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Crisis Core loads infinitely faster on PSP-2000

The PSP-2000 didn't produce improved load times for us, but it looks like new PSP software, like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core, will fare differently. As showcased by this user video, this action RPG runs quite smoothly on the new hardware, but chugs along at an almost painful pace on the PSP Phat. This demonstration is quite possibly the most convincing we've seen that the PSP-2000 is a worthwhile upgrade for old owners. But, are you ready to buy a new system? Or will you simply wait it out?

[Thanks, J!]

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9-16-2007 @ 2:17PM

pjtmanzano said...

i have 2 phat psp's one is almost 2 years old and the other is about 6 months...the older one loads slower than the new one on a similar umd game so i got the conclusion that my older psp's lens is somewhat the problem and i ive have a feeling its the same as the above video...


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9-16-2007 @ 3:11PM

Hashbrown_Hunter said...

@ pjtmanzano: What you're saying could be true. It depends how old that person's original PSP is because apparently in the older, launch versions of the system, the UMD disc reader could become worn out enough for there to be a difference in read times.

So you're probably right, but I'm still glad I'm picking up a PSP Slim.


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9-16-2007 @ 3:15PM

PSP_Amigo said...

21. I wonder if your 2 yr old PSP if the umd lens could be cleaned? I have never researched it but I would imagine after a certain amount of time that the UMD needs a cleaning? Can anyone confirm if this is something that has to be done. My PSP is 20 months old and seems to load just as fast but it's not like Ihave timed loading a game that I got a year ago.


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9-16-2007 @ 4:03PM

TioSolid said...

Since we need custom firmwares for MS loading, I guess this test is not going to happen ;/


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9-16-2007 @ 4:17PM

cafecito said...

I don't care bout the new PSP. I love my classic one.

Besides, I don't care bout the TV out... I have my home consoles for that. Oh, and I hate following trends.


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Ratchet the Lombax26

9-16-2007 @ 4:46PM

Ratchet the Lombax said...

Well I got a slim once the CFW was released and I took it back the very next day. I wasn't impressed with it that much I thought it would be better than it was. I usually run my (legally ripped) games off a memory stick so the loading speeds didn't matter to me. What I as looking forward to was the TV out and increased memory. But after trying the TV out thing I found it to be no better than my PSP2TV adapter that I have installed on one of my fat PSPs. Plus with that I can use my wireless ps2 controller on the PSP which is great. As for the memory I guess it's good for the web browser but since I don't use that I couldn't care less. I did find it to be lighter than the original PSP but I never had a problem with the weight of the PSP to begin with. Maybe I'll buy a slim again one day but right now I'm happy with the original one.


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Andrew Yoon27

9-16-2007 @ 6:41PM

Andrew Yoon said...

Unfortunately, we can't test this out quite yet because our resources are sorta spread out at the moment! (I'm on vacation, and we're all getting ready for TGS! We'll try to do our own testing once things settle down!)


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9-16-2007 @ 11:07PM

B1gC72 said...

holy shit in a bucket thats fast! my PSP now takes ten forevers to load. i was gonna upgrade eventually anyway (probably around winter break) but this is definitely help to affirm my decision.


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9-17-2007 @ 12:04AM

LAZoftheTamarinds said...

I never actually played a Final Fantasy game(Gasps!) but the way crisis core is looking I might buy it. Still I am not buying psp 2000 for faster load times. My launch psp Phat is still kickin!


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9-18-2007 @ 8:04PM

MercyfulFate said...

I was on the phone with Sony, since I had a question about my PSP, and I dare tread into asking the guy what he thought of the new, anorexic version. He said he had no intention of upgrading his psp, that the only difference was size and the tv-out.. which was a 'kinda nice' feature(his words), but nothing he saw upgrade worthy of. He also said he felt that new games would probably run the same on the older models, and that too many people have them for Sony to simply start neglecting them. (But it's Sony, so you never know.)

So maybe that will give us all some food for thought...


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