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Give us your Silent Hill Origins questions

Konami's creepy PSP exclusive Silent Hill Origins is coming soon. Before this survival horror adventure hits the handheld, Konami has given you a chance to ask the team your burning questions. Get your journalist's notebook out, and join us in brainstorming some questions to shoot over.

Please submit your questions in the comments section by Monday, October 29th.

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10-26-2007 @ 5:55PM

merc25 said...

Is the weapon durability system still in the game? If so are the ways to repair a broken weapon? Does this system also apply to guns, the same it applies to melee weaponry?

Will new comers to the series enjoy this game, or is the game strictly something only the fans of series will enjoy?

How did you feel about the demo being leaked? Did the leak have any affect on the development of the game? There were rumors that it contain the endings of the game on it(I never checked, didn't want to spoil anything for myself). If so, did you rewrite the endings, add or remove an ending, after the leak?

Will there be a new demo or will be the same as the leaked one? If there will be a demo, will it be on an UMD or downloadable?

Joe, Climax Group, the developers of this game, are based in the UK. Whereas Climax Entertainment, developers of Land Stalker, are based in Japan.


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10-26-2007 @ 6:31PM

Brian said...

1. How close will origins be to te original Silent hill game, in terms of returning characters, environments, themes?

2. Looking at the videos and screen shot (which look amazing btw) how does the game control (character and camera)?

3. Is Silient Hill Origins on PSP going to connect to Silent Hill 5 on PS3 to offers some kind of game sharing or cross com like Socom Fire team bravo did?

4. Does the game take advantage of the increased intern memory of the PSP slim?

5. Know you hear this a lot, but how was it to develop a game on the PSP, what were some of the hardware / software limits the team had to overcome?

Thanks for bring Silent Hill to the PSP I'm looking forward to playing it.


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10-26-2007 @ 6:58PM

stormsiren006 said...

I am curious about 0rigin's promise to reveal many of the "most hallowed" secrets of the Silent Hill series. Can you give us any more information or hints about what kind of secrets are going to be revealed?


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10-26-2007 @ 7:20PM

murphy said...

any chance of there being a special edition of the game maybe with a comic of silent hill O or a soundtrack or action figures that would be cool.


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10-26-2007 @ 10:48PM

cafecito said...

A request: Keep this on PSP please! No ports. PSP can always use this great exclusives.


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10-27-2007 @ 2:25AM

aiko.adonia said...

what's the deal with the weapons this time around? I read somewhere that the breakage rate is really irritatingly fast and can somewhat put a damper on gameplay. is that true? do the weapons really self-destruct that quickly?


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10-27-2007 @ 3:39AM

dahaipeng said...

THE Alien is from the UFO?


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10-27-2007 @ 4:33AM

NeVeR said...

Do U have any hidden areas in Silent Hill Origins?
If U have,are there any powerful weapons or any humor tools that we could use in Silent HIll Origins?
(Tell me these areas,I won't tell anybody,Thanks very much!! ~^@^~)


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10-27-2007 @ 7:02AM

perfectjay said...

Excuse me,how many kinds of weapons,and special weapons?


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10-27-2007 @ 1:13PM

C. said...

Why does Origin have to be on PSP? Will it be on any other system?


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10-28-2007 @ 6:26AM

Frastoglegnia said...

Question 14 asked whether Pyramid Head is in this game. Your inclusion of a Pyramid Head action figure in the SHO preorder package for Japan suggests he is, but leads to a newer question:

A Konami rep has told me there are no plans to include Pyramid Head in the SHO preorder package. If not, then will the figure be offered as a separate item for sale to U.S. preorder customers and Konami subscribers? Including extras with U.S. preorders might result in greater support for certain kinds of games -- especially niche Survival Horror games. If you're not going to offer Japanese extras to the U.S. for free, you could at least make a profit (and new friends) by offering them separately.


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10-28-2007 @ 1:33PM

christien said...

Will it feature any of the orginal games as unlockables?


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10-29-2007 @ 6:12PM

gtrunner said...

can they get the Silent Hill Collection to come out in the U.S. ??


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11-01-2007 @ 10:28PM

NeVeR said...

Do U have any hidden areas in Silent Hill Origins?
If U have,are thereany powerful weapons or any humor tools that we could use in SilentHIll Origins?
(Tell me these areas,I won't tell anybody,Thanks very
much!! ~^@^~)


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11-04-2007 @ 8:29PM

tyler said...

I'am so happy that Origin will be played on PSP ! What I want to know is the ending !! Sad ?? or multiple endings "?? thank you


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11-10-2007 @ 7:51AM

bloodmaster said...

I am a new player of silence hill.
Should it comfortable enough for me to understand and enjoy?


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1-23-2008 @ 1:17PM

Christina said...

how do u get life in this game and is there a life bar ?


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