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Disgaea features Japanese voice acting, Etna mode

IGN recently got its hands on a preview version of the upcoming PSP version of Disgaea. Although the game is largely a port, they noted two new features that will certainly get the attention of long-time fans. The game seemingly has both English and Japanese voice acting in the game, a feature we're hoping will survive in the final build. Certainly, anime fans will love to hear the game in its original language.

An additional mode, "Etna Mode," also provides a retelling of the story -- this time, from the perspective of the hot-headed Etna. According to IGN, "This perspective starts with Etna accidentally killing Laharl when trying to wake him up. Everything following that, it seems, is a spoiler for the main game, since you're suddenly privy to a great amount of information you wouldn't have known had you been playing from Laharl's perspective."

Sounds like Disgaea fans have a lot to look forward to, even in this PSP remake. It's clear that the title is shaping up to be more ambitious than a mere port, and we're glad to see Nis America take the effort to add something more for its US release this October. Check out our new gallery to see some awesome concept art:

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