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PSP Fanboy hands-on: Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Will Medal of Honor Heroes 2 become the best FPS on PSP? To be honest, that's not a very difficult task to accomplish. The system has struggled to get a decent FPS game on it, as many developers have long forgotten how to make a game of that genre without a second analog stick. Developers are slowly learning, and as Medal of Honor Heroes 2 proves, they may have finally nailed it on the head.

The original Medal of Honor Heroes was an impressive technological showcase for the PSP platform, and its sequel is no different. The graphics are noticeably better than the original's, although there's still some way to go before this looks as good as a PS2 game. The controls also feel tighter, letting you easily move around the environment and fight enemies. Using the analog stick for movement and the face buttons for aiming is fairly traditional PSP FPS fare. However, the aim-assist has been reduced, making for a better, skill-based game. Using L to zoom in and fine-tune your aim works well. Even better, running up to a barricade, taking cover, and then peeking out to take a shot. The controls are intuitive, and easy to pick up.

A majority of the complaints for the PSP original involved the slow pace of the game, and unimpressive AI. Well, you still move at a snail's pace [Update: There is a run functionality that we didn't discover. It's there, though.], but there's a lot more action on screen this time around. Enemies still don't have advanced attack patterns, but they come in good waves, ensuring the action never slows down. With far improved graphics, tighter controls, and better presentation, Heroes 2 is a much better game. While we didn't get a chance to play it, the 32 player online multiplayer is still the franchise's biggest selling point -- something we'd love to get our hands-on soon.

Gallery: Medal of Honor Heroes 2

Metareview: Call of Duty [Update 1]

Just like the other WWII FPS game on the PSP, Call of Duty has been getting some spectacularly mixed reviews. Who to believe? Are the controls really that great? Are they really that terrible? Message boards across the internet have been producing quite a variety of responses. For once, the critics reviews may not actually inform anyone on the "correct" purchasing decision for this game.
  • UGO (87/100) loves the incredibly generous auto-aim: "Call of Duty: Roads to Victory is one of the few must-own titles for the handheld. If you've ever gotten a kick out of picking up a gun and killing evil people in a video game, look no further."
  • IGN (66/100) hated the controls and the gameplay: "The sluggish and somewhat delayed controls wouldn't be so bad if the gameplay accounted for it, but it doesn't."
  • Gamespot (62/100) thinks the game feels more like a free mod than an actual game: "The poor AI, combined with frequent respawning of soldiers, makes it feel as if you're playing some sort of WWII-themed shooting gallery at times."
Do any of our PSP Fanboy readers have this game? What do you think about this game?

[Update 1: Added Gamespot's review.]

Deal of the Day: Medal of Honor only $20

You've played the brief, but fun Medal of Honor demo, right? Well, if five minutes of gameplay just isn't enough for you, you'll want to check out this sweet deal at Target. You can get this WWII FPS for only $20. Other stores still have it listed for $40, so this might be the cheapest way to enjoy Medal of Honor's insane 32-player multiplayer modes.

[Thanks, Preacher747!]

Brothers in Arms' uncompromising move to PSP

It looks like IGN's PSP team is on a roll. They had a chance to play the upcoming Brothers in Arms game on PSP. Just like Medal of Honor, this WWII franchise is attempting to make the jump to PSP without losing anything in the transition. According to IGN, the game features maps from previous entries in the series: Road to Hill 30 and Earned in Blood, plus four new levels exclusive for the PSP. There will, thankfully, be a lot more checkpoints in the handheld version, to make it easier for gamers-on-the-go. It's also nice to know that the PSP version won't skimp on any features: it'll still feature the series-defining overhead view, which allows players to see the battle from above, and make strategic decisions. The game also features suppression gauges, which will allow you to see places to get cover much more easily. And finally, the game will also have a co-op mode and many of the multiplayer features found in Medal of Honor. Overall, it seems like Brothers in Arms will be an impressive package. The real question is: will PSP gamers care?

According to, the game is coming out December 5th for a nice budget price of $30.

Californians can celebrate Veteran's Day with Medal of Honor

If you live near Alameda, CA, you may want to check out GamePro's Medal of Honor: Heroes tournament. You don't need to have a copy of this well-reviewed PSP-exclusive WWII FPS, but you do need to bring your system. All participants will get a free copy of the game and a t-shirt, making this event totally worth your time. If you're able to survive the 32-player multiplayer matches, and make it to the end of the tournament, you'll find yourself winning a subscription to GamePro (boo!), Shure E2-cn earphones (yay!), and more. If you're interested, head over to the registration page.

More Nazis to kill in Call of Duty

World War II shooters are like cockroaches. You see one, but there's another one (or two) lurking somewhere not too far behind it. Call of Duty: Roads to Victory is sure to satiate WWII afficiandos, once they're done with Medal of Honor Heroes. IGN has some new images from the game. Is it me, or does this game look worse than Medal of Honors graphically?

Roads to Victory will also feature multiplayer of some sort, but will it be able to compete against EA's terrific offering? We'll find out more later; the game's not due until spring 2007 anyways.

Medal of Honor: Heroes with 32 player (online) multiplayer

Gamespot's On the Spot recently showcased an exclusive preview of Medal of Honor: Heroes, an upcoming PSP game which Peter Dille accidentally revealed during an interview a few weeks ago. Thankfully, the power of YouTube has given those of us that missed the show a chance to rewatch this amazing trailer. There will be "all new adventures" across "12 new European battlefields." Even more excitingly, there will be 32 player multiplayer, and as -Xenofreak- from the IGN Boards has pointed out, the PSP is capable of only 16-player Ad-Hoc. What does that seem to suggest? Yes, it looks like there might be 32 player ONLINE multiplayer! The game is set to hit in Fall, so the wait won't be too hard.

Can First-Person Shooters flourish on the PSP?

Not many people liked the control scheme with Coded Arms, and early reports are already stating that the forthcoming Katamari Damacy game for PSP will use the face buttons as a secondary directional pad. While we're not one to complain vehemently about game developers attempting new control schemes for the PSP, at some point the expectation of having players control direction using the four buttons on the right does seem more than a bit excessive. Having to manipulate a game in that way can be quite a clunky experience, which is one that I don't particularly look forward to doing for the duration of the game's lifespan.

I admit that there's always room for a person's ability to adapt to these types of control layouts. It may even give some sense of accomplishment to players that they were able to beat a game despite the wonky controls. But how many gamers out there are actually willing to take the time to adjust to a new control mechanism just for the heck of mastering yet another obscure talent? In that regard, seeing as First-Person Shooters these days almost require that the controls for lateral movement be separated from the "look" ability, do you think that the FPS genre has a chance to ever reach maturity on the PSP?

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