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P-kara's music subscription goes offline June 30th

A sad farewell for short-lived P-kara. The interactive karaoke game was released this past December in Japan and its last day offering access to online content will be June 30th. P-kara was a unique title for the PSP system, allowing users access to over 3,000 streaming songs through an online subscription. Without access, only 20 songs are available for play on the UMD disc alone.

Although karaoke services are nothing new in Japan, there isn't much of anything to choose from in the karaoke game genre over here. Users in North America that haven't already imported the title will have to look at other platforms. Sony will offer an upcoming solution to the drought of karaoke games with their latest Singstar entry for the PS3 and if connectivity with the PSP leads to further engaging popularity, we see no reason why karaoke games wouldn't make a welcome return to the PSP platform. So, farewell for now, P-kara. Lets just hope it's not for too long.

[Via Kotaku]

SingStar adds PSP-PS3 connectivity

UK retailer GAME may have accidentally leaked a crucial tidibt about the upcoming PS3 version of SingStar. The karaoke game allows wannabe performers to record their performances with EyeToy and post them online to a personal SingStar page. In addition, players will also be able to save their recordings to PSP, to share with friends at any time. With both a PSP system and SingStar handy, you'll be able to show off your next embarassing karaoke performance forever.

Gallery: SingStar (PS3)

[Thanks, Ben!]

P-Kara brings karaoke to the Japanese masses

At Tokyo Game Show, Sony unveiled a game called P-Kara, a karaoke game that's supposed to give users access to thousands of songs. The game is now available in Japan, and although it looks to feature some really great songs, it's also a little pricey: the game retails for 6980 yen. Granted, this includes the cost of a SOCOM headset and 20 songs on the UMD. The game becomes considerably more expensive when you consider the monthly subscription fees the game charges: 840 yen (~$7US) a month for "all you can sing" access. If you want to download songs for offline play, that'll cost you an additional 105 yen (~$1US).

P-Kara will rank your performance against other P-Kara users so you can be sure how awful you sing. Regardless, with songs like 愛しすぎて from CHEMISTRY, * ~アスタリスク~ from ORANGE RANGE, and more [full song list], I want to get it now. Unfortunately, a gaijin like myself can't register for the service (So-Net requires a Japanese mailing address when registering!) Considering how unlikely a game like this will ever leave Japan, that blows big time.

[Via Pocket Gamer, Siliconera & PSP GadgetZ]

TGS 06: More than 3000 songs for new karaoke game

Karaoke and the PSP don't seem like a great match to me. Imagine, you're trying to read the newspaper on the subway, and the guy sitting next to you is singing to his PSP. Potentially uncool. But, if you're the kind of person that has to bust a song at a moment's notice, Sony's new P-Kara game for the PSP seems like its just for you. The game will let you download songs, in similar fashion to PS3's Singstar, and it'll let you download a whole heck of a lot of them: more than three thousand, if we're supposed to believe the news on Sony's official website.

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The PSP as karaoke machine

[Via PSP-Vault]

Loco Roco theme song karaoke!

Everybody sing along!

Bajumbo moi noi noi jecker
Dabatto bunkergait jun jun
Nora juere-rotto pura-pura petto
Puraret dum dum
Paruranoi noi noi jecker
Dabatto bunkerget tum tum
Ora poerketino bookertan tan-tan-so
Bokertyo kyenturanai mimani unlahood-cha-la
Terra hooki-ra pishi-to diki-ra poody-to
Seni-kidi koseibo
Kokorenkyo kyenturanai mimani unlalhood-cha-la
Terra hooki-ra shishi-sho tusura hajiki yo...

[Via 1UP]

The PSP as karaoke machine

Just when we thought we were rid of warbling, off-key renditions of "This Land", Taito turns around and makes karaoke sessions even more public. Our parent site Joystiq (you know, the one sporting the checkered pants and matching clutch bag) reports that game developer Taito has just made a roster of karaoke videos available for download via Sony's PortableTV service. However, unless you're an aspiring William Hung copycat living in Japan, your dreams of quick-burning stardom won't have a mute guy's chance in American Idol since the treat is only available for gamers in the Land of the Rising Sun.

We assume that once Sony decides to set up an online shop in the US, then we'll have our chance to annoy our friends and family. Until then, our bathrooms will have to do.

[via Joystiq]

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