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PSP Brite boxart shows direct PSP Store

This is the boxart for the PSP Brite Limited Edition 4GB memory stick pack. Notice anything interesting? PS3 owners among you might recognise two things. Firstly, the PSN logo, which the PSP has previously not been associated with. Secondly, the screen shows the PSN Store. The actual PSN store, not the PC-based website. Interesting. That means we should be seeing the direct PSP store before this bundle releases on November 30th. Will we be hearing an announcement regarding the exact release date for the WI-FI based store directly on the PSP soon? With the Tokyo Game Show just around the corner, it's a strong possibility.

European PC Store releases for September 4th

Don't get too excited. There's nothing of any real interest in today's PC Store update. That is, unless you're into managing your PSP's content via a handy PC application. The Media Manager (version 2.5, no less) is now available for free on the European PC Store and lets you drag and drop content from your PC to your PSP, previewing as you go. Oh, there's also the next episode of Movement. Here's the info in handy list form:

  • Media Manager 2.5 (free)
  • Movement episode 5, part 2 -- "London" (free, includes 8 videos)

American PC Store update for August 21st

It's a pretty solid content update for this week. It's much better than what we're used to, that's certain for sure. Lap it up folks; grab what you want. Here's the full list:

Playable Content
  • Jeanne d'Arc Full Game ($22.99)
  • Jeanne d'Arc Trailer (free)
  • Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty Trailer (free)
  • Yggdra Union Trailer (free)

Wallpapers and Themes
  • 2x Hot Shots Golf: OT2 Wallpaper (free)
  • 3x Yggdra Union Wallpaper (free)

European PC Store update for August 21st

Europe's PSP Store has been pretty fantastic, we must admit. There are two full PSP games and a PS1 classic for you to enjoy this week.
  • Medal of Honor Heroes (£14.99)
  • Sid Meier's Pirates! (£14.99)
  • International Track & Field - PS1 (£3.49)

PSN video delivery service with 8 studios to launch tonight

PSN video delivery service will launch tonight. Major studio support including Sony, Fox, MGM, Lions Gate, Warner, Disney, Paramount, Turner, Funimation. It will offer both SD and HD content. TV shows start at $1.99 per episode, movie rentals are $2.99-$5.99 per rental and $9.99-$14.99 for purchases. Not only can you play the content on the PS3, you can play it on PSP. It can be placed on multiple devices at the same time.

European PC Store update for July 3rd

Music and 'extreme' nostalgia hit the European PC Store today. Space Invaders Extreme has been pretty well received, from what we've heard, and now you can try it out for yourselves. We'll have a review of the full game up at some point in the near future. The first episode of Sony Europe's made-for-PSN TV Show Movement is also available to download for free. This is made up of 8 episodes, including four live performances from two Parisian bands. Here's the full release list:
  • Space Invaders Extreme demo
  • Space Invaders Extreme theme
  • Movement episode 1 (8 videos)

PSP will get direct access to the PSN Store this fiscal year

And it's about time too. Sony has revealed today, during a Strategy Meeting in Tokyo, that the PSP will finally be getting direct access to the PSN Store. That means no more having to deal with cables, memory cards or PCs. Good news for Mac lovers. It also means that you'll be able to download content from any WiFi hotspot. Pretty tasty.

There's no real release date, other than "this fiscal year," which could mean anything up to next April. The service was announced at GDC earlier this year, but no timeframe was announced. There's a chance we'll be hearing more about this at E3 next month, so stay tuned for that.

European PC Store update for May 29th

Want more games? Sony has provided. No filler this week, just two full games up for grabs. Both are great and worth a punt, however Medievil is available at for half the price. If it's convenience you're after, however, feel free to pay extra and get it downloaded directly to your PSP. Via your PC, that is. Here's the release list:

Playable content
  • Rayman PS1 game (£3.49/€4.99)
  • Medievil Resurrection full game (£14.99/€19.99)

American PC Store updates for May 15th

Theme lovers will enjoy today's American PC Store update as there are now three more to add to your collection. Not only that, but (perhaps more importantly) a demo for the recently-golden Secret Agent Clank has been made available. While it probably won't tide you over until the game's release in June, it will give you a taste of this Summer's hottest PSP release. Here's the full release list:
  • Secret Agent Clank demo
  • Secret Agent Clank theme
  • 2x echochrome themes

European PC Store PlayStation Day 2008 update

Today is a special day. Over in Europe, a celebration is underway: PlayStation Day 2008. Our very own Jem Alexander is at the London event and you can read up on the live coverage over at PS3 Fanboy. While Jem brings you all the juicy SCEE news, you can celebrate in your own way. In honor of today's festivities, the European PC Store is getting a special update:

Playable content:
  • Street Skater PS1 game (£3.49)


Okay, that's not really much of an update. It's a nice thought, though -- especially with the regular update still on the way this Thursday. If you've got a PS3, you might want to check out the PS3 PlayStation Store update, too. It's way better than this.

Patapon demo hitting the PC PSN Store tomorrow

Sony has a Valentines Day gift for those of you who are enamoured with the upcoming rhythm action game Patapon. Chances are you might've downloaded the Japanese demo of the game after it went online last week, but tomorrow you will be able to try it out in a language that is more familiar. The English demo will go online tomorrow and will be available from the PSN Store on PC and PS3. The demo has previously only been available by pre-ordering the game from Gamestop, so we're chuffed to see it being made available for all via "the power of the interwebs".

Check back tomorrow for the full list of PSN Store updates, as usual.

Ape Quest sneaks onto the PSN Store [UPDATE]

Imagine our surprise. We usually take a little time to center ourselves before we check the PC PSN Store. While the PS3 gets lots of goodies every week, PSP owners are lucky if they get a PS1 game or two. Today, however, an unexpected surprise was waiting for us. Not only is Crash Bandicoot 2 available but so is something called "Ape Quest". From the description it seems to be a mini-game based RPG experience thing and is split into three different chapters, each of which is downloadable from the PS3 or PC Store.

The bundle of all three chapters (Blue, Red and Gold) is available for $19.99 with each chapter sold separately at $9.99 each. In order to "complete" the game you must download either the Blue or Gold chapter as well as the Red chapter. All of this is worthless, however, unless you download the Starter Pack, which no doubt contains the majority of the game information. We're not sure exactly how the game will play out, but we're looking forward to finding out.

[UPDATE] The PC store has now been updated to include Crash Bandicoot 2 and Ape Quest. Enjoy!

PSP store now available online via the PC

Do you own a PSP but not a PS3? Are you jealous of PS3 owners downloading exclusive PSP content? Well Sony has finally come to your rescue. A PC version of the PlayStation Store is now available for those of you without a PlayStation 3. This store actually includes exclusive content not available on the PS3 store, including full PSP games such as Wipeout Pure and Gangs of London.

The interface is really nice and easy to navigate and for those of you who do have a PS3 you can sign in using your PlayStation Network ID and it will link through to show all your downloaded items. You can also edit your account details, including adding money to your wallet. No doubt this service will continue to evolve over time and we look forward to seeing it do so.

Update: Read the full step-by-step guide to using the Store here.

[Thanks, pecorre!]

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