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Pre order Crisis Core, get a UMD case free

You're going to get Crisis Core, right? Might as well get a free bonus with it. Pre-orders of the game will include a special "Shin-Ra Electric Power Company" UMD case. Currently, only is showing the pre-order bonus, but other retailers should carry the bonus as well. The game releases March 25th. Happy shopping.

[Via CAG]

New Crisis Core trailer focuses on Zack and Angeal

Can you feel it? Crisis Core has been long in the making, and it's finally coming over to the States. This brand new CG trailer focuses on the Shin-Ra soliders, Zack and Angeal. How they tie into the Final Fantasy VII universe will all be revealed when the game launches this March. Retailers are taking pre-orders -- check your favorite one and get ready to make a deposit!

Crisis Core releasing in Europe this Spring

Fear not, Europeans! It's not just those pesky Americans who are getting some Crisis Core love this Spring. Square-Enix has announced that the EU version of the game will be shipping around that time too. We say "around that time" because good ol' Square-Enix haven't actually given us anything more specific than "Spring". Our estimation would be that it arrives in March, maybe a couple of weeks later than in the US. Unless FF1 and 2 are anything to go by, that is.

Direct-feed Dissidia screens get close to new old characters

Everything old is new again in Dissidia for PSP. Final Fantasy VIII's Squall and Ultimecia, and Final Fantasy II's Firion and Emperor are reborn again in Square Enix's upcoming fighting game. Famitsu has scored direct-feed shots of the game, and they look much better than any of the magazine scans we've seen so far. This is one of our most anticipated games for 2008 -- and we can't wait to see more in the upcoming year.

[Via PSPHyper]

Final Fantasy VII sculptures to kill your wallets in January

Click for high-resolution image.

You know what the meanest time to release new products is? January. Our wallets have taken huge Christmas-related blows, and need some recovery time. Not for you, says Square Enix. This January, Square Enix is releasing a set of Final Fantasy VII related merchandise that you may want to pick up before Crisis Core's March release.

For example, you may want to invest in this sculpture of Aerith. Looks nice, right? Too bad it'll cost you $220.00. It'll be available on January 10th. The "Masterpiece Arts" sculpture of Cloud will cost a whopping $399.99 and will be available on the same day.

Thankfully, something a bit more reasonable has been announced as well. "Play Arts" figures of Cloud, Tifa and Aerith will be available for $24.99 each. Those are available on January 3rd. Are any PSP Fanboy readers going to go broke buying one of these pricey figures?

Gallery: Square Enix Store

Scan-tastic: Final Fantasy Dissidia (again)

It's a good day for Square Enix-related Famitsu scans on the web. Another scan of the upcoming PSP brawler Dissidia has surfaced on Jeux-France. As seen in previous scans, Squall Leonhart joins the Dissidia cast. IGN called the game one of the best looking games on the PSP, even surpassing the incredible visual quality of Crisis Core. Looking at these new images, we'd agree.

[Thanks, J Chong!]

First Dissidia hands-on impressions

We're so jealous of you IGN-Anoop. You got to attend Jump Festa, and you were able to play the first ever playable build of Dissidia, a brand new PSP-exclusive fighting game. The impressions, unsurprisingly, are overwhelmingly glowing. Here are a few snippets:

"Rather than trying to adapt the Final Fantasy characters into some existing fighting game formula, the designers of Dissidia seem to have attempted to create an original fighting engine around the Final Fantasy characters -- at least the characters as they'd probably combat one-another in a Tetsuya Nomura movie." Yes, your characters will perform all the acrobatic moves that you'd find in Advent Children ... or the upcoming FFXIII games.

"Dissidia also manages to push the PSP to new visual heights. The game is a visual feast, with detailed combatant models, and plenty of lighting effects. Definitely a step above Crisis Core, which already had some thinking that the PSP really was a portable PS2." Really, it looks better than Crisis Core? That game was already pushing the boundaries of the PSP!

Please read IGN's full hands-on, and bring a change of clothes. You might be drooling on yourself the entire time.

How Dissidia will control

Click for full-resolution image.

Reader Cheun Ngen Chong found the control scheme for Square Enix's upcoming Final Fantasy Dissidia and translated it into English for us. (The original file can be found at The left shoulder button is used for locking on, while the right shoulder button is used for defense. There are two kinds of attacks, one attacking HP and one attacking BP. This is an interesting change for the genre, and we can't wait to see how well it works when actually in our hands.

Crisis Core heads stateside on March 25

Square Enix's epic Final Fantasy VII prequel is coming to the US at last! Square Enix confirmed today that the PSP exclusive will arrive on March 25th. The game follows the adventures of Zack and his life as part of SOLDIER. Along the way, he'll meet familiar faces, like Cloud, Sephiroth and more. Crisis Core has been rated T by the ESRB for Blood, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes and Violence.

Check out the official website here.

[Thanks, Joe!]

Gallery: Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

PSP Fanboy Theatre: Volume 44

God of War: Chains of Olympus preview (57.5MB)

Also featured: Grand Theft Auto 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIIIStar Ocean: First Departure and College Hoops 2K8

Continue reading PSP Fanboy Theatre: Volume 44

Final Fantasy: Dissidia playable at Jump Festa

It's been a while since we heard about Dissidia, the PSP-exclusive Square Enix fighting game. The brawler looks to be inspired by Nintendo's Super Smash Bros., as it meshes characters from various Final Fantasy games into one ultimate nerdgasm.

Well, hope you booked your tickets to Japan, because attendees of Jump Festa will be amongst the first in the world to get their hands on this hotly anticipated game. Square Enix revealed that Dissidia will be among the playable offerings at the show. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days for DS will also be playable.

Other titles, like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will be presented in video form only. We're certain that once the show begins, some incredible news should make its way on the web. Jump Festa begins on December 23rd.

[Via PSPHyper]

Crisis Core is Square's best selling game this year

If we needed more proof, and we probably didn't, that Japan is head-over-heels in love with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core here's some more. Square Enix recently announced Crisis Core was its best-selling game across all regions from April through September with 710,000 copies sold in Japan. Bringing up second place is the DS' Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings with 530,000 units sold.

However, Japan isn't the only region a PSP-developed title beat out the rest. According to The Magic Box, the PSP's Final Fantasy also topped all other Square titles in North America during the same time frame, selling 130,000 copies.

What makes this feat even more ridiculous is Crisis Core was released in Japan in mid-September, giving the game only a couple weeks to reach such impressive numbers.

Europe gets Final Fantasy remakes in 2008

Remember those Final Fantasy remakes? It's old news for those in Japan and America. However, our European friends across the ocean will be able to join in on the remade adventures ... next year.

There can't be any good reason for the delay, especially considering the original Japanese release was already localized. Perhaps the European version will add a few more languages to make this delay seem somewhat more reasonable?

[Via press release]

PSP Fanboy review: Final Fantasy Tactics

Let's do some time travel. I'm going to take you back ten years to 1997 when, in Japan, two games were released by Square on an underdog system called the PS1. These titles, Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics have since become critically regarded as two of the best games on Sony's fledgling console. And while Final Fantasy VII has enjoyed the sort of commercial success normally attributed to rockstars, sadly Tactics was hideously overshadowed by its prettier brother and so this gem was never received by the consumers as it should've done. Shame on you Americans! (Though because of this, Europeans never even saw the game released on our shelves.) Fast forward to 2007 and, almost by means of apology, Square Enix has allowed Europe access to the PSP version of this game, and a full week before the US at that! That'll teach you.

While it's easy to view Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions as a mere re-release, the game has retained most of the same gameplay elements as its PS1 counterpart, as well as added a completely new translation, gorgeously animated cutscenes, extra classes, characters and even a multiplayer feature. But even with all that, the game is still a 10 year old tactical RPG. Does it still stand up as a great title a decade on?

Gallery: Final Fantasy Tactics

Continue reading PSP Fanboy review: Final Fantasy Tactics

North America's Final Fantasy Tactics website opens

Square Enix has just opened the North American Final Fantasy Tactics website, and it's loaded with all sorts of goodies. Not only can you read all about the game's multitude of jobs, but you can also see the new content Square Enix is throwing our way in this remake. Also, be sure to check out the great artwork of Akihiko Yoshida that fills the website; it's quite a feast for the eyes.

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