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Remote Play not enhanced in latest firmware? [Update 1]

We were told to expect Advanced Remote Play functionality in today's big PS3 update (version 1.6). Looks like we were played the fool: you will not be able to access your PS3's content from any wi-fi point: once again, you must be in wireless range of your PS3. Until they correct this, the Remote Play functionality loses a lot of its purpose: what's the point of being tethered so close to the system? Update 1: It looks like Sony has delivered, but in a very unreliable fashion. Personal tests show that a "PS3 is not detected" error message is given more often than not. A variety of factors may be causing this glitch: firstly, your PS3 may lose its internet connection, especially if it's not wired. Secondly, [email protected] seemingly activates even when your PS3 is in Remote Play mode, which can cause some glitches. Personally, I've been able to successfully connect to my PS3 from an external wi-fi source less than 1 in 10 times. We shall investigate further.

There are some additional improvements made in this firmware revision, but they are very subtle. You'll be able to easily register a PSP for Remote Play use by accessing Remote Play from System Settings on PS3. Also, you'll be able to connect a wi-fi bridge to 20GB PS3s, allowing them to interface with PSP like the 60GB versions do.

[Thanks, Ryan!]

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3-24-2007 @ 12:24PM

Tye said...

The PS3 is wired through a Linksys router (Cisco Systems) & the PSP was used through a Linksys wireless access point as well.

I suspect there may be something you need to configure w/your firewall setting on the router the PS3 is connected through.

I work for a major electronics retail chain, and have been through a few routers in my day - I will only sell Linksys now.


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3-25-2007 @ 1:10AM

nynja said...

1.60 update did not screw up my remote play, just had to reconfigure my PS3's remote play settings and re-register my PSP. See post # 11 by Tye.

As for more lag, I did not notice any significant change. Did you check the connection settings? Try setting it to 5 while you navigate the system and before u watch a video or listen to music, set the connection to a lower number for better quality.


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3-25-2007 @ 2:31AM

nynja said...

Nothing earth shattering, just a slew of new functions;

BIG updates (requests from fans)

- Remote Play over Access Point (AP): You can now use the remote play feature from a PSP system via an access point. You can establish a remote play connection with a PS3™ system that is not equipped with the wireless LAN feature (20 GB model).

- Precision Zoom: You can automatically enlarge to optimal viewing size the area on the screen where the pointer is located.

- Full Size Keyboard: You can now use a full-size on-screen keyboard to enter text.

- Background Downloading: Support for background downloading of data has been added. Select up to 6 games to consecutively download while using the PS3, watching videos, surfing Internet, browsing PS store, listening to music or playing offline games.

- [email protected] (though not sure if was request from fans): You can now download and use the [email protected]™ program. [email protected]™ is a distributed computing project that is run by Stanford University. The goal of the project is to research protein folding mechanisms in the hope that this will lead to medical treatments for related diseases. Using the [email protected]™ program, you can participate in this project over the Internet. Note that the program must first be downloaded and installed on your PS3™ system.

New options in XMB:

- Support for playback of BD-RE (Blu-ray Disc Rewritable) ver 3.0 has been added.
- The PS3™ system can now automatically detect an HDMI connection to a TV. If the PS3™ system is turned on with an HDMI cable connected, the screen for switching video output settings will be displayed automatically.*
- Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Chinese (Simplified) and Chinese (Traditional) have been added as options in [System Language] under [System Settings].
- You can now select the character set to be used for file names under [System Settings] > [Character Set].
- [Enable WMA Playback] has been added as an option under [System Settings].
- [Disc Auto-Start] has been added as an option under [System Settings].
- You can now restore backed up data to another PS3™ system under [System Settings] > [Backup Utility].
- You can now register a keyboard and a mouse under [Accessory Settings] > [Register Bluetooth® Device].
- [Remote Play Settings] has been added as an option.
- Support for playback of DSD (Direct Stream Digital) discs has been added.
- Motion JPEG and AVCHD (.m2ts) have been added as playable formats.
- [Download Management] has been added as a feature.
- [Start New Chat] has been added as an option.


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3-25-2007 @ 1:16PM

Ryan said...

nynja: The question isn't 'why did it screw up my remote play?', since it still works like before. My question is, how do I get the advanced features working? (Specifically, accessing PS3 from wifi hotspots outside my house.) Lag is not a problem for people using Remote Play close to their PS3. Sorry for multiple posts, just wanted to clarify...


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3-25-2007 @ 4:47PM

Ryan said...

Tye, which Linksys router are you using?


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