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Silent Hill Origins rises from the dead

Silent Hill: Origins had seemingly disappeared from the public eye, with many (including ourselves) fearing its cancellation. The game showed early promise, with impressive graphics and Resident Evil 4-style gameplay. However, it wasn't long until there were reports of troubled development: Climax, the game's developer, laid off numerous employees. Then, it was conspicuously absent from Konami's Gamers Day.

Well, looks our fears were unwarranted. Game Informer has a new exclusive preview up: "The kicker was that even though the game was on a much smaller screen, our hands sweated and heart pounded as if we were playing a full-on entry in the series. If you're sensitive to scary content you'll probably not be playing this with the lights out and headphones on like the game recommends. With that said, it looks like Climax is on the right track with Origins."

We're incredibly relieved that the game has taken a turn for the better. Check out Game Informer for more screenshots and videos.

[Via NeoGAF]

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4-20-2007 @ 11:01PM

kokoro said...

read the review. but I couldn't find the video. hmmm..

still, survival horror genre. I don't believe it was ever done on PSP before, I hope it'd be as good as GI claims to be. I would definitely check it out.

*Crisis Core
*God of War
*Devil May Cry
and now *Origins

man, some pretty good games for the future. let's bring those games out soon, Sony stated that they will focus more on PSP now, so MAKE IT HAPPEN!


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4-20-2007 @ 11:08PM

Leingod said...

Actually, i was wondering where Silent Hill Origins went as well. It's great news to know it's still coming!


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4-20-2007 @ 11:12PM

Saigon said...

Oh yes.


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4-21-2007 @ 12:30AM

pixelator said...

I'd *never* say I told you so, but...I so totally did. :p

"Climax is using dynamic lighting and shadows cast from the flashlight will be reflected on the environment. The visuals are fantastic albeit disturbing with the added aural qualities making Silent Hill Origins have a definite aura of menace surrounding every turn."

LOVE it. I honestly wasn't as excited about this year's lineup of PSP games as last year... Until now. This one game makes me VERY happy to have a PSP for 2007.


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4-21-2007 @ 5:42AM

txa1265 said...

What was the purpose of posting that link? To show where the unintelligent fanboys who have their 'penis measuring' DS vw. PSP battles here come from - which is the single most uniformly unintelligent and uninformed place for debate?


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Kade Storm6

4-21-2007 @ 10:42AM

Kade Storm said... this, is F*N tight news.

Beer for all!


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4-21-2007 @ 12:05PM

Alien said...

Yes , finally some info :D I cant wait :)


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4-21-2007 @ 9:24PM

doke said...

Thank god, people will actually think of the PSP as a good system when this comes out.

P.S. Happy 420 everyone...or anyone who knows what it is.


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4-22-2007 @ 11:24AM

pixelator said...

@9: The people who don't think the PSP is a 'good system' by now are biased fanboys. Forget them.


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4-22-2007 @ 11:24AM

pixelator said...

TXA: I dunno, I think Sega of America forum is the worst group of uninformed PSP haters I've ever seen in one place.


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4-23-2007 @ 10:13AM

Tanya said...

Thank Alyssa for the new SH:O news! I was really worried that it got cancelled but happy to see it didn't! And the game looks even better than before!^_^


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4-26-2007 @ 9:54PM

muppetmeth said...

Thank god this wasn't cancelled.

Otherwise I would never have gotten a psp.


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