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Can PS1 games on PSP resurrect lost titles?

Yesterday I was engrossed in the explosive delight that is Silent Bomber. I downloaded it off the Japanese PLAYSTATION NETWORK for use on my PSP. For those of you who haven't heard of the game (which is probably most of you), it was a PlayStation 1 game that came out after Metal Gear and tried to do the cinematic story thing, while the gameplay was a mix of Bomberman and Contra. I had so much fun playing it, that I couldn't help but wish for a sequel, but such a sequel is unlikely since the game is a cult hit at best. But then I wondered if perhaps the reemergence of the title in digital download form could have the potential to explode its popularity to the point that a sequel could be made.

Without the constraints of a short shelf lifespan in stores and the equality that is digital download, could a game that flopped when it was originally released on PS1 become a success on the PSP to such a point that a sequel or continuation of the series was financially intelligent? I'm well aware that not every PSP owner is going to pay for and download PS1 games and that also, until PS1 downloads are available without a PS3, the relative success of the downloads will be small. However, what will happen when the PSP can natively download PS1 titles for play? Geometry Wars was such a huge hit on Xbox Live Arcade, that a sequel is in the works. Why couldn't the same happen to a Silent Bomber? Do you think PS1 downloads have to potential to bring back dead titles? What PS1 game would you like to see a sequel to if this did start to occur?

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2-06-2007 @ 1:06PM

Alien said...

The chances are really low , but who knows , there are miracles to :P Anyways , chances are really slim , this PSone games are just final $ types :(


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2-06-2007 @ 1:24PM

alphacrumb said...

I firmly believe the digital download format is where the PSP could truly shine. An Xbox Live/Steam-style system, combined with Sony's new 32GB Memory Sticks would be a real killer app for the handheld.

As for sequels, I'd love to see one for Fear Effect. (I seem to remember something about a Fear Effect sequel developed for the PS2 that was canned by Sony--maybe the resources for that could be channeled to PSP.)

Other games deserving of a sequel: Colony Wars, Chrono Cross, Parasite Eve, and Vib-Ribbon ... and Bushido Blade!


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2-06-2007 @ 2:33PM

apoc06 said...

first game that comes to mind: einhander!


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2-06-2007 @ 3:03PM

Aaron said...

I agree with Alphacrumb, the real killer app will be downloadable content. Sony touts the PSP as "Entertainment without boundaries" Well, remove the PS3 boundary so there can be at least a little truth in advertising.

I have no intention of purchasing a PS3, I like my PSP, PS2 and Wii and have a pretty capable PC. No need for another gaming platform for me.

But, getting more options with my PSP is something I am really for and downloadable games seems to be such a no-brainer for me that the only reason I can see why Sony doesn't want to allow more of it is them being complete short-sighted, control freaks.

Every game should have a downloadable demo, that's right, EVERY game, new and old.

I would really like to be able to browse all PS1 games, download the demo, see if I like it, etc. ALL FROM MY PSP.

That would be "entertainment without boundaries" to me.


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2-06-2007 @ 3:16PM

friktionn said...

Silent Bomber is an excellent game. I had it for PS1. It was a blast.


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2-06-2007 @ 3:26PM

txa1265 said...

I think if done right downloadable PS1 games *could* be a major jump point for new PSP games ... but then there is Sony to deal with ...

Right now Sony wants you to buy a system that is collecting dust on store shelves for a horrific amount of money for the privilege of getting PS1 games. That is just not happening for most.

Also, all of their 'digital download' systems to date have both failed and been terrible. They really need to step up and deliver something this time around - but on what should we pin our hopes?

So I remain skeptical ... I will need to see a workable PC or direct PSP download service before I think that PS1 games will even be viable *on their own*, let alone as a launch pad for sequels ...


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The Clunge7

2-06-2007 @ 4:07PM

The Clunge said...

My copy of Silent Bomber had a fault where the game would hang after a particularly difficult set of battles on an elevator. It was a rock-hard level, and everytime I fought my way through it in the hopes it would be okay this time, it would crash again. I tried it on 2 different PS1s and 2 different PS2s but it always crashed :-(

Good game up until that point though. Hopefully a downloadable version would finally let me get past that point.


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2-06-2007 @ 4:45PM

Zio said...

I really hope that someday I can download PS1 games on my PSP (without PS3) for a small price.


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Kade Storm9

2-06-2007 @ 6:20PM

Kade Storm said...

I've been rediscovering games on the PSP. I mean, I never got to end Parasite Even on the original PSone. I had planned on getting back into that game recently, but something kept putting me off the console (PS2). Playing this game on the PSP has helped me appreciated this game on a whole new level with the portability factor. But that's just me!


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2-07-2007 @ 10:08AM

zorax said...

Xenogears & Brave Fencer Mushaiden!!!


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2-07-2007 @ 12:48PM

Bill said...

I'd love to see panzer general and even allied general. Command & Conquer, Civilization, Colony Wars, Army Men, Spec Ops - Ranger Elite, Romance Of The 3 Kingdoms IV, Final Fantasy Tactics


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2-07-2007 @ 12:49PM

Mikey said...

SOUL REAVER! ...and the entire Legacy of Kain series! I loved this game (for the story AND gameplay), and I would love to be able to have a newer (better...think LOK Defiance for the PS2/XBOX) for the PSP with a new storyline. We need a revival of alot of great games that never made it into the spotlight.

I agree with the guy who liked Parasite Eve. That game was phenomenal! I also agree that we should be able to download them through a Playstation Network interface on the PSP instead of the PS3. I mean, it should be able to be built into the XMB like the other features. WHY would you download games on your PS3 if you cant play them on the PS3??? I mean, there's the usual storage factor, but come on, it should be available on the PSP too!

neway... I love Sony's consoles... I just don't like all the hype and the RIDICULOUS prices...just my opinion.


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2-08-2007 @ 10:34PM

Thomas said...

I definitely think that some ps1 games can be reborn via the PSN... however I just wish it was possible download the PS1 games for play on the Playstation 3, and the PSP.


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