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Sony to compete against Nintendo with PSP's multimedia features

After reporting some pretty disappointing losses, Sony is desperately trying to restructure its games division to at least break even. After stating boldly that they will not give up on the PSP, Sony will now seriously push the multimedia capabilities of the system. They've already started developing partnerships with media providers, such as amazon, but it looks like Sony is looking for even larger partnerships.

According to MarketWatch, analysts are predicting Sony will partner up with "at least one big ISP, such as Yahoo." Such tie-ins will promote the PSP's ability to download movies, television shows and PlayStation games. The PSP is technically capable of doing a lot, but the goal is to get the word out to the mainstream.

"It was pretty much a competition issue with the Nintendo so we have to fight back by introducing more attractive applications [for the PSP] by using the network," Nobuyuki Oneda, Sony's CFO, told the Financial Times.

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1. This is a step in the right direction but if they don't lower the price then it won't make the difference they need. This is a current PS3 problem too high a price.

Posted at 12:18PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Jeff Cossey

2. Games Sony! Games! Jeez! How many more times do we need to repeat this? Games! PSP is a gaming machine! All it needs is GAMES! Find developers. Develop yourself. I for one will not lug your brick sized device around to watch videos on it or to listen to music. It's neither a viable mp3 player nor a PMP. How about easy access (read: one that doesn't require a PS3) to PS1 games? More downloadable game demos? Are you totaly gone braindead?

Posted at 12:33PM on Feb 1st 2007 by goktekin

3. #2.

Kneejerk reactions...!

They just talked about having games available without the PS3, and you already have great games on the PSP. It's not much bulkier than an IPod...less expensive though.

Posted at 12:44PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Johnny Lasley

4. The PSP has tons of games and tons more great games coming out this year that is not the problem. What games are you looking for? I mean how many has to come out that you consider enough??

Posted at 12:56PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Jeff Cossey

5. good games....plain and simple. If they do that then they will make money.

hey but at least they open their eyes to see how Nintendo is killing them. :)

Posted at 1:05PM on Feb 1st 2007 by The Poet

6. #3 Touche (for the kneejerk reaction). The above PSP Fanboy reporting is only a sentence from the original report (and not the important part for that matter). I just reacted to it as yet another "will do more media on psp" reporting without reading the original article.

However, PSP will never be a media player in my book. I take it out from the drawer only to play games. And let me tell you everytime I take it out to play a new game I have to set the date and time ;) In comparison my new DS is in use daily.

Posted at 1:07PM on Feb 1st 2007 by goktekin

7. I'd rather have less games, but more of those which I'd actually like to play. I already own around 10 games for psp and it's enough for me right now. Seriously, do you think that all people play games all day long ?

Posted at 1:08PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Pinionist

8. you have 10 psp games?. I have 3 and i homebrew, thats how many few games there are that i think are good, i got metal portable ops, tekken, monster hunter, and soon vice city stories, all for free.

Posted at 2:02PM on Feb 1st 2007 by fox619_master

9. Yeah I am about to have 11 or 12 PSP games, there are really great games on it for all players.

Posted at 2:21PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Tristan

10. The PSP would really take off if Sony could do just one thing: destroy the perception that the DS has better games and more of them ASAP. I own both the PSP and DS--and I enjoy them both--but when I want to play something really epic, I turn to the PSP. (For short game sessions, the DS is just about perfect.)

Considering that the PSP can play PSX games with barely a hitch, Sony would do well to make the majority of PSX titles available for cheap purchase and quick download *right now*. The PSP would not only have one of the largest libraries available for any console, but some of the finest games ever made.

I recently converted a few of my old PSX discs (Final Fanasty VII, Chrono Cross, Fear Effect, Colony Wars, Tenchu, and Gran Turismo 2). There's nothing comparable on the DS to these classics.

Posted at 3:06PM on Feb 1st 2007 by alphacrumb

11. Re: #8 "I have 3 and i homebrew, thats how many few games there are that i think are good, i got metal portable ops, tekken, monster hunter, and soon vice city stories, all for free."

QED for pretty much every recent thread.

I own over 50 PSP games - some are really crappy, some are mediocre, some are pretty darn good. Still waiting on a non-crappy strategy game and an really good RPG and a decent run&gun shooter ...

Posted at 3:09PM on Feb 1st 2007 by txa1265

12. "And let me tell you everytime I take it out to play a new game I have to set the date and time ;) In comparison my new DS is in use daily."

That says more about your gaming habits and preferences than it does about whether the PSP has good games. I personally play games on both my PSP and DS - sometimes more on the DS (like right now with Castlevania and earlier with Age of Empires) and sometimes more on the PSP (like when GTA, Ace Combat X and Dungeon Siege came out).

"I have 3 and i homebrew, thats how many few games there are that i think are good, i got metal portable ops, tekken, monster hunter, and soon vice city stories, all for free."

If you mean you pirated them, you're an asshole. It's one thing to try something out through illegal piracy and then either elect to buy and play or dump it - quite another to take the top titles that you know are good and avoid paying for them.

As for this news, I think it's fine. It's Sony trying to push the PSP in one of the many directions they made it for. It doesn't mean that it doesn't have good games, and it doesn't mean that they (Sony) will not pay any attention to games in the future.

Posted at 5:00PM on Feb 1st 2007 by pixelator

13. Pushing the multimedia functions is fine, but if they do that with the same weird advertising that they've been using for the psp and the ps3 lately...i dunno...

Someone from Sony should really fire the ad agency running those ad campaigns...they're smoking some really weird sh!t...

Posted at 7:03PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Roy

14. Release full video resolution !!!

Posted at 7:31PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Kaw

15. GAMES!!!
The DS sales better cause it has better games.

The DS is really beating the PSP. I was amazed that in my college class this girl took out a Pink DS Lite and played Animal Crossing, then a different girl passed by and said she had that same game. That's why Sony is losing...

Posted at 7:41PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Freddy

16. I'd argue that the PSP has better games, whereas the DS offers me no games that spark my interest. As for girls playing animal crossing, yeah I'm not too surprised. I can't imagine girls being too interested in games like Killzone/Ace Combat X.

Posted at 8:14PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Raith

17. My Games I have are
Ace Combat X - Excellent Flyer and nothing on DS compares

Medal of Honor Heroes - Excellent again nothing on the DS compares as the DS really cant do a 3d game like this and not be so pixlated it makes you want to throw up

Namco Battle Collection - This is a much much better version than the nintendo flavor, GBA Namco Museum is ok but there are many more games and remakes of the game as well on the PSP

Midway Arcade Treasurs - Fun Nostalgic on the PSP

Outrun 2006 - Great Title almost an exact replica of the XBOX and PS2 versions - DS has no car game that compares

Burnout Legends - EXCELLENT on the PSP yet another game DS does no compare to

Star Trek Tactical Assualt - DS has touchscreen on its version which is ok but the game looks pretty bad compared to the PSP if you dont belive me check the forums at

I also have Ridge Racer, Star Wars Battlefront II, and Lemmings I love and play all of these but I use my PSP
for watching TV and Movies, so easy to pull a tv show I missed and convert or take one of my DVD's and convert it.

As far as MP3 I usually listen to thru the stereo in my car
I surf very little as the surfing could be better on the PSP but Sony is working to fix this.

My Point is the PSP is great at game playing especially compared to the DS but there is soo much more it can and does do for me almost daily.

Posted at 9:37PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Jeff Cossey

18. playing Castlevania:Symphony of the Night on the PSP is a wonderful experience.

Sony needs to strike a deal with Konami and legitly release this game over the PS Store.

Then maybe Konami will see that there is a demand for a 2D Castlevania on a Sony console. Screw what Sony wants for the PSP, they don't matter. What matter is the end user (that'd be us), and what appeals to us.

Even if they were to port the DS Castlevanias over, that'd still rock (a good game is a good game, regardless of what platform it's released on. Resident Evil 4 on the PS2 showed us that).

i refuse to buy a DS for just Castlevania.

as for the PSP, i love it. i have about 9 or 10 games for it, and there are at least another 8 or 9 i've yet to buy.

by comparisson, i only had about 8 games for my Gamecube before i traded it in (sometime last October), and i only own 4 or 5 X Box games.

i own over 50 PS2 games, and i still haven't gotten all the back games i've missed out on for whatever reasons (namely cash).

the 9 PSP games i have are plenty, and i absolutely love being able to watch movies and videos on it, and show my friends my pictures and artwork, or check my email when i'm away from my computer.

hell, even my mom wants a PSP after learning it can do all of that stuff (she's not a gamer at all, unless it's solitaire). the only thing deterring her from getting one, and a large portion of the populace is the price. if Sony can get the PSP to under $150, sales will increase.

it already has the software, with more on the way. price is the issue now.

the PS3 is in a weird spot, as it's worth the price, but there isn't enough software to convince people. the console has only been out 2 months, and come the end of this month, better titles are coming, and we'll see a decent stream of quality product throughout the year, even if they are multi-platform games.

not everybody wants a 360 (my roommate has one, and a PS3, but he plays the PS3 more, while the 360 just kind of sits there. i basically forced him to play the Crackdown demo because he didn't want to. fanboy). my personal experience with my roommates 360 has been mixed. there's some good stuff in there (like Crackdown), but the damn thing is too unreliable. it's constantly freezing, and that's annoying. and it's not like this is an old 360. he just bought it in December of last year.

the PS3 on the other hand, has frozen on me just once in the two months since we got it (and it was during a game of Motorstorm), it doesn't overheat, and it's whisper quiet. it's a more reliable piece of hardware than the 360, and as a consumer, that matters to me. there is nothing worse than having a game freeze or crash on you before you reach a save point, losing precious game time.

the PSP and PS3 are both great gaming and multimedia machines, but media and public perception is unneccessarily negative. that's what's hurting both platforms the most. a price cut will help the PSP, and more kickass games will help the PS3

Posted at 9:44PM on Feb 1st 2007 by Figboy

19. @#2

I have to agree, it's about GAMES!!! The psp is second because it had a lack of games.
If you look at the library of DS games, vs the PSP games.. I think that DS has some big hits.. but the PSP library overall is better and more robust. This is stil a good time for Sony to push the multimedia features of the psp.. at least they're pushing it... FINALLY!!! Just needs a price drop.. so that the PSP can be an 'impluse' buy..

Posted at 12:30AM on Feb 2nd 2007 by Thomas

20. Re # 18:"Medal of Honor Heroes...
Outrun 2006...
Star Trek Tactical Assualt..."

It is easy to pick a list of games to show how one platform is better than the other, but to what end?

Re #12 - "I personally play games on both my PSP and DS - sometimes more on the DS (like right now with Castlevania and earlier with Age of Empires) and sometimes more on the PSP (like when GTA, Ace Combat X and Dungeon Siege came out)."

Completely agree! For me it is all about the PSP right now - I'm finishing up "Sid Meiers Pirates" and "Thrillville" (as much as one can 'finish' those), working on "Snoopy vs. Red Baron" and just getting started with "Legend of Heroes III". On the DS I was playing "Elite Beat Agents" but can't get it back from my kids, and just got "Hotel Dusk" but haven't started. Interestingly, the game I've been most into lately is a new GBA game "Mazes of Fate", which plays like an old Wizardry PC game.

As for the main topic, I still wonder ... I mean:
- UMD movies are an abject and unqualified disaster.
- The PSP has no traction as a competitive MP3 player.
- Sony has made moves to actively discourage 'rip your own' DVD watching on the PSP.
- Even Apple's video sales are not where predictions indicated.

So the real pull is the PSX games - and Sony has been really slow to get *that* going ...

Posted at 7:42AM on Feb 2nd 2007 by txa1265

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