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Logan's Shadow author attending PAX -- get your swag signed

According to Sony's PlayStation.Blog, Greg Rucka, the author behind Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow will be attending the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) in Seattle, WA this weekend and will be signing specially designed Logan's Shadow comic book covers for fans.

Greg is a long time comic book and novel writer, so there's high hopes for the story in Logan's Shadow. If you're going to be up in Seattle this weekend visiting PAX, make sure to stop by booth #516 between the hours of 11:00am-12:30pm and 2:00pm-3:00pm and say hi. If you butter him up (or bribe him), just maybe he'll tell you some cool secrets about the game's story.

Syphon Filter: Combat Ops beta hidden in Logan's Shadow demo

Some time ago, hackers found an interesting beta for the multiplayer component of Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow. The multiplayer feature appears to be incredibly thorough, given its own presentation and title: Syphon Filter: Combat Ops.

There are five game modes in multiplayer, two of which are new to the franchise. In Sabotage, two teams must locate bomb codes and arm the other team's nuclear warhead. The other mode, Retrieval, is a virtual scavenger hunt of sorts, where players must retrieve items scattered throughout the map. In addition, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Rogue Agent modes all return.

The servers were taken down, and information about Combat Ops has been hard to find. Thankfully, a user has uploaded a ton of impressive images from the beta to his Picasa album. Inside, you'll find some very impressive graphics, and a plethora of options to choose from. Hopefully, it won't be too long until we get some official confirmation of a Combat Ops beta.

[Thanks, vladimir356!]

Building Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow's story

There's something truly compelling about the story of Logan's Shadow, the upcoming PSP-exclusive sequel to Dark Mirror. Greg Rucka, the story writer behind Logan's Shadow, talked to IGN at Comic-Con about building Logan's Shadow's story. Interestingly, he was pitched to "salvage" the story and turn it into something far more substantial.

It didn't take long for Rucka to figure out that there was a lot of potential in the Syphon Filter franchise: it just needed to take advantage of the story elements introduced from the previous games. "Coming off of Dark Mirror and the stuff that had happened to the character there, I know of was stunned to be like 'Why aren't you using any of this stuff you set up?' I mean, he now has a kid! He knows that he's a dad! There's all this fabulous character stuff here. So, we discussed that and sort of tried to find a way to use the relationships that really have been building throughout this series and turn them into good story ... that's what we got here."

The story puts into serious question the loyalties of those around him. Although Rucka doesn't want to give anything away, it seems that he wants players to stay on the edge of their seats for yet another Syphon Filter beyond the next installment: "We got, I think, a good, good story for Gabe and I think at the end -- I don't want to give anything away -- it's got a nice ending. It's got the kind of ending that I think -- hopefully -- people will be like 'Where's the next one?'"

Syphon Filter infiltrates PSP's innards to enable full 333MHz

Chris Reese, Technical Director for SCEA's Bend Studio, has posted on the PlayStation.Blog to confirm that Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow will utilize the full 333MHz of PSP power. Reese claims the extra 67MHz will allow Bend Studio to create a look and feel that isn't possible using the original 266mhz. The increase in power will let them focus on adding detail and interactivity to the game's environments.

For those who are confused about 333mhz compatability, let us put your mind at rest. Games utilizing the 333 MHz clock speed will work exactly the same on a normal PSP as on a Slim PSP. The increase in power does mean that the battery in both models will drain more quickly than in other games, but for those who are picking up a PSP Slim you can use your old PSP's battery to lengthen the playtime. This does, however, come with its own problems.

Hands-on: Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

Has there ever been a better time to be a portable gamer? Nintendo DS owners are blessed with an incredible lineup of unique software, and PSP owners are finally getting games that are delivering on the system's promise of bringing console-quality gaming on the go. Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow expands upon the excellent Dark Mirror with a plethora of gameplay improvements that make it one of the most exciting games for Sony's handheld. It's rare to see a handheld game dare to do so much ... and succeed.

Logan's Shadow has a lot to showcase, and does a fantastic job presenting all it has to offer. The game begins with a fully voice cinematic that already reeks of international politics and betrayal. We loved the writing, and were even more impressed by the incredible voice acting. Afterwards, Logan can be found, manning a minigun in a helicopter. This on-rails segment adds a nice cinematic touch to the game, while having players adjust to the PSP's analog nub. Once on the ground, players will have to take out enemies by brute force.

We were surprised to see the incredible variety of moves that Logan has at his disposal. We were easily able to duck for cover, and start blind-firing at enemies. Much to our joy, we saw enemies also taking cover, trying to intelligently move. Of course, this being a video game, there were conveniently located explosive barrels that helped our fight considerably. Eventually, we were able to get close to an enemy, disarm him, and use him as a body shield. The button commands were easy, and made Logan feel like an appropriately lethal killer. Scattered throughout the levels were quick time events, which have the player pressing on-screen commands, a la God of War. These sequences simply break up the action, and help the game's pacing.

Logan's Shadow is an impressive game that features great graphics, and great gameplay. (Although, this game makes us long for a second analog stick!) Regardless, Logan's Shadow offers a truly compelling gaming experience for portable gamers that will make console owners jealous.

Gallery: Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

Free Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow demo UMDs [Update]

Various members of the IGN Boards have spotted Logan's Shadow demo UMDs at GameStop/EB Games. The demo will allow you to get a taste of what the media got to play at Sony's Gamer's Day. Lucian04 from the forums noted that "they just gave me the demo when I asked for it. No pre-order involved." You may want to do the same.

The incredible graphics, sweet new control options, and fantastic presentation all have us thinking Logan's Shadow can become PSP Game of the Year. Rush to your nearest GameStop, hassle an employee, and tell us what you think of the demo.

[Update: You can get a free UMD from Sony at the official website.]

Europe finally gets PS1 downloads

After months-long delay, Europe is finally getting a chance to download and play PS1 classics on their PSP and PS3 systems. Although there's no way to directly download games to the PSP yet, those fortunate enough to have both Sony machines will be able to access the following content next week, according to Three Speech:
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Wipeout
  • Medievil
  • Jumping Flash
  • Syphon Filter
Of these titles, we recommend Crash Bandicoot and Jumping Flash the most. These games will be available in the European PS Store on 6/22.

Syphon Filter: Gabe's Shadow intro movie

Sony's starting to send out preview demos of the upcoming Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow and IGN has captured video of the game in action. We've seen the impressive graphics of the game at Sony Gamers Day, and the latest build continues to impress. Check out this intro video, setting up the Greg Rucka-penned story. For more gameplay footage, check out IGN.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror sneaking onto PS2

For anyone browsing the coming soon listings for PS2, you may notice a familiar title. The excellent Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror is being ported to Sony's last gen powerhouse. Previously, we've seen Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto titles and Tokobot make their way from PSP to PS2, but Syphon Filter may be the first Sony developed title to make the journey. Losing a PSP exclusive like this is usually somewhat maddening. In the case of Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror though, it so easily eclipses its precursors, that we can't help but want others to experience the series reboot. Besides, the PSP sequel Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow comes out on the same day, so PSP gamers should be too busy playing that to care.

Syphon Filter proves its worth in new video

Great graphics? Check.
Great music? Check.
Ambitious gameplay? Check.

From the looks of this new video, Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow could have it all. As previously mentioned, Logan's Shadow is adding tons of depth to the franchise with a Gears of War-styled cover system and a God of War-styled button-pressing system. The ability to use hostages as human shields is more than impressive -- it's awe-inspiring. Brilliant graphical touches, such as atmospheric fog and stellar lighting, make us continuously question the true potential of the hardware. Oh, and great music and story are nice bonuses too. Don't doubt it: Logan's Shadow might become the best PSP game of all time.

PSP Fanboy Theatre: Volume 20

PSP Fanboy offers the latest and greatest movie and game trailers, formatted for the PSP in this new weekly feature. Check it out every Saturday. PSP owners can download files wirelessly via

Instructions: Save all movie and thumbnail files to the VIDEO folder. These high resolution 480x272 videos require firmware 3.30 or above. (Note: OE custom firmware will also play these videos.)

Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow [PSP]
Download MP4 (8.1MB) | Download JPG

The following Gamers Day videos are featured after the break: Jeanne de Arc (PSP), PaRappa the Rapper (PSP), Pursuit Force Extreme Justice (PSP), SOCOM Tactical Strike (PSP)

Continue reading PSP Fanboy Theatre: Volume 20

SGD '07: Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

Looks like that accidental GameStop leak was correct -- there is a new Syphon Filter, and as you can see in these new screens, they look incredible. Logan's Shadow, which is currently planned for a fall release, has players returning to their role as Gabe Logan. In an all new story written by Greg Rucka (author of the Queen and Country series of novels and graphic novels), players must stop a criminal extremist group from using a dangerous new technology. The story will take players from the depths of the Indian Ocean to the deserts of the Middle East. In a surprising twist to fans of the franchise, Gabe must face the possibility that his long time partner, Lian Xing, is a double agent.

New gameplay mechanics include a Gears of War-esque "blind-fire", an advanced melee system that allows Gabe to use enemies as human shields, and 360 degree underwater combat. "Interactive moments" akin to those of God of War and Resident Evil 4 will also add a dash of cinematic thrill.

Logan's Shadow has a lot of impressive technology behind it. Aside from the visuals, it's also one of the few PSP titles (if not the first) to utilize the Havok physics engine made famous by games such as Half-Life 2. With such impressive production design, it may be Syphon Filter that becomes PSP's big "killer app," not God of War. Check out the images below, and then a video after the cut.

Gallery: Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

Continue reading SGD '07: Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow

GameStop reveals listing for new Syphon Filter

Is Syphon Filter returning to PSP? According to an updated GameStop release list, the answer is yes. Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow joins the newly revealed SOCOM: Tactical Strike and a US-release for Pursuit Force 2 in the retailer's latest update to their database. If Gamespot's investigating is to be believed, Logan's Shadow should hit PSP systems first -- September 4th. Afterwards, Pursuit Force 2 and Tactical Strike should release on September 25th and October 2nd, respectively.

Retailers are notorious for revealing unannounced titles accidentally, giving this report a great deal of weight. With Syphon Filter joining the PSP lineup again later this year, it's clear that PSP owners are going to have a lot of games to play this fall.

Sony makes price drop official; adds Daxter and Syphon Filter to Greatest Hits

The $30 price drop isn't exclusive to GameStop/EB Games--it's universal. But, that's not where the savings end. Sony has also added two more games to PSP's Greatest Hits lineup: Daxter and Syphon Filter.

According to the press release, "We have always been passionate about making great entertainment accessible to everyone, and the new price for PSP, as well as the continued growth of the 'Greatest Hits' library, reflect our ongoing commitment to supporting and expanding the PSP community," said Jack Tretton, president and CEO, Sony Computer Entertainment America. "We are pleased that we are able to engineer savings for the consumer at this stage of PSP's lifecycle, allowing more individuals to experience PSP for the first time. In particular, we have recently seen a steady rise in the number of teens adopting PSP as their primary handheld entertainment system, and we expect the new price will accelerate that trend."

Sony also reminds players that the future of PSP is quite bright, especially with the upcoming God of War: "Ready At Dawn couldn't be more pleased with our success bringing Daxter to the PSP platform last year, and now we have another opportunity to blow away expectations of what a developer can accomplish on a portable when Kratos hits the 'small screen' in God of War," said Didier Malenfant, co-founder and president, Ready At Dawn Studios. "PSP is an ideal platform for us to work on because we have a high level of freedom to be creative, and we can deliver gameplay experiences that rival ones you'd get from a computer entertainment system."

[Update: According to Engadget, the PSP Entertainment Pack will also receive a $30 cut, from $250 to $220.]

Top 5 on PSP: Action

PSP sales have been quite good the last few months and I figured there's probably a lot of new PSP owners that may not be up to speed on what great games the system has to offer. With that in mind, every day this week we'll feature a new genre and list the top 5 games (according to metareviews), so no matter what you're into, you'll have some idea of what games you should own. We start off the week with one of the most popular genres around: Action.

Top 5 Action games on PSP

  1. (tie) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories/Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
  2. Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror
  3. Daxter
  4. Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
  5. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

I'm lucky enough to own and have played all of the games in this particular list and trust me, they are all incredible gaming experiences and it's all the more impressive that they're on a portable. I do have to say that I think Ratchet & Clank is better than Daxter and GTA: VCS is better than GTA:LCS, but you really can't go wrong with any of these games. What did you think about these 5 games? What action games aren't on this list that you think every PSP owner should have?

[Data Via Metacritic]

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