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PSP Fanboy hands-on: flOw

Within the PlayStation Lounge at GDC, we were able to try out the upcoming PSP version of flOw. The game starts with an interesting attempt to connect to the Network. Interestingly, this is done outside of the usual PSP Network interface. We can only hypothesize that the PSP is looking for other systems to play with, if any happen to be nearby. Unfortunately, no one was able to comment.

From the very get-go, one will see the seriously toned-down graphics. The screenshots initially released don't accurately convey how poorly the transition to PSP has affected the visual presentation. Pixelation is very present, and in spite of the small screen of the PSP, nothing looks very sharp. The framerate didn't seem silky smooth like the PS3 original, either. It doesn't look bad per se, but we were rather disappointed.

Gallery: flOw

As predicted, the game takes advantage of the analog nub of the PSP. The PS3 original used SIXAXIS tilt controls, and we find the tilt controls far more preferable. It might seem a strange complaint to make, but the PSP analog nub is too precise. flOw becomes less of an experience and more of a game. Players are able to make sharp turns instantly, giving players much more manueverability to eat and fight their enemies. This makes the game easier. Many players will appreciate the new controls, but we don't feel like we're getting "into the flOw" on PSP.

We don't have details on a price, but considering its March release, we don't see much time for too much improvement. It's far from a bad game, but flOw on PSP is but an echo of its predecessor. For those that never tried the PS3 original, this will still be an intriguing and new experience. However, don't expect it to match the fidelity of the console version.

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