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Hands-on: Syphon Filter Logan's Shadow

Has there ever been a better time to be a portable gamer? Nintendo DS owners are blessed with an incredible lineup of unique software, and PSP owners are finally getting games that are delivering on the system's promise of bringing console-quality gaming on the go. Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow expands upon the excellent Dark Mirror with a plethora of gameplay improvements that make it one of the most exciting games for Sony's handheld. It's rare to see a handheld game dare to do so much ... and succeed.

Logan's Shadow has a lot to showcase, and does a fantastic job presenting all it has to offer. The game begins with a fully voice cinematic that already reeks of international politics and betrayal. We loved the writing, and were even more impressed by the incredible voice acting. Afterwards, Logan can be found, manning a minigun in a helicopter. This on-rails segment adds a nice cinematic touch to the game, while having players adjust to the PSP's analog nub. Once on the ground, players will have to take out enemies by brute force.

We were surprised to see the incredible variety of moves that Logan has at his disposal. We were easily able to duck for cover, and start blind-firing at enemies. Much to our joy, we saw enemies also taking cover, trying to intelligently move. Of course, this being a video game, there were conveniently located explosive barrels that helped our fight considerably. Eventually, we were able to get close to an enemy, disarm him, and use him as a body shield. The button commands were easy, and made Logan feel like an appropriately lethal killer. Scattered throughout the levels were quick time events, which have the player pressing on-screen commands, a la God of War. These sequences simply break up the action, and help the game's pacing.

Logan's Shadow is an impressive game that features great graphics, and great gameplay. (Although, this game makes us long for a second analog stick!) Regardless, Logan's Shadow offers a truly compelling gaming experience for portable gamers that will make console owners jealous.

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7-18-2007 @ 3:17PM

Trekster said...

Andrew states:
"and PSP owners are finally getting games that are delivering on the system's promise of bringing console-quality gaming on the go"

WTF? Are saying that after 2.5 years there have been no console quality games on the PSP??? That is such a lame and incorrect statement it's not even funny. I would go on to list the many games that are console quality games but should I have to defend the PSP against the Moderator of a so called PSP Fanboy site?!?!?
You know if there are new visitors to this page and if they only read this they might think the PSP has had 2.5 years of bad games. Statements like yours sir make me want for a no confidence vote ;)


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7-18-2007 @ 4:05PM

Drdre74 said...

It has had 2.5 years of bad games. Mostly ports. I've had my psp since the first day and this is the first time since I've gotten it that I have a wish list of games I want to buy for it. This is one and God of war is the second. I cant think of the last time people were going crazy over a psp game coming out like they are GOW. Well maybe when GTA first came out on psp.


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7-18-2007 @ 4:18PM

required said...

Drdre74, you should purge your system elsewhere as you are full of stinky junk.

see: http://tlr.psplite.net/thepsphasnogames/a07.html


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7-18-2007 @ 4:22PM

required said...

Trekster, yoon is often out of touch. I don't think he ever played http://psp.ign.com/articles/695/695160p1.html


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7-18-2007 @ 5:24PM

Mahan said...

There are tons of great games to play on psp it all depends on your likeing of Genres, these game are more for die hard sony fans, how can u mention Ds on this site, Ds isnt impressive at all, it has that stylis or w/e and touch screen other than that its a Kiddie System, thats all Nintendo has been


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7-18-2007 @ 5:57PM

runemaster said...

Somehow I agree with Trekster.


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7-18-2007 @ 6:23PM

NdFaN1083 said...

Does anyone know when the Demo will be shipped to those who got on the list???


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Kade Storm8

7-18-2007 @ 7:59PM

Kade Storm said...

Dark Mirror in itself is an amazing example of PSP achieving nigh PS2 performance with its own portable edge added to the mix.

Besides, I recall Gundam SEED Rengou vs. ZAFT to be a visually crispier piece than its PS2 counterpart. My only quib was the lack of zero-gravity combat.

Hey, on the whole, I am sure we can refer to a handful of games that have indeed achieved and set standards for the console over the last two-and-a-half-years. Hell, Burnout and Ridge Racer, anyone?! Even the launch lineup has had some amazing examples.

I remember a year ago, I was trying to convince myself of PSP's true potential being exploited on a larger scale. I came across and article on Guardian, where the author pointed out one very interesting fact that only the innocent, untainted opinion of a novice gamer could detect. Although the columnist did make a rough comparison between the PS2 and PSP specs, he refrained from belching on about technicalities and making sexed up hypothetical judgements - everyone had already beaten him to that dead-beaten-horse. However, he touched on just one fact that won me over: A refernce to just how visually weak the PS2 lineup was (relative to PSP) during launch period, and how many titles were a far-fucking-cry from achieving anything remote to the PS2's limits.

O RLY?! Yes. Come to think about it, PSP's games from the start have shown much more visual umph than quite a lot of initial releases for the PS2 during the first two years of its own life cycle. And that's not even the point, because PSP already has titles that set standards which touch PS2-level performance from its prime: Dark Mirror can be considered one such example.


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7-19-2007 @ 9:56AM

gullum said...

i agree with you guys that this Andrew guys nintendo fanboyism is out of control. I wish Steven Bailey were the one doing these "impressions" since he seems to be much more objective and open minded.


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7-19-2007 @ 11:29AM

Martin said...

I already got a demo in the mail. The gameplay is generally the same, except apparently now you have to swim...and the graphics look better.


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7-19-2007 @ 6:09PM

rockeranimefreak said...

okay so my gamestop managers like to throw things like demo's away because they say there's no room is they're like a dl version anywhere for this??


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7-20-2007 @ 9:45AM

Mike said...

Went to the site and selected the demo ...I have not gotten it yet. About a month ago..


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9-15-2007 @ 5:23AM

rayfigy said...

where can I purchase this game, I have a sample in the mail for my PSP
and I want it NOW
please advice, VISA?
How much?
Thank you


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