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60 reasons to own a PSP: part 6

We all love value. And this list is filled with it. We're continuing the list of 60 reasons to own a PSP, courtesy of TCLCloud. After today, we'll be halfway done!

26. Messengers (AIM, MSN, Yahoo)
It might not be the most elegant solution around, but PSP owners can actually message buddy list friends on AIM, MSN or Yahoo. The keyboard interface leaves much to be desired, but it's an excellent back-up solution when you're away from your computer, and all you have is your PSP. Our favorite is PSP Pro-Messenger (pictured, above). The great thing about this? You don't need homebrew, either. It works with your PSP internet browser.

27. Greatest Hits & budget titles
Did you know that PSP is home to some really cheap games? The Greatest Hits collection of $20 games includes hits such as Daxter, Syphon Filter, Liberty City Stories, Wipeout Pure, and more. But, that's not all! A report compiled in April showed that 33% of PSP games are available for under $25.

28. Price: now only $170
The power to play PS2-quality games, watch movies, listen to music, and surf the web ... for only $170? Sure, it costs more than a GBA or Nintendo DS, but it's still an incredible value for the sheer amount of technology you're receiving.

29. Portals
Fans have taken it upon themselves to create web-based portals. They work through the PSP internet browser, and offer users media options, internet links, and other PSP-friendly stuff from one place. There's a lot to choose from. One that caught our attention: X5 Resurrection (pictured, above). Do you think we should make our own PSP Fanboy-branded portal?

30. Free VoIP
Sony of Europe has partnered up with BT to offer free VoIP calls for British PSP owners. It looks impressive ... and we're pretty sure that Sony's going to partner up with other providers for the US as well. With this, your PSP will be able to make phone calls from wherever you find a wi-fi connection. Not bad, huh?

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6-22-2007 @ 11:53AM

Alien said...

Interesting adds , though I think the price schould have been mentioned in first place :P


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6-22-2007 @ 11:55AM

EZ_humanabattoir said...

I just got WipEout Pure for $15 at walmart. Dont know about the others though.


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6-22-2007 @ 11:58AM

Random said...

man, I still haven't bought daxter yet, and that pic makes me want it even more :( but ... i'm broke.... but only for a few more days :D


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6-22-2007 @ 12:03PM

will said...

Yea... you should add a portal for pspfanboy.


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6-22-2007 @ 4:08PM

warrenjoseph76 said...

portal would be nice, once it actually functions and is helpful unlike X5..unless I'm missing something, were you able to actually use that site for anything other than go to the PSP site? How do you actually use itunes or safari or anything else there? While you're accepting suggestions though, it would be nice if reader comments were visible on the mobile version of pspfanboy, and links on the mobile version led to the mobile versions of pages instead of the full-takes 6 days to load-page. Maybe even downloadable versions of any embedded video referenced in a story? I would much prefer to view this page on my PSP browser if it were more fleshed out and a fuller experience. Thanks for all the hard work otherwise though! You guys are the tits!


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6-22-2007 @ 4:12PM

warrenjoseph76 said...

of course, if Sony gave us a browser that could stream video, it would make all of our lives can only hope now that the iphone's big draw (apart from a million other things) is it's ability to play YouTube vids...wouldn't it be cool if our little $170 gadget could do the same?


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6-22-2007 @ 4:43PM

Yashamaru said...

"The keyboard interface leaves much to be desired, but it's an excellent back-up solution when you're away from your computer, and all you have is your PSP."

fyi, has also made use of the ir port so using homebrew (pikey) one can use a full keyboard. I have the Targus Universal Wireless Keyboard, and it works great.

"the iphone's big draw (apart from a million other things) is it's ability to play YouTube vids...wouldn't it be cool if our little $170 gadget could do the same?"

we can using homebrew apps (It's the same for many things).


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6-22-2007 @ 7:51PM

Calvin said...

You had me at portals and cheap games. =] But seriously, the games are cheaper than games for the ds, and have better graphics, what more could you want? Free soda?...Hrm. Anyway, i heard about prtals but i never really explored them. I think i'll take a look, it would be nice to have a mac on my psp. ;)


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6-22-2007 @ 8:48PM

merc25 said...

Didn't even know about portals. I don't think price tag for the system should be here on the list, it should be number 60 on the list. I think he should have made it all the features eventually lead up to price tag(I also think the cheap games should 59 on the list).


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6-22-2007 @ 10:13PM

ben said...

Calvin and merc. Don't try Portals, they are the biggest waste time EVER.


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GameBox 4711

6-22-2007 @ 10:20PM

GameBox 47 said...

Don't listen to him. Try for some really awesome portals, better than X5. The most stable version is PSPWxp 3.7. All the others are betas. By the way, Pro Messenger was made by qaz of the BlazeByte forums! ;)


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