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This week's PSP sales are brought to you by the number 1

PSP loves two numbers this week in Japan: the number 1 and 74,024. You see, the PSP is still number 1 this week, and it sold 74,024 systems. Yeah, see what we did there? Sales were spurred by a myriad of factors, such as the release of a new Blue system, bundled with the popular 1seg TV tuner. It also didn't help that it was a PSP, which Japanese gamers have confused with crack cocaine, apparently.
  • PSP - 74,024
  • DS - 54,531
  • Wii - 40,803
  • PS3 - 11,253
  • PS2 - 9535
  • 360 - 4208

Video shows Japanese 3.80 firmware in action

Our friend at PSP GadgetZ has just uploaded a new video, highlighting all the features of the Japanese version of firmware 3.80. While the rest of the world must be satisfied with internet radio (which we are), the Japanese get the very cool ability to record shows from their 1seg tuner. Yes, the PSP is a DVR machine in Japan, and we're incredibly jealous.

PSP gains DVR and internet radio functionality in firmware 3.80

On December 18th, PSP firmware 3.80 will be released in Japan with two new highly desirable features. First is digital video recording capabilities, made possible with the new Japan-only 1seg peripheral. With firmware 3.80, it will be possible to record television shows from the 1seg peripheral directly onto the Memory Stick for later viewing.

Internet radio will also be added in the next firmware upgrade. Exactly how the service will work is unclear at this time. [Update: Images have surfaced on Watch Impress' website.]

DVR is a huge feature that unfortunately isn't possible outside of Japan unless appropriate peripherals are released globally. However, internet radio is hopefully something all PSP users around the world will be able to take advantage of. Once again, PSP is expanding its capabilities, becoming more features-packed than anyone could've predicted.

[Via I4U]

Japan's 1seg advertisement

Here's yet another international PSP commercial. This time, we're taking a look at the 1seg device, a handy peripheral which allows Japanese PSP owners to access digital television signals over the air. Unfortunately, 1seg isn't available in America, and the likelihood of us seeing something similar is zero. At least we have the PlayStation Store, right? Wait a minute ...

Famitsu survey reveals: PSP momentum in doubt

Due to the overwhelming success of the PSP, Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu surveyed 68 of its retail partners for their thoughts on the state of the PSP. The survey revealed a number of interesting factoids. For example, Piano Black is the best selling system (17.4%) while Rose Pink is the worst (6.9%). Unsurprisingly, Crisis Core ended up being the top seller of the month, which caught 62.7% of retailers off guard -- they couldn't predict sales would be so strong.

Although Crisis Core sold so well, it was actually the 1seg, retailers report, that inspired the most PSP sales. However, in spite of the system's current success, 43.3% of retailers surveyed do not believe PSP momentum will continue.

The retailers are worried about the lack of big titles coming up for the system. More games like Monster Hunter are (obviously) needed. Some other suggestions included: games that support the 1seg (how would that work?), record functionality for the 1seg, and new colors that look different than DS's offerings. Supposedly, Japan's software lineup on PSP leaves something to be desired as well.

For the complete report, make sure you check out PSPHyper.

TGS hands-on: PSP 1seg TV tuner

The 1seg tuner for PSP makes us jealous of Japanese PSP owners. The tiny peripheral attaches to the top of the system, and allows users to tune into a variety of broadcast channels. The video quality at the Tokyo Game Show floor was stellar, with very minimal artifacting seen in the video. It's easy to change channels through a simple intuitive interface which overlays over the video quite nicely. A variety of video resize options can be readily accessed by bringing up the options menu with the Triangle button.

If there's a complaint we would have about the 1seg tuner, we'd say it has to be the delay that comes when switching channels. It takes a full second or so for the system to display video of the next channel. Certainly not a major hindrance, especially when considering the quality of video that's produced on such a small peripheral. Japanese Joystiq readers will want to check it out.

1seg brings digital TV to Japanese PSP Lites

Finally, Japan is getting what it always wanted from the PSP: a 1seg digital TV tuner. 1seg is technology that allows Japanese PSP owners to watch digital TV while on the go. There's a catch, though -- the 1seg device will only work on the redesigned PSP. Burn!

The peripheral is coming September 20th for ¥6980 (about $57). Those interested in picking it up will have to buy a redesigned PSP on the same day. Let's hope that this isn't a new trend of future PSP products becoming incompatible with the original model.

[Via Joystiq]

Japanese gamers want TV on their PSP

While us PSP Fanboys want the ability to play PSone games on our PSPs the most, it appears that Japanese gamers (according to ITmedia) want to watch TV on their's. Support for electronic money (ala PayPal) and the upcoming camera attachment ranked pathetically low at 3% apiece, while the GPS functionality garnered 14% of the vote. The rest of the votes (78%) favored the ability to tune into TV using the crazy technology called "1seg" which allows mobile devices to access television signals. The Nintendo DS already has a 1seg peripheral in the works, so shouldn't Sony's multimedia wonder jump on board?

If Sony does support 1seg in Japan, it makes you wonder when the rest of the world will get their hands on such cool tech. I mean, Japan already has P-TV (downloadable TV shows), while the rest of us wait for Sony to "figure out" a DRM.

[Via Gamespot]

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