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PSP Fanboy Game of the Year 2006

What is PSP Fanboy's Game of the Year? You chose it, by an overwhelming margin:

PSP Fanboy Game of the Year:
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
(32% of the votes)
Is there any surprise? Portable Ops is no side-story, spin-off, or card game. This is the real deal, with console-quality presentation to prove it. The surprisingly deep story and incredibly detailed graphics made Portable Ops a great game; but the online multiplayer, recruitment abilities and GPS functionality made this a system-defining game. Portable Ops proves that a handheld game can not only follow in the footsteps of its console brethren, but actually surpass it.

Loco Roco (17% of the votes)
You know a game is special when it feels like nothing you've ever played before. The brilliant three-button control scheme, colorful graphics, and charming personality made this one of the year's best.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
(15% of the votes)
You can drive, kill, chill, golf, swim, and more in this insanely huge follow-up to last year's Liberty City Stories. The incredible graphics and fantastic presentation values showcase why the PSP is a technical powerhouse.

Andrew's PSP Game of the Year:
Daxter (7% of the votes)
Daxter may not be innovative, but it shows how a PSP game should be made. The silky graphics are made even sweeter by non-existent load times, and controls that make you never, ever beg for a second analog stick.

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