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Ten handhelds that suffered a fate far worse than ours

We're pretty sure that no one calls the PSP a failure anymore. In fact, over the past few months, as more and more games release on our handheld, we've seen less and less flame comments from rabid DS fans -- maybe they realized that two handhelds can happily coexist?

Courtesy of GamePro, here's a list of the ten worst selling handhelds of all time. Thankfully, Sony's PSP is nowhere close to being on the list:
  • Gizmondo (<25,000 sold)
  • Zodiac (<200,000)
  • (<300,000)
  • Lynx (<500,000)
  • Nomad (1 million)
  • NEC Turbo Express (1.5 million)
  • Neo-Geo Pocket (2 million)
  • GBA Micro (2.5 million)
  • N-Gage (3 million)
  • Game Gear (11 million)
PSP has sold at least twice the amount of the Game Gear, and with the redesign coming out later this year, the system will sell plenty more. (Too bad the Neo-Geo Pocket didn't do as well ...)
[Via digg]

PSP at the top of handheld evolution

We know that the PSP is powerful. But how powerful is it compared to handhelds before it? A lot more, as seen by Pocket Gamer's recent analysis of handheld systems. PSP's 333MHz of processing power knocks makes the rest of the chart seem miniscule in comparison.

Pocket Gamer's feature is certainly an eye-opener. Of particular note is a fascinating diagram of screen sizes, overlaying each other. The PSP's wide screen LCD far exceeds the size of its nearest competitor, the Nomad. Even with such impressive statistics, the system remains one of the lightest handhelds created, and doesn't stand out as disproportionately larger than the others. This is a must-read feature for any PSP fan.

[E]mulate seven consoles in one homebrew application

Sorry for the lack of updates. Joystiq & engadget hit the scene at NYC's Wii launch party (coverage continues throughout the next few days). At the after-party at my place, we were horrified to see how pathetic the selection of Virtual Console games were (Where the heck is my Gunstar Heroes? When do Mario RPG and Super Metroid come out?). I'm glad to pay my hard-earned dollar on retro games, but damn it--I can't do that if they're not being offered right now!

Interestingly, if I so chose to embrace the Dark Side, I could use [e]mulator, from homebrew developer "e". This application includes emulators for a wide variety of systems: Wonderswan, Lynx, PC Engine, Neo Geo Pocket, Game Gear, Game Boy, and Famicom (NES). If one is so inclined, they can visit the site, download the file, and use a program like WinRAR to extract the files. Don't worry, there's a very Engrish read-me that should theoretically walk you through the process.

[Via PSP-Vault]

Handheld history reveals PSP's slim figure [Update 1]

Joystiq, the attention-craving parent site to PSP Fanboy, recently compared the sizes of history's greatest handhelds. When looking at the handhelds in size order, one can see that the PSP sits smack in the middle.
  • Game Boy micro: 5.6 cubic inches
  • Game Boy Advance SP: 9.81 cubic inches
  • DS Lite: 12.96 cubic inches
  • Wonderswan: 13.33 cubic inches
  • Wonderswan Color: 14.1 cubic inches
  • Wonderswan Crystals: 14.68 cubic inches
  • Neo Geo Pocket Color: 17.35 cubic inches
  • Sony PSP: 17.52 cubic inches
  • Game Boy Advance: 17.64 cubic inches
  • GP2X: 19.61 cubic inches
  • DS Phat: 22.01 cubic inches
  • Game Boy: 26.39 cubic inches
  • Gamepark 32: 26.83 cubic inches
  • Sega Nomad: 49.36 cubic inches
  • Game Gear: 50.86 cubic inches
  • Atari Lynx: 68.53 cubic inches
We should be thankful that the PSP is no monstrosity like the Game Gear... Then again, I did love my Game Gear (pictured).
[Thanks, Zebulunite!]

[Update 1: Whoa, how did that HTML glitch happen? It totally wasn't like that when I typed it. Anyways, fixed.]

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