Ask PSP Fanboy: Volume 43

Ask PSP Fanboy

It's the end of the week, which calls for a new volume of Ask PSP Fanboy! Each week we'll collect your questions, and each weekend a new volume of Ask PSP Fanboy will appear on the front page. If you've got a question, send an email to justin.eaton @ weblogsinc .com with the subject "Ask PSP Fanboy."

Q. The PSP-3000 comes out in October - When do you think Sony will release some information about the PSP 2?
A. We've got a while before we start hearing official information about a revamped PSP. Sony should remain focused on the PSP-3000 through much of 2009.

Q. Will the PlayStation Portable ever rumble?
A. Adding rumble to the Playstation Portable would require another hardware refresh, unless third party manufacturers were able to develop an add-on device. With the amount of time it took Sony to bring rumble to the SIXAXIS controllers, I'd say we've got a while before rumble makes it's way to the PSP.

Q. Can you explain why MP4 videos play on the PSP, and why MKVs, DivX, Xvid or AVI are not supported besides not having the codec? Is there a hardware dependency that the PSP would require so the video does not play slow, lag or have a stuttering effect?
A. The hardware isn't limited, Sony simply hasn't added support for the various codecs. It may be the system's limited memory (can it fit all the codecs on the 32MB relegated to firmware use?). Or, it may be licensing issues: Sony had to pay for DivX on PS3 -- will they want to do the same on PSP? The PSP is a powerful handheld. If these codecs are used, there's no reason you'd see lag or stuttering.

I read places that the SanDisk Memory Stick Pro Duo is "Faster" than a Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo. Does that REALLY matter, or is that just the speed of which the files will copy form your computer to the card, with USB?
A. That speeds simply refers to how quickly data can be written to and read off the Memory Stick. In most cases, the difference isn't a deciding factor. If Sony added in-game XMB support, where music might be playing as other data is being read of the stick, then you may notice. Having said that, it may not be a factor at all, depending on how Sony manages the software. The only real-life scenario where you'll notice the speed difference is copying content from your PC to your PSP, where SanDisk might beat out Sony by a few seconds.

Q. Are there currently any titles for the PSP that can play over Infrastucture? The only ones I have seen have been Ad-Hoc.
A. Sure there are! Try browsing through this list.

Q. Is the PSP Phat or PSP Slim hardware capable of playing PS2 games (if SCEJ wanted to produce a PS2 Emulator for PSP)?
A. This one is hard to answer, because while most people relate the PSP to the PS2 in terms of graphics, the hardware isn't as easy to compare. The two architectures are different, and without actual PS2 hardware in the system, PSP would have to resort to emulation -- a power-intensive process which even the PS3 can't properly do. Don't expect it. Ever.

Q. Will the new PSP have the same headphones and AV out port?
A. Yes, same 3.5mm headphone jack, and same the AV-out port found on the PSP-2000.