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Wipeout Pulse gets custom soundtracks & Infrastructure

As we revealed earlier, Wipeout Pulse is heading to PSP. This sequel to Wipeout Pure will feature a number of enhancements over the previous iteration of the series:
  • Pulse will feature 24 new tracks.
  • Licensed music from Mason, Loco Dice and Stanton Warriors.
  • Multiplayer via Ad-Hoc and Infrastructure
  • Eight new teams, including "EG-X".
  • New "Mag-strip" feature allows ships to magnetically stick to tracks. This will allow certain tracks to feature loops, 90 degree plummets, and other mind-destroying tricks.
  • Custom soundtracks allow playback of MP3s stored on Memory Stick.
  • Photo Mode captures in-game screenshots.
  • Like Wipeout Pure, the game will feature downloadable content, such as new tracks and songs, immediately after release.
Check out Eurogamer for screenshots of this hotly anticipated sequel. The game will hit Europe this September.

Downloadable quests hit Monster Hunter 2 in Japan

Yesterday in Japan, Monster Hunter fans were able to go to their local game stores and download new quests from the demo kiosk's "PlayStation Spot". In addition to quests and more, PSP owners who don't own Monster Hunter Portable 2nd can download a demo of the game.

With reports of Monster Hunter 2 coming outside of Japan, let's hope this additional content is either included in the version we get, or that we can similarly download the content. I personally dig the idea of downloadable content on the PSP and I hope more games start to feature it. Does downloadable content appeal to you as well?

[Via Game Watch]

What if the next PSP doesn't support UMD?

Lately there have been rumblings that Sony will release another version of the PSP. Some say it may include a hard drive, an i-Tunes like downloadable games solution or even two analog sticks. These all sound like great additions to Sony's console if they're included, but if they do go all download with their next gen PSP what happens to UMD?

I would personally prefer a downloadable solution as opposed to UMD (assuming the PSP gets a hard drive). Being able to download new PSP games from a PS3, computer or in store kiosk would not just add convenience, but would also reduce load times on the system. This would be important since one of the main gripes about the PSP is in fact the load times. Also, a gamer wouldn't have to swap a physical disc should they choose during their train ride to play a different game.

The only issue with no UMD on the next PSP would only occur if there wasn't any kind of UMD slot on the system. For even if the PSP2 didn't manufacture new games on a UMD, Sony has a heritage in gaming when it comes to backwards compatibility. This would be even worse if Nintendo's next system played both DS and Gameboy games. It would have the potential to alienate the millions of current PSP owners and that's something Sony can not afford to have happen.

Of course what should occur and what will occur can be very different things. Do you want the PSP2 to just use UMD again or would you like it to try either a cartridge or downloadable solution? Would you buy the next PSP if it didn't have a UMD slot at all?

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