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Microsoft's Zune may learn from PSP 'cautionary tales' {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 13th 2008 4:34PM It's true that both devices have different emphasis on music playback, but the PSP has some features that aren't on the Zune:

-USB mass storage class: I use a STANDARD USB cable, hook my PSP up, and it's seen as a drive to load content onto. I'm running Windows XP on my PC, but it'd probably be the same for users using Macs, or Linux, etc. Ask one of those users how running a Zune would be on their systems?

-A-B repeat feature: being able to select any portion of a music file, and repeat it. Most people probably don't use it, but the PSP has it & Zune don't.

-No Proprietary software needed. I don't have to install an iTunes or Zune management software, as I would with a Zune, just to load content onto my PSP! I'm dealing with the hassles of syncing (with another player I recently got) and it's such a pain to make sure that something is deleted from both your player *AND* your PC software playlist or else it GETS PUT BACK ON even if you delete it from your device when you hook your device up to your PC.

I'm not saying the PSP is a better music player than something that's more dedicated to being a music player, but those are some of the features that the PSP has that the Zune doesn't. Maybe you don't value those features, but some people do.

Microsoft's Zune may learn from PSP 'cautionary tales' {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 13th 2008 2:58PM Before hitting PSPfanboy, I just finished looking at a bunch of Zune sites... weird coincidence that caused me to double-take!

Quote: "It has a beautiful screen, but you can only get the video under the Universal Media Disc format."

That's completely wrong. Same with the 'can't store music because it only has flash memory' comment. I've had songs on my PSP for a year sitting on my memory stick. It's not like it disappears when the PSP is turned off!

And the proprietary video format problem applies to the Zune too. Sure, it plays more formats, but not many more-- it's still limited, and the Zune is very proprietary, as much as the PSP.

And even though PSP isn't a "music player" (yeah right) I can GUARANTEE that it has music functions that the Zune doesn't have.

There's so much misinformation in his comments about the PSP, he clearly doesn't know what he's talking about.

Reggie: Wii stock balance soon, Nintendo manufacturing more consoles each month {Nintendo Wii Fanboy}

Jun 13th 2008 1:53PM It seems like Wii Fit has taken the place of the Wii console; always sold out, "maybe try Friday, we might get a shipment in", while the Wii console is getting more actually-on-the-shelves time.

Wii fans are in a perpetual state of trying to catch up.

PSP experiences 17% decrease in sales, software in last place {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 13th 2008 1:42PM "I get more use out of this thing than my other consoles by a considerable margin."

Yeah me too.... I've used my PSP(s) almost every single day since I first got it in May 2006..... Sony's made some *major* stumbles but I hope the PSP survives....

Game prices increase sharply on US PLAYSTATION Store {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 12th 2008 3:56PM True.. but that is only PART of why it does/always suck.

The main problem is crappy DRM which does more harm than good, especially in Sony's case. "80048516 error", anyone? PS Network Downloader probs? Credit card inexplicably not being accepted? NO HELP PAGE on the actual site???

Combine that with their programming ineptitude = total suck.

HAWX takes to the skies {Nintendo Wii Fanboy}

Jun 10th 2008 2:54PM That's HAWT.

But maybe NAWT.

Seriously, a port made for other systems? I'd like it to be good but it probably won't be. Not just to pick on "HAWX"; apply this to the last 10 excited Wiifanboy posts about upcoming ports.

Deal of the Day: Downstream Panic! for $15 {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 10th 2008 12:51PM PSPfanboy has posted quite a bit abut it:

And it is weird that Andrew didn't mention that Downstream Panic! is part of that Game Days sale that they did an article about last week. Maybe because this Amazon price isn't a sale, but the discounted regular price?

As for GoW: CoO promotion, I saw lots of ads for it on tv, granted, Canada is a smaller market so ads get lots more airplay (I saw the GoW ad on SPACE a lot)

1C publishes new WWII flight sim {PSP Fanboy}

Jun 9th 2008 1:06PM If it can live up to the quality of Ace Combat X on the PSP, then it will rock. PSP definitely needs more good flight games.


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