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PSP Fanboy interview: Aliens Versus Predator

The upcoming PSP-exclusive Aliens Versus Predator game is based on the upcoming movie, Requiem. We had a chance to chat with Rebellion's Tim Jones, Head of Design, on why they keep on developing for Sony's handheld and what fans of the original PC classics can look forward to in this surprising "sequel," of sorts.

The question on everyone's mind is: why make it a PSP exclusive?
It was ultimately a question of logistics. The opportunity came up to do a tie-in game for the movie which had a fixed release date of Christmas 2007 and it really wasn't possible to develop a game for another platform in the time available -- especially since the game has to be complete and ready to hit the shelves well in advance of the movie release.

Rebellion has been working on a lot of PSP-exclusive projects lately, most notably Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron. What's so appealing about the PSP?
The PSP has a beautifully sharp and colorful screen and an incredible amount of processing power squeezed into such a small piece of mobile hardware. We have had considerable success developing for it at Rebellion and have a great deal of affection for the platform.

Gallery: Alien Vs Predator

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Playing as the Predator in upcoming AvP game

With Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron behind them, Rebellion must now finish their next why-is-it-exclusive-to-PSP game, Alien vs. Predator. Yes, AvP holds a dear place to most PC gamer's hearts. Although Rebellion worked on the original, it appears the new PSP game will be quite different.

Speaking to IGN UK, the team reveals that the game is based off the upcoming Aliens vs. Predator film, entitled Requiem. Strange that the franchise has come full circle: it's a game based on a movie based on the game. Unlike the FPS originals, this third person shooter focuses solely on the Predators, and their desire to rid the Alien infestation on Earth. "As bad guys they do have some kind of code of honor that dictates who they think is worth fighting and who deserves sparing, and that is key to the game."

This honor is crucial to how the game plays: you must be ruthless against the Aliens, but killing innocent humans will lower your honor significantly. Predators must manage their energy, which can be used to heal ailments, and power weapons. They'll have access to different kind of vision modes, a la Syphon Filter. As with all movie tie-in games, we should still be skeptical of Alien vs. Predator, but at least we can see there's a lot of effort, and heart, being placed into this PSP exclusive.

Gallery: Alien Vs Predator

Aliens vs Predator screenshots surface

The Magic Box recently stumbled upon new images of the upcoming PSP Aliens vs Predator game. It's coming from Rebellion, the same team behind the PSP-exclusive Star Wars Battlefront. It's hard to discern the quality of the game's visuals from these shots, but it's clear that Rebellion has some kind of love affair with PSP.

Supposedly, the game will be ready for for a December release in North America. [Update: Direct-feed screenshots from Sierra have arrived. Check them out in our gallery. And yes, this game is a PSP exclusive. Press release with more details, after the break!]

Gallery: Alien Vs Predator

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New Aliens vs Predator title coming to the PSP?

This is the PC version
CVG has a juicy rumor that the developers of the original Aliens vs Predator for the PC are working on a new AvP title to coincide with the upcoming movie. The original title was an incredibly entertaining FPS with fun multiplayer gameplay and an atmospheric single-player line, though the PSP version will be a third-person shooter.

When contacted for confirmation, the development company, Rebellion declined to comment other than, "We're happy to be working with Sierra, but can't comment just yet in any more detail."

CVG seems to think we'll get official word of the game soon though, so check back here soon for more info on hot Alien on other-type-of-alien combat.

[Thanks Joe!]

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