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Dragon's Lair seeking publisher for PSP

Do you like walking down the beach during sunset? Do you enjoy long, romantic conversations? Also, do you happen to publish PSP games? Then, Dragon's Lair is looking for you. According to the press release, United Coders is eager for a publisher to help them start a PSP version of the famed laserdisc video game of yore. "United Coders, developers of the Nintendo DS version of the game, are currently putting the final touches to the Nintendo DS version, and is currently seeking a publisher for a version of the game on the Sony PSP. In exchange for funding the development and intellectual property cost of Dragon's Lair® for Sony PSP, the publisher will be granted the global publishing rights for the format. United Coders expect to begin development of Dragon's Lair® for Sony PSP in February with a release date of Christmas 2008 on the platform."

To get a better idea on the potential success of a Dragon's Lair game on our handheld, we ask you -- would you be interested in a PSP version of this game?

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1-03-2008 @ 11:30AM

Subryu said...

I imagine it would be fun to play through a couple of times. Make it a $10 download from the PS Store, and I would buy it.


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1-03-2008 @ 11:49AM

Daniel said...

never heard of it...


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1-04-2008 @ 9:58AM

REZUREK said...

"never heard of it"?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between posers and real gamers.

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1-03-2008 @ 11:55AM

runemaster said...

Sure, I'd love to play it as long the gameplay is not like its arcade version.

In the arcade version, it was basically a full length animation rather than a game. You just have to press the correct button at the correct time to continue watching, or the game will end.

So it was pretty much just trial and error, and after you beat the game once, you're done with it.

I hope the PSP game will be in rich 2D sprite animation side scrolling game. Or 3D graphics but make it 2D sidescrolling like Castlevania PSP. I miss 2D sprite animation and pure sidescrolling game.

But please don't make it like Dragon's Lair NES version.... it was sucked.... real bad.


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1-03-2008 @ 11:57AM

Neil said...

The cost would have to be really good, cause the game is really short if its just going to be based on the old laserdisc version, though I guess its more likely to be based on the cleaned up blu-ray version.

If the game is cheap I'd buy it, if not I'd pass without feeling like I missed out on anything.


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1-03-2008 @ 12:09PM

PerfectVirus said...

The problem with the arcade game was that you had to play through in one sitting. If they could possibly add checkpoints with say some cut scenes and allow you to proceed fro there, then it would make more sense as a portable game. I remember pumping coins into Dragon's Lair and Space Ace. I really enjoyed them even if all it took was memorizing the correct sequence.


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1-03-2008 @ 12:21PM

Ed said...

Keep it under $10, add save points and make the button matching more like 'God of War' and I'm sold.


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1-03-2008 @ 12:32PM

theMediaman said...

I'm a PSP fan boy, I don't own a DS or a Wii (yet), but I would think that Dragon's Lair would be best served on one of the Nintendo consoles for their innovative input devices.

I can't see myself buying Dragon's Lair on PSP. Nothing new there.


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Sam K9

1-03-2008 @ 1:40PM

Sam K said...

There was a Dragon's Lair 3D game made for the PC, Gamecube and original Xbox that wasn't too bad. It was a cell-shaded 3D game, and its levels were a pretty impressive tribute to the original laserdisc coin-op version. I think something similar would work well on the PSP.


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1-03-2008 @ 1:51PM

Alien said...

I would buy this ... if reviews would be good of course ...


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1-03-2008 @ 2:19PM

trystero said...

I would buy this... even if it was simply the original laser disc version. I never did end up doing a complete run through, and I certainly blew enough quarters on it back in the day... What would be really slick though, is if they would package this with Space Ace, much as they did for DVD platforms.


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1-03-2008 @ 3:44PM

Brandon said...

It NEEDS to be the original or it is not Dragon's Lair. That would be the reason to buy it. If it is done differently then it is not Dragon's Lair. And yes, it does NEED to be bundled with Space Ace.


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Jonah Penne13

1-03-2008 @ 4:09PM

Jonah Penne said...

Ya I've been looking for a cheap PC version for awhile. Awesome


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1-03-2008 @ 4:19PM

Don said...

"would you be interested in a PSP version of this game?"

Oh yeah!


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1-03-2008 @ 9:51PM

Augusto said...

Yes, absolutely yes, i want some Dirk love on my PSP, and no, the 3D version sucked.


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1-04-2008 @ 10:02AM

REZUREK said...

Yes, I would play and buy this game if it was the arcade version. I would pay the average price of umd games if it was both dragon's lair and dragon's lair 2.


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1-04-2008 @ 2:08PM

Daniel said...

LMAO @ being called a poser...I just don't like these types of games so I've never heard of it, don't pay attention to this genre. If that makes me a poser then wtf-ever


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1-06-2008 @ 2:10PM

unoefe said...

I'm surprised: I didn't expect to see so many say that they would buy this. For me, this is a game that should be put on a shelf, never to be seen again. No, I would never buy this, rent this, or play it if given to me.


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