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Dude, get your own Star Wars PSP

What? A PSP advertisement? On the TV?

Sony and LucasArts' new white limited edition PSP system is certainly getting a lot of attention (even from us). This brand new ad uses the same "Get Your Own" slogan that SCEA has been utilizing, and the same good ol' annoying prick from the previous ads. It's an effective, hilarious way of hitting home the point: get your own. With a stellar line up of games this holiday season, we think a lot of people will.

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10-20-2007 @ 12:47AM

linebeginstoblur said...

I've seen this commercial quite some time ago, but anyway, my two cents are that I dislike the "Dude, get your own" PSP ads. They should focus more, in my opinion, on the gameplay and the features of the game. I care more about infrastructure Wi-Fi support than some random guy who's stalking a PSP owner, saying "collectible" in a weird way. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons that Sony isn't taken as seriously anymore.


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10-20-2007 @ 1:13AM

ryan said...

I love the PSP but this commercial is terrible.


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10-20-2007 @ 1:20AM

Random1448 said...

yea those commercials kinda suck.


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10-20-2007 @ 1:33AM

blutrane said...

this sucks ass. I love my psps but this ad is just as bad as the 'all i want for xmas' debacle.

have you seen the ds commercial for phantom hourglass ( which is unplayable imho because of lusy touch controls )

great ad ->

shows gameplay, has good music and more importantly lots of different people are playing

cmon sony i want you to still be around for psp2...


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10-20-2007 @ 9:50AM

Alien said...

Well at leats they tried . Still , much batter than the first PSP commercials :)


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10-20-2007 @ 5:17PM

psp&dsFanboy said...



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10-21-2007 @ 8:32PM

Dio said...

Eh, serves him right for not waiting to get home before opening his brand new $200 PSP.


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