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Original PSP to be phased out

Much like Sony is phasing out the 60 Gig PS3, so too will go the original PSP. Sony PR, Patrick Seybold had this to say: "The newly designed PSP wil replace the original PSP design starting in September with the $169.99 PSP Core Pack and the $199.99 Daxter PSP Entertainment Pack." So if for some reason you like your handhelds with more bulk and less capabilities, quickly go out, and buy the original PSP while supplies last.

[Via IGN]

PSP Slim Lite boxart revealed

There you have it then. Sony have updated their PlayStation.Blog flickr account with images of the new PSP Slim Lite Tiny (our name, not theirs) boxart. Check out the flickr to see the box for Star Wars Battlefront, Daxter and the vanilla box which, presumably, will be similar for each colour. Though we're assuming the white version will only be available in the Star Wars box, with the Darth Vader silkscreen.

You may notice from the image above that we were wrong earlier when we said there would be a bundle containing only the Family Guy UMD. It appears that it will be included in the Daxter box. As for the Star Wars box, there is no memory card, just the game and PSP. The vanilla box contains just the PSP itself. We're hoping the $199 price is only for the Daxter box, with the other two costing slightly less. We'll let you know when we find out. Did we mention that they'll be released simultaneously worldwide? No? Well, we just did.

[Thanks aj Romero!]

PSP redesign revealed; Lighter, slimmer, lasts longer

What a way to kick off the Sony E3 Press Conference. Kaz Hirai has revealed that a new version of the PSP has been redesigned, ready to be released in September. So, what's new in this version? Good question. Check it out:
  • 33% lighter
  • 19% slimmer
  • improved battery life
  • video output
  • same screen as the current version
  • still supports UMDs
From what we could see, it didn't seem that much slimmer, but I guess we'll find out when we get our hands on it. Overall the new design looks very similar to the curren one. It'll be worth it just for the increased battery life and video out support. The new PSP will be come in several designs. Piano black, Ice Silver, Felicia Blue, Lavender Purple, Rose Pink and a special pure white version with a picture of Darth Vader on the front. They will be released in bundles. One with a 1GB memory stick and Daxter and the other with the Family Guy "Freakin' Sweet" UMD. The Darth Vader design will be released in a bundle with Star Wars Battlefront. Each pack will cost $199. Great value.

The new PSP will also feature improved data streaming abilities to lower load times and will be able to charge its battery via USB. Sounds great to us! Will you be picking one up when it's released in September? If so, what colour?

Sony rep dismisses PSP redesign plans

Sony rep dismisses PSP redesign plans
There has been quite a bit of PSP redesign rumors flying around the last few weeks, but according to a Sony spokesperson, it's all for naught because there is no PSP redesign in the works.

"We currently have no plans to release another version of the PSP," the spokesperson said.

Hoping to make us all feel better, the spokesperson did say to expect a big showing at the Tokyo Games Show. "The camera and GPS peripherals will be the main attraction, and a total of 16 titles will be showcased to demonstrate the strong line-up of software that will be released towards the year."

Honestly, I really don't think the PSP needs a redesign all that much. I don't think the problem is with the hardware. If Sony put more effort into delivering useful firmware upgrades, original and captivating games and cheaper software, I think that would go further in generating more sales than a redesigned PSP.


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