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What do you want to see in God of War PSP?

I loved the original God of War and from what I've played of God of War II, it seems even better than the first, but what can Ready at Dawn (creators of the excellent Daxter) do with God of War on the PSP? Well first of all, I'm just happy that I am getting more God of War this year, so it fulfills my wishes on that level, but I suppose I should have more expectations than that. Here's what I'd like to see in God of War PSP:

  • New weapons (and if possible some that are as fun as the chain blades)
  • More powers (how 'bout one that turns enemies into curly fries)
  • More level spanning boss battles (like the colossus battle)
  • Keep the epic levels and feel
  • Orchestrated music (with opera singers if possible, they always sound dramatic)
  • More puzzles around killing enemies or using their corpses
  • Co-op (it's all the rage now)
  • Visuals on par with the PS2 titles
  • Intuitive controls

But enough about what I want from God of War PSP, what do you want to see Kratos do in his first portable adventure?

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3-16-2007 @ 11:33AM

yedgee said...

If the levels are as large/long as GOW 1 and 2, I hope the creators make the PSP levels have save points somewhere along the way. Being a portable game, sometimes users only have 15 minutes to play while they are on the go.
Too many psp games require you to spend too long completing a level/mission until you can save.
Regardless, this game MUST be great. They can't ruin the GOW name.


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3-16-2007 @ 11:56AM

required said...

I use the sleep function to act as a save of sorts when I'm on the run.


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Stef Geiger3

3-16-2007 @ 12:23PM

Stef Geiger said...

Yeah, seriously, how is saving ever an issue when you can just have the PSP sleep? The thing can sleep for at least a WEEK without much battery drain...


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3-16-2007 @ 12:25PM

Kola said...

All I want to see is Kratos kicking ass... and king Leonidas as his sidekick. Spartans are so... sick.


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3-16-2007 @ 12:26PM

Alien said...

Well , I hope all of those upmentioned points will be fullfiled , but I would also like an epic story to it ;)


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Stef Geiger6

3-16-2007 @ 12:57PM

Stef Geiger said...

Let's just pray they don't "portable-ize" it. I'd be damn pissed to see that another game with potential was ruined because the developers think since it's portable, the game should be arcady and be played in 2 minute bursts.


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3-16-2007 @ 1:15PM

yedgee said...

I didn't realize the battery would last a long time if put into sleep mode (weeks?). I guess I'll give that a shot on some games I'm playing now.


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3-16-2007 @ 2:10PM

Hater2040 said...

Make it a side scroller or a Diablo kind of game and dont dare to forget the Sex minigames!!.


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3-16-2007 @ 2:58PM

pete said...

Yea im curious how they're ganna do this. The right analog stick dive motion? i dont know how they will pull that off. Some Magazine had an article saying that they were thinking about using a toggle button where you hold down a button and then press another to dive? i forget which magazine so i cant quote it.

On a side note, the sleep function is a godsend. i use it in every game. just pause and put it in sleep. sometime games might have a 10 second load and stuff but its so much easier. usually i do it when there isnt anything happening on screen so there is less to load.


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3-16-2007 @ 4:04PM

hooker said...

longer story


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3-16-2007 @ 7:34PM

Hashbrown_Hunter said...

-Good story
-NOT short
-Good graphics (maybe not GoW on PS2 graphics, but good ones)
-A control scheme that works
-Epic-sense of the levels
-Fun and somewhat short boss fights and maybe an Arena feature where you can fight bosses that you've defeated or fight random enemies.

If they get all that right, I would be happy.


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3-16-2007 @ 7:37PM

Bored said...

"Yeah, seriously, how is saving ever an issue when you can just have the PSP sleep? The thing can sleep for at least a WEEK without much battery drain..."

Take this example: I like to play for a short burst on the bus, but when I leave it, I go back to the XMB and play some music, or switch to watch the latest BCC podcast. In this case, which is pretty often, I would like to be able to save the game.


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3-16-2007 @ 8:01PM

John said...

Seriously here are the mandatory points for God of War PSP:

-Graphics have to be similar(on par)to God of War PS2

-Deeper combat system/more attacks (the current one is near perfect but it's gonna get old eventually)

-Better Weapons and fun to use like the Blades of Athena(BKing's Hammer sux)

-New/Better Magic please!!!(Cronos' Rage is similar to Poseidon's Rage; and Head of Eurayle? if it was boring in the first God of War, turning enemies into stone won't be any more fun in future games

-more unlockables(more replay value)

-different environments

-longer story(also more replay value in terms of game time- 12/15 hrs)


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3-17-2007 @ 1:09PM

vR said...

Bored is right. In my case, I often play games in 10 minute spurts. I might play a round of Virtua Tennis for 10 minutes, then I might play a few songs on DJMax, then a quick mission on Call of Duty. I don't have much time to play games nowadays, so I have a tendency to squeeze as many different games on my breaks or on lunch as possible. Sleep mode is not the solution.

At any rate, I'm sure they'll address this. Save points, shorter levels, whatever. Since I barely finished GoW (I rarely play console games now), I am psyched for this game.


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4-14-2007 @ 7:14PM

michael said...

i want to have the same or almost the same graphics sonds and story line and same upgrades


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4-25-2007 @ 10:13AM

beaver said...

i dont care how good(or bad )this game is i am buying it... you cant screw up a GOW game, although,
god graphics would be nice.
also, more wepones, many ation games have to have a really good feel of their wepons or else they feel like crap, then the game turns to crap. like sin ep, that game could have been good if it was all guns...mabey
and just make it fun, oh, ya, it needs blood and lots of it.


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4-29-2007 @ 2:04PM

colloboh said...

i hope u could fly like da 2nd 1


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