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PSP Fanboy review: Bomberman Land

(Yes, one of the mini-games in Bomberman Land is to roll toilet paper.)

When did Bomberman stop using bombs? That's the big question you'll ask yourself as you trod through this tiresome collection of mediocre mini-games. Bomberman Land is a horribly misleading title. From the sound of things, you may think there is an adventure of some sort, involving bombs. You'd be incorrect.

There are a number of modes to play through, but the game's focus is its titular Bomberman Land mode. In this story-based journey, Bomberman is sent on a quest to save Bomberman Land by collecting various land pieces, 150 in total. By collecting the right land pieces, Bomberman will be able to unlock more parts of this inexplicably sunken world. To make matters worse, the denizens of this land have seemingly undergone collective amnesia, and will only bestow the "Piece King" (that's you, by the way) a piece when he completes one of the game's 50 mini-games.

Gallery: Bomberman Land

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More Bomberman Land mini-game madness

After most of our more outspoken readers were pretty disappointed with Bomberman Land's maniacal math mini-game, we present you with the latest multiplayer offering from Hudson Soft. In Free Throw, players shoot basketballs while attempting to pop balloons to maximize points. What do you say, loyal readers? Does this mini-game seem more interesting?

Become a math genius in Bomberman Land

If simple math isn't your strong suit, you may have a hard time playing at least one of Bomberman Land's more than 50 mini-games. Taking a page out of the recent "brain training" craze, this mini-game will have you trying to beat out your opponents by looking at the problem and answer and choosing if addition or subtraction needs to be used to reach finish the problem.

What makes this even more fun? You'll be able to match wits against your friends via the game's Game Sharing feature.

Bomberman Land hits PSP in January

We've been impatiently awaiting Hudson's announcement when it would release Bomberman Land stateside, and today, our long wait is over. Bomberman Land, which was released earlier this year in Japan, will hit the PSP in January 2008.

Bomberman Land will feature a traditional single-player story mode, more than 50 mini-games and will support Game Sharing. "Gamers are going to be blown away by the sheer amount of content they get in the Bomberman Land series," said John Greiner President and CEO of Hudson Entertainment.

In the single-player mode, you will have the unenviable and no doubt maddening task of restoring "peace and tranquility to the beleaguered Bomberman world" by solving quests and puzzles. And to win over the series faithful, the "classic multiplayer" Battle Pack Mode makes a return.

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