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Wiimote control the PSP

You've seen the PSP controlled by an Xbox 360 controller. You might have even seen the PSP controlled by a DualShock. Now see the PSP controlled by a Wii remote instead! It's as simple as connecting your homebrew enabled PSP to your PC wirelessly, then your Wii remote to the PC via Bluetooth, and finally having the PC translate the Wii remote information into PSP controls somehow. That is to say, it's not very simple and rather cumbersome. But at least it's possible, and that's the important part.

Using a 360 controller to play PSP games

Imagine a gaming utopia, where Sony and Microsoft are friends. Gamers will be able to buy just one piece of hardware, and get all the best games on one machine. You'll be able to plug in whatever controller you like and it'll work. Unfortunately, that utopia will never emerge as reality. Until then, we're going to have to amuse ourselves with clever (and cute) pieces of homebrew like this. Maxconsole's Jay has made it possible to use a 360 controller on a PSP. It's certainly not the most useful thing to do -- but an impressive feat of engineering nonetheless!

[Via Engadget]

Patent reveals dual-analog controller connectivity for PSP

US Patent Application 0070174531 is of particular interest to PSP fans: it reveals strange plans for connectivity between a DualShock/SIXAXIS controller and Sony's handheld. According to the patent, a "control docking unit" will "facilitate use of one or more controls provided on the control docking unit." Essentially, a controller connected to the PSP will be able to control the system.

The system will use a "wired or wireless communication link," which may suggest at both PS2 and PS3 controllers being compatible with this feature. In addition, "the portable processing unit can be configured to provide additional functions, features, or enhanced operation when coupled to the control docking unit." It looks like players will finally be able to use dual analog controls in-game. (Note: hackers have already been able to do something similar.)

Of course, not all patent applications come to fruition in the marketplace. Regardless, this is certainly an interesting development, one we wouldn't mind seeing Sony pursue.

[Thanks, anon!]

Controlling a PSP using a DualShock controller

Want to see this modded PSP come to life? Well, now you can (after the break). F00 f00 from AcidMods has crafted a PSP that has all the comfort of a full PS2 DualShock controller. How, you ask? By letting you actually attach a PS2 controller to it. Do these system transformations ever cease to amaze?

I wonder what's next? LocoRoco controlled via the SIXAXIS?!

See also:

Watch! A PSP modded, in front of your very eyes!

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PSP controls your PC, then the world!

Don't you wish you had a gamepad for your PC? Sure, you could buy one, but why would you when you have a PSP? The WiFiController homebrew project lets you use your 1.50 (and maybe 2.60) PSP as a controller. Here's what the programmer, David Rudie has to say:
This basically turns your PSP into a controller for your PC (running Windows). How it works is that PPJoy provides a way to create a virtual joystick. We can then communicate with this virtual joystick as though it were a real joystick. This is accomplished by running a server in Microsoft Windows. The server just runs in the background waiting for a connection. When you start the WiFiController program on your Sony PSP it will establish a network connection over wireless using infrastructure mode. Once it establishes a connection and obtains an IP address it will connect to the server running on your PC. Once it has connected to your PC it will act just like a regular joystick.
This is an impressive mod, but I'm still waiting for the PSP homebrew that lets you flush your toilet... wirelessly.

[Via PSP Hacks]

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