will be out very shortly. Even if America beats us Europeans to the punch again by getting the Daxter pack released yesterday. At least we have more colours.

SGD '07: Sony releases latest sales statistics

Sony has just unveiled its latest metrics data for PlayStation hardware and software sales worldwide. Of particular note to avid observers of the handheld console wars is NPD's data on "portable hardware dollars market share" for the calendar year 2006. According to the data (seen above), Sony's PSP system actually beats Nintendo DS by a fraction of a percentage. This makes sense, considering PSP's significantly higher asking price. Although DS clearly has far more units in households, this kind of data proves that Sony isn't out of the game.

See even more statistics, after the cut.

Continue reading SGD '07: Sony releases latest sales statistics

PSP at the top of handheld evolution

We know that the PSP is powerful. But how powerful is it compared to handhelds before it? A lot more, as seen by Pocket Gamer's recent analysis of handheld systems. PSP's 333MHz of processing power knocks makes the rest of the chart seem miniscule in comparison.

Pocket Gamer's feature is certainly an eye-opener. Of particular note is a fascinating diagram of screen sizes, overlaying each other. The PSP's wide screen LCD far exceeds the size of its nearest competitor, the Nomad. Even with such impressive statistics, the system remains one of the lightest handhelds created, and doesn't stand out as disproportionately larger than the others. This is a must-read feature for any PSP fan.

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