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Worldwide PSP release for the week of Jan. 6

Last week was pretty bad since there wasn't any PSP release across all major regions. However, we told you that there'd definitely be something coming out this week, and here we are.

North America Games
Europe Games
Asia Games
Now see there? Hopefully, everyone will be pleased with what will be new to the PSP section this week. Of course, North American gamers are finally going to experience all the fun those DS guys had with Phoenix Wright when Harvey Birdman drops.

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1-06-2008 @ 11:49AM

NukeAssault said...

Hmm, still wanna get Fate/Tiger Coliseum... But Play-Asia JUST sold out of the limited editions... and they had it the cheapest. =(


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1-06-2008 @ 12:08PM

Alien said...

Wow ... R&C went Platinum in the EU ... amazing :D


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1-06-2008 @ 12:17PM

Anticrawl said...

Wish I would have waited a week before I bought the Syphon Filter PSP game, don't care for it much but I would love to have Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law.


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1-06-2008 @ 1:05PM

dronesensor said...

"all the fun" DS owners had with phoenix wright? i wouldn't count on it. early word on the harvey birdman game (the wii version, at least), is that it's as shallow as a kiddie pool, and nowhere near as good as the phoenix wright games. sorry. maybe someday we'll get a PW compilation or something, but until then, we're going to have to wait a little bit longer.


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1-06-2008 @ 4:51PM

Hashbrown_Hunter said...

Link/Source? Without that you have absolutely no credibility.

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1-06-2008 @ 4:59PM

dronesensor said...

the latest issue of nintendo power has a review of the wii edition. in denial, much? sorry dude, the game isn't very good, no need to shoot the messenger.

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1-06-2008 @ 2:13PM

lorddshadow said...

Any1 know when R&C:SM goes Greatest Hits here?


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1-06-2008 @ 4:34PM

bryansurvive said...

whats the point of the harvey birdman game. all i saw from the video was scroll up and down. like you make his decision and then watch reruns of footage from the show.


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1-06-2008 @ 4:50PM

Hashbrown_Hunter said...

I think I'll wait and see how Harvey Birdman turns out before I decide to buy or rent it. Something about it is bugging me, but I'm still expecting a funny and solid Pheonix Wright knockoff.


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