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Lumines sales up nearly 6000 percent since exploit

Many modern PSP owners do not have homebrew-capable PSP systems. Therefore, when an exploit was found in Lumines that defeats protection in 3.50 firmware, many leaped at an opportunity to purchase the beloved PSP music/puzzle game. Sales on have jumped up a whopping 5,900% percent, making it the tenth best selling video game on the retailer's site. Until there's an alternative solution for those clamoring for homebrew on their systems, Lumines looks like it will be experiencing quite an incredible new revival in sales.

[Thanks, ben!]

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21. Ubisoft must be loving this

Posted at 12:35AM on Jun 25th 2007 by Kxpuc

22. well, it looks like this os gonna be my chance, I'm definently not going to upgrad until I'm absolutly sure I want homebrew, but I should nab a copy of Lumines anyway.

Posted at 1:03AM on Jun 25th 2007 by insert cool name

23. At least these games, GTA:LCS & Lumines, are decent.

Imagine if it took an unpatched copy of Pocket Racers to enable homebrew.

Posted at 1:27AM on Jun 25th 2007 by Don

24. My old, old copy of Lumines sold for 20 Euro on eBay yesterday. Thanks, hackers! ;-)

Posted at 2:40AM on Jun 25th 2007 by mnemo

25. By the way, I tried the exploit a few times on my 3.01 PSP (that was also sold yesterday at an exceptionally good price) and it didn't work. The PSP just shut down after a few seconds when the Start key was pressed in Lumines.

Posted at 2:48AM on Jun 25th 2007 by mnemo

26. Just wait until sales reach over 9000%

Then we can insert Vegeta saying "ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!"

Posted at 3:29AM on Jun 25th 2007 by Shadowfox85

27. @ NdFaN1083:

you can't use this to run homebrew, yet. as i understand it, it's more or less a proof-of-concept. but more will be forthcoming...

Posted at 4:23AM on Jun 25th 2007 by that_other_guy

28. And in the latest news : seeing that Lumines slaes are higher than before , Ubisoft had decided that they will keep pushing more crapy games on the sistem :(

Posted at 8:42AM on Jun 25th 2007 by Alien

29. Alien
"Ubisoft had decided that they will keep pushing more crapy games on the sistem :("

hmm according to gamestats:
VicioJuegos [Spain] 09/09/2006 86 /100 8.6
Christ CenteredGameReviews 05/16/2006 95.5 /100 9.6
Game Force 01/01/2006 9 /10 9.0
VGGEN (Video Game Gen) 11/28/2005 10.0 /10 10.0
Ace Gamez 09/23/2005 8 /10 8.0
PTgamers [Portuguese] 09/21/2005 18 /20 9.0
GameStyle 09/01/2005 8 /10 8.0
PAL Gaming Network (PALGN) 09/01/2005 8.5 /10 8.5
Empire Online 09/01/2005 5 /5 10.0
Computer and Video 08/30/2005 9 /10 9.0

Review average 8.9

So, this is Crap??? There have been many great games from Ubisoft. Me thinks you should check your facts before spouting your dribble......

Posted at 2:27PM on Jun 25th 2007 by PSP-Rising

30. PSP-Rising
"So, this is Crap??? There have been many great games from Ubisoft. Me thinks you should check your facts before spouting your dribble......"

-Ha you pwned Alien LMAO

Posted at 1:02AM on Jun 26th 2007 by pcb

31. is anyone from Tracy,CA i think there is one in stock i don't think alot people know about psp homebrew over here because i asked all my friends they didn't know wtf im talking about.

Posted at 2:47AM on Jun 27th 2007 by PimpMatt

32. i just upgraded my psp to 3.50 today and i was like yay so excited and stuff because i was stuck on 3.11 and now i need lumines hope there is one in stock or ill be freaken made and have to be stuck on emulators on pc and not handheld to show off :( hope they don't patch it fast because its hard to tell my parents why i need this game and if its something foolish like this they won't care and i would need to beg or i can do it illegaly by doing a soda code hack to get all the change from the soda machine hehe and my parents will get made or i will steal the stupid game (no offence)

Posted at 2:50AM on Jun 27th 2007 by Pimp Matt

33. when i said made i ment "mad" i always get mix up with that don't tell me why because i don't know

Posted at 2:52AM on Jun 27th 2007 by Pimp Matt

34. @ Merc

Did you read what he typed "watch it being some fake rumour" pretty much tells me he thinks it is a rumour, but we all know he is just stupid

Posted at 11:12PM on Jun 28th 2007 by jim

35. cool..anywayz tolate to get online im ppicking mine up in ma local blockbuster for $10...have to buy ..=( i want to rent ...aahhscrew i'll give it now imma be able to piss off ma teachers with ir shell turnin off and on the tv ..!!!yey that the only reason i want hombrew..thanks noobz and everyone who made this..

Posted at 7:37PM on Jun 29th 2007 by b

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