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Metareview: Pocket Pool

What could be better than a game of pool filled with porn stars? Almost anything, it seems. Unsurprisingly, Pocket Pool is being blasted by critics. And it's not just for poor taste, too. The game fails to deliver an accurate billiards experience, negating even the thinnest hope of legitimacy the title could have hoped for.
  • Gamespot (34/100) - "Five minutes of Internet searching ought to yield you near-infinite amounts of sexier imagery than what this game has on offer-and for free, at that!"
  • IGN (40/100) - "Pocket Pool is a poor billiards game through and through. The bonus stuff (read: pictures of half-naked women) that the game is built around isn't worth the time it takes to earn them, and the pool itself has numerous problems"
    • Modojo (40/100) - "The ball physics are floaty for one, forcing the ball to roll either too much (into a pocket) or not enough (to make contact with a target ball). Worse yet, the AI-fueled opponent can be off the charts."
    Congratulations, Eidos. It appears you've published this year's worst PSP game. Wonder how long this will take to end up in the bargain bin?

    Please don't get turned on, Pocket Pool lady


    We've made fun of the upcoming Pocket Pool game in the past. The game's creators seem eager to capitalize on horny gamers that, for some inexplicable reason, need to have Cinemax-quality skin during their otherwise-innocent gaming. The execution is hilariously poor, akin to the stuff relegated to public access channels. The incredibly apathetic "I'm getting turned on" in the opening moments of this game video should attest to the horrors of this title.

    Of course, maybe the atrocious quality of Pocket Pool is intentional: it's so bad, it's funny. Intentional or not, this game certainly doesn't warrant our gaming dollar. We hope that the rest of humanity will agree.

    Girls don't go wild: Pocket Pool loses license

    Pocket Pool is a hilarious game where porn stars and billiards collide. The game, which is rated M for "partial nudity" and "sexual themes," was originally supposed to feature the Girls Gone Wild license. Looks like it's no more. "While I can confirm that the Girls Gone Wild license was in consideration for Pocket Pool, an agreement was not formally signed," an Eidos representative told GameSpot.

    Surely, this is a monumental loss for the gaming community. Or not. I'm sure whoever wants to purchase this doesn't need a Girls Gone Wild license to pick it up.

    Girls Gone Wild heads over to PSP

    Pocket Pool
    , the game of billiards "enhanced" by less-than-fully-clothed women, is embracing a new identity. The game is now entitled Girls Gone Wild: Pocket Pool, hoping to entice the fools that tend to purchase such derogatory works. The game, rated M for "partial nudity" and "sexual themes," will have more than a dozen ways to hit your balls, including 9-ball and Snooker styles. The game releases in April, for the lot of you that are interested.

    [Via Gamespot]

    See also:
    When porn stars and pool collide

    When porn stars and pool collide

    Oh no. It's yet another one of those NSFW PSP games. You know what I'm talking about: games that seem to offer no benefit other than displaying gratuitous amounts of T&A. Considering the older demographic of the PSP, and the relative privacy one has while using it, it's unsurprising that publishers are trying to take advantage with more "adult" skewed games. Pocket Pool rewards players with photos and videos of a questionable nature for playing a round of billiards. However, is taunting realistic "ball control" a good thing in a game like this?

    Potentially NSFW video embedded after the cut.

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