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Firmware code hints at upcoming games download service

Firmware 3.50 and 3.51 have hints at an upcoming new feature for PSP. Hidden within np9660.prx, coders have found that this will allow Sony to load official PSP games from Memory Stick. Although there will undoubtedly be plans for hackers to take advantage of this code, it's great to see Sony finally step closer to the promised PSP Store that we've been waiting for years. Upcoming firmware will most likely support downloadable PSP games. Imagine, being able to download Wipeout Pulse from your PSP, instead of walking to a store and buying the game. It can happen ... but how soon?

[Via Exophase]

3.50 downgrader released

Much to the dismay of Sony, it appears that the homebrew community has finally created a downgrader for firmware 3.50. With almost any copy of Lumines, PSP owners will be able to have their systems revert back to an older firmware. Visit N00bz for the complete directions, but make note of one of the requirements: "Sufficient intelligence and English language skills to be able to carefully and throroughly read the instructions."

Downgrading a system CAN BE RISKY, and MAY CAUSE YOUR SYSTEM TO BE INOPERABLE (or "bricked"). Also, you will be voiding your system's warranty by using this hack. If you're willing to take the plunge, feel free. Once you get to 1.50, we highly recommend that you install one of Dark_Alex's custom firmware packages, to ensure compatibility with current game titles.

[Thanks, ben!]

Lumines unlocks homebrew on firmware 3.50

Homebrew on PSP systems with firmware 3.50 was thought to be impossible ... until now. An exploit was found in the classic puzzle game, Lumines, that allows a Hello World application to run on the system. Users must download a special program, and install it on the Memory Stick. When launching Lumines, the exploit will be taken advantage of.

This is a huge win for the homebrew community. Most likely, downgraders will be created to take advantage of this exploit, which will allow all modern PSP owners to revert to a homebrew-capable firmware. Most likely, Sony has already heard about this exploit, and is working on a new firmware to ensure too many people won't be able to take advantage of this flaw.

[Update: Now included a video, via MAXCONSOLE]
[Thanks, Merc25!]

Confirmed: Firmware 3.50 unlocks full 333MHz speed [Update]

According to QJ's "insider" at Sony, firmware version 3.50 allows UMD games to use the full 333MHz of the PSP. If true, this is great news but brings up a few questions. Using the total available processing power will potentially allow for smoother framerates and quicker load times. The problem, however, comes with the battery life. The reason games are locked to 266mhz (only one game has been allowed to use even that much - Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters) is due to the very limited battery life when the PSP runs at full speed.

This would coincide with Kotaku's PSP redesign rumours, which claim to have a much heftier battery life due to a much more economic screen. If this feature really is already in the current firmware update, does that mean we will be seeing a redesign much sooner than we expected?

[Update: Developers have confirmed that new 3.50 SDKs allow for full clock speed use.]

[Andrew's note: Older games will not run at the higher clock speed. However, any new games developed from this point onwards will be able to utilize the full clock speed of the PSP. This is intrinsic to firmware 3.50, and any new games that require 333MHz will need firmware 3.50 or above.]

Firmware code hints at video output

Sony's software developers seem to include hints at upcoming features months in advance. Skype-like VoIP functionality was discovered months ago ... and that feature is only now being unveiled. By looking at some code stored in firmware 3.50, undertaxxx from MaxConsole has unearthed a small reference to "videoout." Could the PSP finally be getting a way of outputting images to a television? From the looks of this hidden icon, it appears so. It's not like Sony hasn't considered this functionality before ...

[Via PlayStation]

Exams delay development of 3.50 OE

Much to the chagrin of Sony, Dark_Alex has been constantly creating open edition revisions of Sony's official firmware, which allows capable PSPs to run homebrew while playing the latest games and taking advantage of any benefits found in the official releases. Surely, this whiz programmer must do nothing but stay alone in his basement, programming furiously for the benefit of the homebrew community?

Not really. As reported by MaxConsole, the psuedo-celebrity programmer is currently taking exams, delaying progress on 3.50 OE. Supposedly, Sony has also made the latest firmware a bit more difficult to work with "because SCE changed the prx format those are now elfs marked as 0 sections. This means that current tools cannot disassemble those and thus it will be harder to reverse." Hmm ... sure.

Gamers that rely on Dark_Alex's open edition releases will have to be patient for the next release. However, considering the latest update focuses mostly on PS3 connectivity, will these release matter much for the homebrew community?

[Via PSP-Vault]

3.50 firmware already decrypted

Chameleon over on the DCEmu forums is reporting that he has already decrypted the just released 3.50 firmware. He notes that it probably won't be too long until an open edition custom firmware is released. Interestingly, Chameleon also notes that the files are nearly identical to the last firmware. This helps explain why the decryption has occurred so rapidly. As Chameleon asks: "Has Sony given up on trying to stop us from the homebrew world?" How many of our readers are waiting off for the inevitable custom firmware 3.50? Do you think Sony finally realizes the importance of the homebrew community?

Firmware 3.50 now available on Network Update

We told you it was coming, and here it is. Firmware 3.50 has a woefully short feature list. Along with the much-anticipated Remote Play improvement comes a single other addition. The 'full' feature list, then, is as follows.
  • Support has been added to allow remote play over the internet in [Remote Play]
  • [RSS Channel Guide] has been added as a feature under [RSS Channel]
While the expansion of Remote Play and its new ability to be used to connect to your PS3 from anywhere in the world is excellent, the lack of any real accompanying features leaves us a bit cold. Perhaps it's the idea of a list consisting of just two items. Is a list really a list if it has less than three? That's something for you to ponder on while the update downloads and installs.

No doubt we'll be posting our thoughts on the new firmware later today, after we've had a chance to test it out. In the meantime, why don't you try it yourselves and get back to us with what you think? It's a two way thing, you know.

[Thanks, Lucas]

Download the update from PSP Fanboy. Include file in directory PSP/GAME/UPDATE.

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PlayStation Network integrated into next firmware

The soon-to-be-released PSP firmware 3.50 is starting the slow process of integrating the PlayStation Network onto the handheld. When using Advanced Remote Play, users will be required to log-in using their PSN ID (pictured, right). Although this is a feature only applicable for those with PS3 systems, its exciting to see the PSN slowly appear on the system. Hopefully, this is a sign that future integration is not too far off: we can't wait to get a PlayStation Store and a single user ID for multiplayer games. The future is looking quite bright.

[Thanks, Incog! Via NeoGAF]

Upcoming firmware 3.50 fixes Remote Play

PS3 is receiving a significant firmware upgrade tomorrow. 1.80 allows PS3 users to playback DVD movies and PlayStation 1 and 2 games in full 1080p resolution. Another feature added to the upgrade is Advanced Remote Play: it was supposedly added in a previous update, but many frustrated gamers were unable to get it running.

With Advanced Remote Play, PSP owners can access content stored on the PS3 from any wi-fi connection in the world. Not only will the new PS3 1.80 firmware be necessary for Remote Play to properly function, but according new press materials, PSP firmware 3.50 will also be required. According to Sony, firmware 3.50 will be available "at the end of May," although more specifics were not provided. Additional enhancements to be found on the firmware were not made available, but we're thinking it might have something to do with PSP's newfound VoIP functionality.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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