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D3 Publisher bringing Puzzle Quest, Dead Head Fred, more to PS Store

Finally! D3 Publisher, we applaud your decision to bring your PSP catalog to the PLAYSTATION Store. You're not bringing just one obscure game onto the Store -- you're making available a number of games, from big-budget releases to obscure cult classics. Best of all, you're making them available for cheap! Here are the releases:

September 18, 2008
October 2, 2008
October 16, 2008
To find out more about each of these titles, simply click on their names. You'll find all our news, previews and reviews of these games.

PSP Fanboy review: Cube

Cube asks players to do one simple thing: get from point A to point B. Of course, it wouldn't be much of a game if it was as easy as it sounds. This action-puzzle game from D3 Publisher has players navigating the titular cube around a three dimensional grid, also made of cubes. Along the way, players will stumble upon a variety of challenges to overcome: gaps in the course that must be mended, paths that must be opened, etc. To do so, there may be blocks for the player to push, or buttons to press. There are also other obstacles that can even destroy the player's cube.

The challenges in Cube provide an interesting excursion. As the player progresses, more puzzles are unlocked, and the difficulty slowly rises. Some of the later levels can become truly terrifying pieces of work, layered with complexities. Trying to solve the various puzzles does become quite involving, as players must try to push blocks in a particular way, and pay attention to the movement of other blocks. There's replay value added thanks to additional keys that are scattered throughout a level: by collecting these keys within a certain time limit, the player will be awarded a medal. Obviously, perfectionists will want to get a Gold as often as possible.

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Look into Cube's level editor

D3 wants Cube to be the next puzzle sensation on PSP. Our initial impressions of the budget title are quite favorable, and one tool we're looking forward to using is the game's extensive level creator. The editor comes unlocked from the very beginning of the game, so fiendish designers can cook some devious designs from the get-go.

Unfortunately, my puny brain can't seem to understand the seeming complexity of the feature. A PDF file on Cube's official website attempts to detail the process, but my limited brain capacity is proving to be quite meddlesome. Hopefully, I'll be able to construct a few of my own puzzle creations. Until then, feel free to read GameZone's interview with Maru Nihoniho, Game Designer of Cube to get more details on this upcoming game.

PSP Fanboy hands-on: Cube

We've spent a lot of time with D3 Publisher's upcoming action puzzle game, Cube. The basic premise of the game is quite simple: get your cube to the exit. Of course, as is the case with all puzzle games, it's not going to be that easy: you'll have to avoid various traps along the way, lest you meet a blocky death. There are a few elements that spice things up along the way. Firstly, your cube can stick onto any side of the platforms. The game encourages you to traverse through levels any way you want: upside-down, on its side, right-side up. The three dimensionality of the game is interesting, and it opens up a lot of gameplay possibilities.

There are quite a large number of puzzles to tackle in the game, which is a huge plus. Also, there's a level editor so that you can create and share your own puzzles. Our early build doesn't have it, but the final retail version will also have Game Sharing, so you can play with other PSP owners that don't have the game. Considering its budget price ($20), there's a great amount of content, making Cube easily one of PSP's greatest values. However, we're a little concerned about a few presentation issues. It feels like everything is a bit too sluggish: the controls feel a little too slow, and the load times seem a bit too long for a game with such minimalistic graphics. Most annoyingly, you must reload the entire level when replaying it--this will prove to be quite frustrating in the more difficult levels.

Hopefully, these quirks will be ironed out before the game's official release on April 24th. Expect more coverage on PSP Fanboy closer to the game's release.

Which Cube would you rather have?

While searching the webbed world for info on the D3's PSP puzzler Cube I came across another game called Cube. Now this other Cube may not be available on PSP yet, but perhaps the fact that there's D3's Cube coming to PSP might keep this more advanced Cube with it's blazingly advanced graphics off the system. Not to mention the fact that I doubt the copyright police would allow there to be two games named Cube on the PSP. So I say to you reader; if both games lived in a world of Highlander where there could be only one, which Cube would you like to see on PSP? D3's Cube or Monotech Power Game Unit's Cube?

Video evidence after the jump ...

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New puzzler, Cube, encourages sharing

When I first saw an update for a new PSP game called Cube, I got scared. Was it a game adaptation of the film "Cube," one of the worst films I have ever seen? Thankfully, no. It's a new puzzle game from D3 Publisher. While the PSP is certainly not lacking in the puzzle genre, Cube deserves a bit of attention due to it being of the few games to take advantage of PSP's unique capabilities. Firstly, the game includes a level editor, allowing you to upload and download new content from other Cube owners. More excitingly, the game also features Game Sharing multiplayer, allowing gamers with just one copy of the game to go head to head. The lack of complexity in the graphics and presentation probably makes it possible for Game Sharing to work, and to be honest, I'm excited that it does. It's hard enough to find a PSP owner to play against; Game Sharing will make it infinitely easier to go head-to-head with a person next to you. Expect more updates as the game's February release gets closer.

[Via IGN]

Intelligent License 2 to make you feel dumb

The first Intelligent License (known as PQ in the US) was the "BEST GAME ON THE PSP," according to enthusiastic PSP Fanboy reader hotcarl. The game has you trapped in a terrifying world where you must construct elaborate paths with various boxes to find an exit... an exit that only leads to yet another terrifying room of death. It's a lot like the "classic" film, Cube. The sequel throws even more puzzles at you, and they seem even more intricate than last time. Surely, your brain will shatter due to the complexity of this game, leaving you to simply wallow in your own filth, while contemplating how truly unintelligent you are.

Check out this video, and be prepared to be shamed. The game assaults Japanese audiences in November. Americans are spared from the brain-drain... for now.

Heaven's Will gets moody

While American gamers can enjoy the likes of Killzone next October, Japanese gamers will be able to experience Heaven's Will. You play Nameless (Nes for short... somehow), and you must escape a dangerous labyrinth, filled with traps and evil robots that, for one reason or another, want to kill you. It shares a similar concept as the movie Cube: let's hope it's not as awful.

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