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"Look forward to" Disgaea, says NIS employee

I had nearly given up all hope of Disgaea coming out to America. Although the game had performed well in Japan, NIS has been strangely silent about the possibility of a localized version ever reaching English-speaking shores. Well, blackIceJoe from the Gamespot forums received a cryptic e-mail from NIS, which hints at a pending release:

"As for Disgaea PSP, We unfortunately cannot release much information about Disgaea yet ... but we can tell you to look forward to it. We hope this will give you some sort of idea.

As for the Europe version, we do not have any information about it at this point, but we believe it will be coming out in Europe. Please check back with us within a few months to see if we have further information on the Europe version."

The idea that this e-mail gives us is that Disgaea is coming. The only question is: when?

Makai Wars resurrected; Disgaea to continue

Makai Wars
, a strategy RPG for PSP, was long thought to be dead. Gone. Canceled. Well, it looks like the project isn't quite over yet. RPGFan held an exclusive interview with the fan-favorite Nippon Ichi Software, and they've received confirmation that the development team has resumed work on this long-delayed game (it made its first appearance at E3 2004!).

Surely, the brisk sales of Disgaea Portable have something to do with this PSP resurrection? According to RPGFan, "The performance of its PlayStation Portable debut, Disgaea Portable in Japan apparently exceeded internal expectations. Furthermore, future handheld releases are also under consideration."

Of course, we Americans still haven't received a localized version of Disgaea. While a portable sequel would be great, our pleas for the PSP version of Disgaea to head stateside seem to be largely ignored.

[Via IGN]

Video Sandwich: December 16, 2006

Two very random clips for you today. First up, we have a clip from the upcoming English version of the Disgaea anime, via Siliconera. As you may have seen, we really want the PSP version of the game to get an English release, and if that means getting people interested in the franchise as a whole, we'll do it. Too bad I'm not a big fan of the anime series. What do you think of this clip?

Finally, does it again with yet another nifty PSP modification. This one: a clear PSP. It sort of reminds me of the clear Game Boy from back in the day. With a lot more horsepower.

Most ridiculous Disgaea interview ever

RPGLAND had a chance to talk to NIS America about Disgaea for PSP, and why it's still not confirmed for a US release. While there were a few hard-hitting questions in the interview, the majority of this affair was very light-hearted, revealing the kind of humor the Disgaea series is known for. For example:

RPGLAND: Will Disgaea Portable help one get chicks (or dudes, depending on who we're talking about)?
NIS America: If Disgaea Portable doesn't score you some action, you're either not trying or hopeless.

When talking about why the game still hasn't seen a US release, the people at NIS are quite candid: they don't know if they'll sell enough copies to warrant a localization. But, sorry NIS--hasn't this game been fully translated for its PS2 counterpart? It shouldn't be too difficult to bring this game over to the US! If you really want this game to come over, NIS is asking you spam the popular gaming boards: "Forum posts on major sites really helps. Also, another thing you can do is to spread the word that Disgaea is coming for the PSP." I think I've done my part in spreading the word.

[Via 1UP]

Disgaea 2 characters in upcoming port

The upcoming Disgaea port on PSP is shaping up to be more than just a port. Will it have all the improvements fans are dreaming of? Most likely not, but Siliconera has discovered Disgaea 2 characters in the game's new bonus levels.

There's no American release planned so far, but I'm sure you can change that.

Disgaea helps you get friends, chop lettuce

While we're still waiting for Disgaea to get announced for US release, let's watch two super happy Japanese commercials for the game! They have a distinctly low-budget feel to them, which I guess is part of its charm. The above video shows you that peer pressure always works. ALL the cool kids are playing their PSPs (although Japanese sales data would suggest otherwise...).

Below, we see that you don't need to be a Cooking Mama to chop lettuce: Disgaea for the PSP will suffice! Moms might seem like a weird demographic for this game, but I hear that they're pretty important to the gaming market as a whole these days. Crazy.

Disgaea: dreaming of a few enhancements

Siliconera has come up with a list of new things they'd love to see in the upcoming Disgaea port for the PSP. (Which you must help bring over to the US!) Here's a sample of what they want from this beloved SRPG:

  1. Add some new scenarios. It should be easy, considering how the game is structured episodically.
  2. The ability to import character data. Some people will have leveled up Laharl, and will want to use his insane power on the go. Sure, it'll involve some sort of voodoo magic, but NIS fans are willing to sacrific their souls, right?
  3. Include a scenario creator. By far the best suggestion of the bunch. Like Mega Man: Powered Up, give users the ability to create their own levels and scenarios and share them via the web.

As you know, SCEA has a strict no-port policy for PSP games coming to the US. I hope NIS takes a good look at these suggestions, and makes them real so that we can enjoy chibi RPG goodness on our PSP too. Read the rest of Siliconera's article to see more ideas.

Disgaea screenshots to drool over

You know a game is special when it reaches the $100+ mark in the lucrative eBay reselling market. (The "best price" on for a used copy is $114.95!) Disgaea is a game that's absolutely adored by its fans, and coming this fall, NIS will give PSP owners a chance to find out why (well, that's if enough people beg for the game to come out here). IGN has secured some brand new images from the RPG game in action, and you will look at them all.

NIS: Help us fanboys; you're our only hope

NIS: Help us fanboys; you're our only hopeIf you're a fan of Nippon Ichi's Disgaea franchise and want to see it make its way to North America on the PSP, then you'll have to get off your lazy bum and do something about it. NIS released a statement asking for fan support and demand to help bring the game, which is scheduled to be released Nov. 30 in Japan, here.

"Because Disgaea is an incredible fan favorite, NIS America is eager to bring Disgaea Portable to the US fans," the company said. "But in order to make it happen, we will need to prove there is enough support and demand for Disgaea Portable! So we would appreciate it if you could support us by raising your voice and making some noise for Disgaea Portable in the US!"

If the title makes it here, NIS said it plans to add something special in the game like extra dungeons, more scenarios and "characters that nobody would expect to see in Disgaea."

Send your e-mails here.

(Via DCEmu forums)

Disgaea coming to PSP! [Update 1]

According to Ruriweb, Disgaea, the cult RPG hit, is heading to PSP. It'll be mostly a port of the original, but considering how awesome the first game was, it should be a time of celebration. To sweeten the deal, the game will feature an extra dungeon and more scenarios. Prinny Power!

[Via QJ]

[Update 1: A more reliable source (IGN) has confirmed Disgaea as a reality. It'll come November 30th to Japan, and come in a regular and limited edition flavor. The official site opens on 8/30, so expect more info then. You may notice that the address reads "PSP1" which suggests that Disgaea 2 will eventually end up on the handheld too.]

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