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It was inevitable: GoW demo strikes eBay

When you attach words like "not for resale" and "limited edition" to something, you know it's going to end up on eBay. Already, one overzealous eBay seller has placed his demo disc up for auction. For a free disc, it's getting a pretty penny: 1,150 of them, to be precise.

The seller says "allow 2-3 weeks for delivery." Why? Because it's obvious that they don't have the disc yet. Hopefully, lostmyheadnmind, the high bidder, doesn't mind.

[Thanks, Michael!]

God of War dev buys homemade God of War PSP

Remember this incredible piece of God of War fandom? This user-modded system caught our eye for its close attention to detail and fine use of "kicking ass." But the story isn't over ... It looks like Ramon Stokes, creator of the system, got a lot more than the winning bid of $1725 in his eBay auction.

Chains of Olympus dev team, Ready at Dawn, took notice of Ramon's system and decided to fly him out to their studios "to make sure the PSP wouldn't get damaged during shipping." Yeah, sure.

Ramon was also able to play the upcoming Chains of Olympus demo, talk to the development team, and get treated like a God of Olympus. Looks like this God of War hit the jackpot for his fandom (and we're jealous!).

[Via Joystiq]

One of a kind God of War modded PSP on sale

This is for the ultimate God of War fan. In preparation for the upcoming Chains of Olympus, someone took the liberty to meticulously craft this modded PSP. "The PSP console itself was airbrushed with a deep metallic bronze in an 18-step process and then strategically tarnished to create a battle-worn armor look (like the chest plate worn in the game!)." Wow.

How many hundreds of dollars would you give for a machine like this? That's a good question, because the system's available on eBay. As of writing, the winning bid was a reasonable $366. Will you try and snag this one-of-a-kind machine?

[Thanks, Jeremy!]

Gallery: God of War modded PSP

How much would you pay for an unpatched GTA?

With the 3.03 downgrade now available, many gamers will undoubtedly be on a frantic search for an unpatched GTA: Liberty City Stories. The copies that are available in stores are patched to prevent the downgrading exploit from working, meaning it may be nigh impossible to find a hack-compatible version.

One seller on eBay is attempting to capitalize on this demand and is selling his unpatched copy for a whopping $400. Surely, this must be a doomed auction? I hope so: you could buy yourself twenty copies of the game at that game. Chances are, you'll find an unpatched one eventually.

So, how about you, PSP Fanboy reader? Are you desperately searching for the exploitable GTA?

[Via PlayStation]

eBay features PSP devkit for sale

PS3s aren't the only thing ending up on eBay. It appears that someone posted a PSP devkit on eBay (pictured above). These plain looking gray boxes are used to develop and test PSP games, and in the wrong hands, could possibly compromise PSP security quite swimmingly. The bids got up to $329 before the auction was closed, most likely by an angered Sony lawyer. According to PSP3D, these kits are contractually licensed to developers, meaning some developer somewhere is probably going to be in a whole world of legal pain very soon.

[Via digg]

New UMD demo fails to excite

Usually, we get excited about new demos hitting our system. However, there's absolutely no reason to cheer for this one: Ape Escape Academy. For those of you that have played the downloadable demo, you'll know how uninspired and boring the game might be. Sure, the UMD demo most likely features more levels, but I certainly don't want to play that banana catching game ever again.

I'd feel bad for the sucker that ends up buying this for the $7 eBay asking price, but maybe if they read a little bit more PSP Fanboy, they wouldn't fall for this!

[Via PlayStation]

Get your Hot Shots Golf: Coca-Cola special edition PSP at eBay

Get your Hot Shots Golf: Coca-Cola special edition PSP at eBay
I'm sure you're all aware of the Signature PSP lineup by now, but did you know Sony teamed up with Coca Cola to manufacture 1,300 Hot Shots Golf: Coca Cola Special Edition PSP bundles in Japan last year? The bundled Hot Shots game, which Coca Cola gave away in contests, was basically a big commercial for the company as it featured Coca Cola advertising, clothing and even bottle-shaped golf clubs.

Unfortunately, the contests are all over and you can't win one anymore. However, if you have about $660 burning a hole in your pocket, the bundle can be all yours via an eBay auction here. You even get the prize letter from Coca Cola to make you feel like you've won something.

PSP sold for over $2000 on eBay

Someone may have made a very valuable mistake on eBay. A PSP Value Pack was just sold for $2,025. Even with the free accessories and games, the hapless buyer overspent thousands of dollars. It looks like a pretty shady buyer by the name of karahsmama forced the bid up to $2000 and the winning buyer foolishly outbid by $25 on top of the inflated bid. Even more suspicious is how the seller has no reviews... Was this a scam? Or was it pure stupidity? (Most likely, it was both.)


Disgaea screenshots to drool over

You know a game is special when it reaches the $100+ mark in the lucrative eBay reselling market. (The "best price" on for a used copy is $114.95!) Disgaea is a game that's absolutely adored by its fans, and coming this fall, NIS will give PSP owners a chance to find out why (well, that's if enough people beg for the game to come out here). IGN has secured some brand new images from the RPG game in action, and you will look at them all.

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