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How Crisis Core fixed Final Fantasy VII canon

It may be a mere handheld game, but Crisis Core serves as a vital part of the Final Fantasy VII universe. It doesn't just simply expand upon the story, but actually fixes an error made in a different part of the "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII."

Hideki Imaizumi, producer of Crisis Core, talked about the "Last Order" anime OVA (pictured) with IGN. Released as a bonus with Advent Children in Japan, the animated short also focused on Zack and the role he played in Nibelheim. "When we made that feature, we changed the presentation of that event from the original Final Fantasy VII. And the fan response was - well, there was considerable negative feedback in regard to changing a part of the story that they considered integral to the whole lore."

Thankfully, Crisis Core was able to set things straight, restoring the canon that so many Final Fantasy VII devotees pore over. "So we listened to that and learned from that. And in fact the Nibelheim incident is presented again in Crisis Core, and we were careful not to make the same decisions that we did in Last Order."

Why Crisis Core is on PSP, not DS

Square Enix is a firm supporter of both handhelds, with a number of great titles available on both Sony PSP and Nintendo DS. However, why was (arguably) their biggest game developed exclusively for PSP, instead of the more-popular DS? Pocket Gamer talked to producer Hideki Imaizumi and executive producer Yoshinori Kitase about exactly that: "Yes, there are a lot of DSs out there - but does that mean that our products sell in relation to that? That our sales grow with how many DSs or PSPs there are out there? It's not really the case."

The PSP seemed appropriate for a number a reasons, one being the more adult age group the PSP seems to attract: "the demographic was higher teens to young adults as opposed to small children. The PSP seemed closer to that demographic than DS in general. So we feel we really made the right choice."

As a joke, he added "We'll make a DS game called Brain Age: Final Fantasy for DS [laughs]." To be honest, we wouldn't mind trying that out.

Interview with Crisis Core's Tabata describes hopes, aspirations

If you've tired of playing as Zack from Crisis Core, now would be an adequate time for a reprieve. We've caught wind of a short interview with the game's director, Hajime Tabata, and what his thoughts are on some random bits of the game, as well as any future plans he has or would like to get involved in.

Tabata uses past influences to generate his ideas, citing the Japanese comic "Doraemon" specifically as an influence. Unlike Zack, Tabata claims he could probably only do 50 squats in succession and unlike Sephiroth, uses less than a bottle of shampoo per shower. Yep. It's that kind of interview.

He also says he would not be interested in working on spin-off titles for other Final Fantasy games -- only the world in VII seems to interest him. Tabata said that, if anything, he'd like to create a gun-action game in the VII world with a new character who uses both guns and magic. Like Dirge of Cerberus, but less horrible. Currently, Tabata is working on Agito XIII as well as some other unnamed titles. Maybe he'll get his wish someday!

Pictures from the Crisis Core launch event

Ryoga Vee was kind enough to take pictures during the Crisis Core launch event in San Francisco. Unfortunately, the cosplayers stayed home, with nary an over-dramatic hairdo to be seen. Thanks to these two for dressing up and making us proud.

According to Ryoga, the premiere was an "inflated event just to buy the game. No frills, no glam like the other events in the past." You can check out the no-frills event yourself by checking out Ryoga's Flickr here.

Help Zack do squats, get Crisis Core wallpaper

On the brand new Square Enix members site, Crisis Core's director Hajime Tabata noted that they couldn't fit everything they wanted on the limited size of a UMD disc. "In regards to the story, due to schedule and [UMD] memory concerns, a good deal of it ended up on the cutting room floor. Originally, the episodes were much more detailed. We also considered implementing a multiplayer competitive/cooperative mode using the PSP network function, but again, this wasn't realized due to scheduling concerns."

This being Square Enix, of course, we wouldn't be surprised if they ever released a "Director's Cut" version of Crisis Core, which adds all these features that were removed. Sadly, fans like us will have no choice but to buy the game (again!).

Another addition made to the Square Enix website is this frustrating mini-game. Check it out after the cut.

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New trailer for Crisis Core is all about summons

The modern Final Fantasy games are known for a couple of things: guys with spiky hair, long-winded emotional cutscenes, and massive, theatrical summons. The upcoming Crisis Core has all of that. Just check out this new trailer and see the incredible display of power in these powerful summons.

Crisis Core is not the end of the FFVII compilation

1UP's James Mielke had a chance to chat with Crisis Core's director, Hajime Tabata. In the interview, he notes that the world of Final Fantasy VII will continue to expand even further. Crisis Core is but the most recent addition of a long series of works expanding the FFVII universe, such as Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus and Before Crisis. Tabata notes that "the Compilation's finale will take some other form." Could the long-rumored FFVII PS3 remake become reality?

For the complete interview, check out 1UP. Stay tuned for our review of Crisis Core next week.

Square Enix to hold Crisis Core launch event at Metreon

San Francisco's Metreon store will host the official Crisis Core launch event next Tuesday. Expect legions of Square Enix fans to cosplay as their favorite Final Fantasy VII character as they line up to purchase this hotly anticipated PSP exclusive.

The Metreon is located at 101 4th St in San Francisco. The event will last from 6 to 9PM on March 25th. The first 100 customers in line will receive a free commemorative t-shirt. In addition, there will be raffle prizes, including a limited edition lithograph and other Final Fantasy merchandise. Shinra Company identification cards, with attendee's names and photographs will also be created on site -- this is sure to incite nerdgasms everywhere.

If you plan on attending the event, please contact us -- we'd love to see your pictures!

Watch Zack dance with a Cactaur

Oh no! You're caught in a fight for your life! Your life is in certain doom -- what do you do? Easy: if you're like Zack from the upcoming Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, you dance with a giant animated cactus. Duh.

Cloud, Aerith and the Turks star in new Crisis Core vids

In just a few weeks time, a real Final Fantasy VII prequel will await you: Crisis Core's English release has us quite excited, and these new videos look really fantastic. We were doubtful of the dub at the first, but these new videos have alleviated many of our fears. Check out IGN for even more videos.

[Thanks, CyborgSPIKE!]

Pre order Crisis Core, get a UMD case free

You're going to get Crisis Core, right? Might as well get a free bonus with it. Pre-orders of the game will include a special "Shin-Ra Electric Power Company" UMD case. Currently, only is showing the pre-order bonus, but other retailers should carry the bonus as well. The game releases March 25th. Happy shopping.

[Via CAG]

Final Fantasy VII sculptures to kill your wallets in January

Click for high-resolution image.

You know what the meanest time to release new products is? January. Our wallets have taken huge Christmas-related blows, and need some recovery time. Not for you, says Square Enix. This January, Square Enix is releasing a set of Final Fantasy VII related merchandise that you may want to pick up before Crisis Core's March release.

For example, you may want to invest in this sculpture of Aerith. Looks nice, right? Too bad it'll cost you $220.00. It'll be available on January 10th. The "Masterpiece Arts" sculpture of Cloud will cost a whopping $399.99 and will be available on the same day.

Thankfully, something a bit more reasonable has been announced as well. "Play Arts" figures of Cloud, Tifa and Aerith will be available for $24.99 each. Those are available on January 3rd. Are any PSP Fanboy readers going to go broke buying one of these pricey figures?

Gallery: Square Enix Store

Crisis Core is Square's best selling game this year

If we needed more proof, and we probably didn't, that Japan is head-over-heels in love with Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core here's some more. Square Enix recently announced Crisis Core was its best-selling game across all regions from April through September with 710,000 copies sold in Japan. Bringing up second place is the DS' Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings with 530,000 units sold.

However, Japan isn't the only region a PSP-developed title beat out the rest. According to The Magic Box, the PSP's Final Fantasy also topped all other Square titles in North America during the same time frame, selling 130,000 copies.

What makes this feat even more ridiculous is Crisis Core was released in Japan in mid-September, giving the game only a couple weeks to reach such impressive numbers.

Zack destroys Crisis Core's first boss

Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core is considered largely responsible for the massive sales resurrection that PSP has experienced as of late. Unfortunately, a US release hasn't been confirmed by the good folks at Square Enix USA. It seems inevitable, but our inquiring minds want to know: when is it coming out?

Until then, you can spoil yourself by watching this footage of Zack going against the first boss. It ends with some revealing story details, so those that want to save themselves for the final game will want to avoid clicking past the break.

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Crisis Core sells 470k in first week -- 100k PSPs also sold

Yes, we know. Another day, another half-dozen headlines featuring the inexplicably popular adventure that is Final Fantasy VII. The popularity of the franchise cannot be ignored -- according to the latest sales charts from Japan, Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core sold around 470,000 copies in a single week. This also prompted the sale of nearly 100,000 PSP units, which actually topped the number of Nintendo DS Lite units sold. This is something to be celebrated!

Even though the DS had to bow out of its almost unending chart domination, the release of Crisis Core didn't take the number one spot on new releases. Pokemon is still the most popular, advancing over the city of Midgar with about a 100,000 unit lead. Regardless, this should be proof positive that the PSP is in no way a failure and that if fantastic games are developed for and released on the handheld, sales will accumulate into a gigantic ball of Meteo-like proportions. Or was Meteo more of a Final Fantasy IV reference? Alas.

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